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Forest Girl

The big day had came once again. They were ready, but keeping
the new route in mind which did not look very eager to end
quickly before introducing its myriad of obstacles, all three also
knew it was going to be an exhausting one.

They anxiously waited till the sun showed the first signs of its
decision to leave for the day, because sunset meant only one thing
for the trio: race till you drop !

Who was to be this week's champion? Which runner was to grab victory,
and be rewarded with the most delicious part of the prey the loser would
have to hunt? Who was to be picked at throughout the whole week till
the time for the next race had arrived?

All three were thinking the same mouthwatering thoughts as they were
passing the bridge that nature was kind enough to build for them. And all
three were running as fast as they could, so that they would add another
victory to their impetuous days in their big, enchanting forest.

Personal Work.
Photoshop CS2 (approx. 40-50 hours)

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This is brilliant, I love the lighting c:
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My first thought when I saw this:  Frank Frazetta
(because you captured action so beautifully)
Well done!
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dont know if you allowed this but just came across it:…

great piece btw
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Ooooo, I just noticed the bats!
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I love your style! You are very good! Whitch tequnice (spell...) are you using?
Hello! My name is Jarrett Skaddisson and I am looking for a cover artist for my book series The Kingblade Chronicles. This will be a paid job and I have the details for you if you are interested. Please email me at and send me your deviant art profile and other portfolios that you have! Great work you have here. I am looking forward to your response. 

Jarrett Skaddisson
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this is my all-time favourite piece of art on this site. u rock.
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WOW!!!! I LOVE IT ;)

All your art is amazing..
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I guess I finally found out who made this. I love this piece; especially the setting and the aesthetics surrounding the lighting and the movement. Excellently done.
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This picture it truly awesome, i remember seeing this picture on youtube with the song "Guardians of the woods" by Brunuhville.
Anyways this is really an Awesome picture!
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i always wondered who made this beautiful picture, i saw it on BrunuhVille's "Guardians Of The Woods" video.

i just simply love the beasts, the body movement and all the Greenery of the picture, but most of all this division fills my mind with adventure and storytellingLove .

well doneCheerleader 
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A little reminiscent of Princess Mononoke. I lovethe design for the lion-panther beasts :D
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I have seen BrunuhVille use this picture in one of his movies/tunes. The songs name is "Guardians Of The Woods". Have he stole it?
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I have also seen it.
i saw this picture a few months ago somewhere in internet. Now i found this in your gallery. This drawing is amazing.
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Your drawings are simply amazing!
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This is amazing, amazing work! (As always) I'm facinated the boys designs (they remind me of a panther, cheetah and lion all at once). :D Just out of curiostiy... who won? X3
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