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Dungeon 173 Cover

Made this one months ago... I didn't like it back then, so I tried some color correction. Still don't like it though, it's too damn crowded for my taste....

©1995-2010 Wizards of the Coast LLC


PS CS2, Cintiq 12WX
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Can I use it as album cover its perfect for my theme
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it looks like an epic battle.... it is an epic battle
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It looks very cool, except for one thing. At first glance it looks like both of the dragon's legs have been amputated and he is just kinda floating around. Maybe if you fixed that you would like it more. Just my 2 cents, but I can't draw so don't know how much my 2 cents are worth.
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i think its kinda funny. the powerful, glowing, flame sword wielding, clad in golden armor hero is simply throwing a wooden stool. or so it seems. lol
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Sweet:) What's the trick to doing perfessional digital art?
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This is a wonderful looking battle scene! :wow: The amount of detail you've put into it is amazing as usual, and I love how powerful and strong that dragon looks, especially with those muscular limbs!
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You draw your dragons with the best body proportions I have seen yet! lovely!
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Damsel in Distress
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Breaking Benjirmen "I WILL NOT BOW" would go so nice with
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Maybe crowded, but still a really cool pic! I can see why they commissioned you. =D
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Nice work! I does look a bit crowded...I think it's the squareness of the format. If it were a bit wider and not so square, it would probably look better landscape format.. Or, one could spread it a bit more vertically, considering the winged warrior over the bridge.. But then again...I like dragon pix and this one, too..:D
but i like it!!! :worship:
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Maybe you need some crowd control spells.

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So fantastic and epic. <3
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Whats the amulet, that the dragon is wearing, for? Whats the flying angel warrior/djinn thing? and wont that chicks pauldrons smack her in the face? Then again, does it really matter? The quality is really good.
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maybe it's crowded for now, but i'm sure the dragon will clean the scene soon :la:

Amazing job indeed!!
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I agree with you. It's a beautiful image anyway, even if it's not one of your best.
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A angel of some sort involved? This must be bad. :O
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great fantasy art.
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It is in deed crowded, crowded from details, but its not as bad as you think. The colors are kind of pale which is a beautiful contrast to the strong dynamics and the details in the picture.

I guess another problem may be the two people in the foreground. You worked them out with a lot of details, taking away the viewpoint from the dragon. I personally couldn't decide what to look first, the dragon or the two people in the foreground. Maybe it would help to darken them a little bit as kind of silhouettes. This would also take away the detailedness of the armor. Nevertheless it is an awesome piece and I know that I will take a lot of antipathies by writing what I wrote.
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I have featured this awesome piece here --> [link]
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Your greatness astounds me again! O///O
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