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A private commission for a client...
The client wanted a medieval/fantasy take on those stonewardens with a touch of ironman/sentinel look
so I hope I delivered just that :)

40 hours (approx.)
PS CS4, Cintiq 12WX


Note I used reference for the rider.

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I'd say it's spot on :-) Very cool!
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wow ! love the idea and design, it looks like an old oil painting, how on earch did you achieve that effect ! i would love to know
Hello kerembeyit,
This is a wondering image. Did you change the colour tone of this picture from how it was originally? I have this sample, that has different colouring, from downloading the picture a few years ago:…
Master-Weilar-Tarren's avatar
I have no idea if this is from a series or something. But i really love this! It looks beautiful, and full life :)
pako3's avatar
Don Kichote from La Mancha fightning witch windmills :D epic.
DrawingWithMe's avatar
I love the shading in this, as well as its colouring. It has a very warm feel, and these giants seem to have a lot of life in them. I think you displayed this picture very well.
TwistedAnimeForever's avatar
How did you even?! Can't even find the word <333
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that's so epic!!! great job : D
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This is really awesome! I couldnt do a half in 180 hours... *--------*
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A stunning work of art!
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This looks so epic - the measure of the knight and his horse compared to the huge giants and the landscape.
And thos birds flying in front of this golem - what an amazing piece :D
Eulialph's avatar
Dude - so sweet! Kind of makes me think of the Edge Chronicles, which means you totally did this right (at least in my opinion).
jonsart2's avatar
You are an amazing artist.
Starchilde7's avatar
Beautiful work!
moonthewah's avatar
I love this world already.
kevinroberts's avatar
Pretty epic, I think his could inspire an entire novel!
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Wow! Fantastic! So much detail, im especially in love with the airships! Great work
SuperStormtrooper501's avatar
My dear God this is fucking awesome!!
jethrosketch's avatar
Wow where do I find clients that want work like this?
I love how it's not Steampunk but has some elements of it.
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