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Flame Mage

Card art for MTG - Tactics Set 2. [link]

© 2011 Sony Online Entertainment LLC.
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Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty good.

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Awesome color and art work, cool.
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This is really cool.

I am so glad I put you on my watch list.
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:o (Eek) ...Mindblowing he reminds me of scorpion from Mortal Combat...but way different...:hmm: 
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Wow that is awesome
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Holy this is fantastic!!:love:
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this looks dope! :D
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Such a cool perspective from the back.
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She is so going to burn that beautiful hair of hers!!!
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is he fire bending in this picture? o_o
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Pyromancer ^^ I like Fire/Flames and This pictures!
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I would call it a pyromancer. Which i think is a flame mage pretty much.
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The flames add an intense quality to the piece as well as flare!!
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Water mage in blue out fit soon? Please. Or all 5 elements... If you are open to doing that. It would be cool. You can have an earth- in green out fit; fire - you did already, water - in blue outfit, air - in yellow; mages and in the middle spirit mage would either be in black and white or grey outfit; that can wield all 4 elements. I wish I had the skill to do it.
this is art at it's best
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I like this for an unusual reason - the practical application of magic.

The thick gloves, mask, hood, and wraps around his hair all suggest the caster needing protection against his own fire, which makes a lot of sense considering how indiscriminate fire typically is. The way it surrounds him and seems to stem from him suggests effort or skill, probably both, rather than using it frivolously or carelessly like pulling it out of the air and throwing it around just as easily. Additionally, his stance suggests tension and power, yet the flames aren't that huge, which also suggests that using even that much fire is taxing or an effort, which is pretty cool considering the usual mage = WMD mentality so many people have.

All in all, very cool. Keep it up.

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very cool stuff
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He just need now to train himself into
making lighting !!
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