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Dragon Mage

Personal Work...

Photoshop CS2

*Edit: Revised the face. Now she's a hottie :)


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Hey so, I was minding my own business, looking up dragon pictures, you know, like ya do, when I came across this image only it was cropped and had a flame coming out of the dragon's mouth that OBVIOUSLY didn't belong there. Found out someone was stealing your art to sell. I reported it but I figured you ought to know.

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Woah, nice style of the rock and dragon, and amazing volcanic glow.
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great job on this! it's very beautiful :D
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It is hard to express my emotions when I look at this painting; it is the most beautiful painting I have ever seen. Did you make a movie showing you drawing and painting the Dragon Mage? It would be exciting to see you create your art.

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Love^^ for you Yehova.
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This is an awesome masterpiece ! The amount of details is breathtaking, the setting is wonderful, the woman and the dragon are so neat, so wonderful, so gorgeous !!
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Absolutely love the artwork! The detail is incredible! Keep up the amazing work!
just amazing!
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This is so cool! The detail is amazing.
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:icondennisheadspinplz: Total Knock Out! :icondennisheadspinplz:
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Breathtaking detail. Great job.:) (Smile) 
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This is absolutely amazing!
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bunları nasıl yaptığınıza dair tutorial videonuz varmı? gerçekten şahane bir detay var üzerinde. renk geçişleri mükemmel olmuş
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Impressive artwork.
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Hey, I have a foil print of this one I got from an Imaginus sale, did not know I'd find it on DA. Nice work!
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Amazing... Love all the details. And the dragon is beautiful...
I've the feeling I've seen it somewere... Was it used for a book or something like that ?
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i think this was in a book called Dragon Art, i think alot of there work is, probably because its so good though :)
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Realy amasing.Real piece of art.
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Seariously how do you put so much detail into them
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