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Interior illustration for Martial Power 2 Book by D&D.

©1995-2010 Wizards of the Coast LLC

Photoshop CS2, Cintiq 12WX

...So long, Frank!...
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© 2010 - 2021 kerembeyit
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What race is she?
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Never, under any circumstances, say the words "I am invincible" or "Nothing can stop me now." These are guaranteed to cause swift, painful, and sometimes embarrassing defeat.
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So epic and fantastic. Beautiful detail. <3
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wow! stunning piece.
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poor bone dragon


SFX!!! awesome glowies!
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Cool :D The lighting is amazing on this!
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Oh do you get texture like that!?
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I am sure you've heard this ALOT..... but you are an amazing artist. Looking forward to your next creations that you share with us. :)
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Beautiful as always!
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Dynamic. I feel sorry for whatever it is she's standing on :T
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How long does it take you to make such a picture?
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Oooo. Very epic.
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Great lighting!
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i knew i had saw it before! great work... :D
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sorry it was "seen it before" my bad english :p
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it looks so real, well done.
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man nice art!
how did you score such an awesome GiG
hey maybe I just answered my own question.

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Epik. 8D That's one tough warrior!
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Wow. For once it's a warrior chick who's actually WEARING something! I love it! I know absolutely nothing about D&D, but she looks beast. :D
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