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Faction Guide Cover

Cover art for the Pathfinder Chronicles: Faction Guide (PFRPG)

© 2002–2010 Paizo Publishing, LLC ®

Photoshop CS2, Cintiq 12WX

Book link: [link]
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Juggle A spectacular leap on the part of Bughead, there.

How on earth did you get someone to pose like that? Nana, look what I have and you dont!

Cool image!
midnight-rose116's avatar
oh my god this is so cool Im a huge fan of pathfinder and play D&D all the time. wow your artwork is amazing!
i love valeros <3
disturbed-perfection's avatar
SPIDERMAN AND WOLVERINE! heh coincidences...
MartyKenny's avatar
The red dude looks kinda like a Mid-evil Spider-Man.
AngelicRedConquerer's avatar
...spiderman? Owo Or Antman? XD
Baal-zamon's avatar
antman i think :D :D
ayuICHI's avatar
Fantastic piece!
someone's about to die.
great work dude..
NecroTechno's avatar
Eeesh, Red Mantis Assassins. I frikkin HATE those guys! My GM once set my group up with a not very level-appropriate encounter with one of them, and she totally handed us our asses.
Shyralon's avatar
How do you make the awesome color?
DinosaurSandwich's avatar
this reminds me of fable 2...
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Thats incredible! :D
isissousa's avatar
Aha, great piece! Though the bug-guy reminds me the "blackman rider" from an old japanese series! hehe
artstain's avatar
maxicole1224's avatar
I love your work, it is really breathtaking
pinkhavok's avatar
This is awesome!
LadyLycanthrope's avatar
WOW you draw for pathfinder!!!! i love that game <3 it makes me so happy
yay you're doing pathfinder now! i stopped getting to see your work because we stopped playing 4th edition (since pahtfinder is way better). i wonder do you actually play any tabletop RPGs or do you just do the art? haha.
xStelmariax's avatar
Love all the little details you put into the pic :love:
kaede-kit's avatar
DrAgOnOfFoReSt's avatar
Epic, indeed!
You know you are a genius, no? =D
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