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Draenei Warrior

Card art for the World of Warcraft TCG...

© 2006 Blizzard Entertainment, © 2006 Upper Deck

Photoshop CS2
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© 2009 - 2021 kerembeyit
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you should do more with purples hehe they are awesome, not that the others aren't, purple is just my favorite color lol

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She looks just like my character, so favorites of course,
same hair color, same horns, and even the face is quite the same,
Thanks ^^
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Gerçekten çok güzel işler çıkarmışsınız bravo :D :headbang:
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oh...kay.yeah.i know i'm horde but im a care bear.
Alywe's avatar
Looks like my draenei! great job!
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Looks way to magical to me, to be a warrior
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wonder if you could make the draenei huntress
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I actually have some copies of this card. Really great for early game aggro in the right deck.
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This has to be one of the coolest things I've seen in awhile.

*Gets sword for battle*

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awesome art you make
:] Very amazing artwork! <3
over time and since the first time I have seen your dragons, kerembeyit is one of my favorite artists!
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Oh my... *sighs* What can you say? I'm glad DA offers the opportunity to see this kind of work on the artist's page. It's plain awesome.
Rainbow-squirt001's avatar
I have this card! I am surprised that it is still is good shape since I found it under my monitor...
fogimages's avatar
Totally freakin love this...great job!
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soradioactive's avatar
she reminds me of Rita Repulsa, one of the bad guys from Power Rangers :P
Oldbeho's avatar
amazing work, as usual ;)
Vladdyboy's avatar
she's got spikes on the sides of her sword ...also lightning.

This images doesn't make any sense without the name of the card in there.
themaelstorm's avatar
aha,a ynen bu tipte dreanei warriorum var <3
Excellent work! I love the detail!

Especially since I recognize the sword. Someone got Culling of Stratholme in the random group tool.
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WHY ANYONE NEVER DO A SHAMI ELEMENTAL WITH DUALS!!!???.....Great artwork btw ;P competition as soon as I finnish with my maquette and rigging
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hehe this makes me feel special cause i have a draenei warrior
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