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Leap to Death

Here's the cover art for Dragon #386. I originally made this one for the Advanced Players Handbook
(due for 2011) But Wizards, in all its wisdom decided to use this as a Dragon Magazine cover:)

Well, I had made this one 6-7 months ago and I had been waiting for the release since then. When I
finally was cleared to submit this I noticed some issues so I took care of them, so the orginal
cover may differ.

I hope you like it!

© 1995-2010 Wizards of the Coast LLC

PS CS2, Cintiq 12WX

Note: I honestly don't know if the character survives the battle or not,
but the description stated he was merely a Heroic-tier ranger, so that
is why I came up with the title
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I loooooove the curved horns ~ owo
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blasted with acid :P
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used this art in a card. All due credit is given. If you have any problems with it, please tell me.
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All your work is amazing! I hope some day get your level!
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the guy with the swords made me laugh ^^ :)
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I have only recently gotten interested in D&D. I'd love to be part of that battle though, it'd be awesome. -- Tommi
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Your work is excellent, i can almost feel the tense of the moment, and the only thing i can say is keep it on!
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I LOVE the title!
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Courage in the face of adversity. My inspiration for the day. Thank you.
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this one is so cool!!
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Okay, I just have to say this, cause it's the first thing that came to mind....

Anyway, this is amazing. The detail is simply incredible. I'm envious, I wish I had your skill.
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Black Dragons Beast!!
rogue´s are not cowards! nice piece
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Besides the incredible detail, I love how very real and well made their expressions are! The Dragon looks specially amazing.
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Epicccc and awesome *A*
Wizards have wisdom? Beg to differ there! (except to retain your awesome sevices) And there is no question about your awesome talent!! This is just sooooo AWESOME!! The extreme movement, the colour & expression defy belief but you know your really looking at it! At first sight my initial response was "No way!!", then OMG! Then I settled down for an hour to examine every beautiful detail!! You absolutely ROCK!! It's why I have you listed as my favourite artist (alongside Michelangelo of course, he would not like being left out).

Hahaha, I love the look on the ladies face! She is in a pretty bad spot, but her companions crazy (& courageous leap, if not virtualy suicidal), is mind boggling & her expression reflects it, so much so, it looks like she has forgotten about business at the moment! She better snap out of it, his leap has gained her a free hit while the dragons distracted! This reminds me of those realy crazy moments that can happen in RPG"S ( & usually do with my crazy bunch), when one player will announce a crazy, desperate, suicidal move to save the day. I love this one sooo much!! Thankyou sooo much!!

Just as an afterthought, what is that dragon thinking right at this moment?

Thank you, your awsomeness!!
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