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Eyes in the Back

Interior illustration for Player's Handbook 3 by D&D.

©1995-2010 Wizards of the Coast LLC

Photoshop CS2, Cintiq 12WX
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© 2010 - 2021 kerembeyit
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I love this, truly spectacular composition.
VincentdelaCruz's avatar
SelnartheBlack's avatar
Like the composition and colors in this piece.
Dieman's avatar
There is an impossible level of detail on the rocks... I'm blown away by how great they look!
OokamiPincess14's avatar
he looks kinda like Lexy from KH
Zireael07's avatar
I love the detail and their armor. Brilliant!
nina1326's avatar
Awesome! I love the texture on the rocks! :>
UnaidedMist's avatar
an amazing piece, i hope i can match this standard eventually if i keep practicing :D
Quen-lor's avatar
Bravo! Wonderful job!
ayuICHI's avatar
Super intense and fantastic. :D
PutYourBraveFaceOn's avatar
You were featured here: [link] . If you liked the feature, don't hesitate to show it some love by clicking on the heart found in the upper-left corner of my Journal. :peace:
firechant's avatar
This might sound silly, but I'm actually kind of happy that I can see the artists who made the art in the D&D sourcebooks. It's quite amazing. Great job. :D
gulavisual's avatar
Wow, vs two Drows, This guy must be a grate hero, but I´m not sure he will survive to this
GasparNolasco's avatar
This makes me want to go back to playing D&D, wonderful piece.
grinningjester's avatar
Lovely action, great art. Love the drow on the right.
Mistgod's avatar
Excellent action art! Fabulous! Wow!
ADK90's avatar
Very beautiful and action packed picture! *secretly roots for the Drow to win*
Olga-Hazin's avatar
How do you made this gorund? It was amazing!
tavolin's avatar
Took me a minute to find the favorite button. xD Still ain't used to the new spot they placed it.

Realy an awesome piece! The light and detail are stunning and I love the way some parts are faded a bit.
Another part I realy liked was his expression; it realy looks like he's wounded but giving his all to protect himself, or maybe something else as well.
elDrow's avatar
Ohhhhhh... O_O DROW! Yes... DROW! >_> Great illustration. >_> Gonna get the handbook. <_<
Laurilee222's avatar
wow :wow: i absolutely love the rocks/background!!!!
kittenspore's avatar
This is -- Wow! The detail !! ♥ this is really amazing ~!!

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