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Promo illustration for the Project Ashes. Got into the Expose7.


Photoshop CS2
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Oh how nice! You did great here^^ Try and make more like this okay? If you want to of course^^ Your good at fighting scenes. How do you do it? How do you make a fight scene?
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Original and great art work, epic fight and moment, congratulations!
rush99999's avatar
The shirtless guy in the air is gonna be the 1st who gets beaten down.
Sazorex's avatar
Oh man, he's so outnumbered...
They should've brought more guys. This is gonna get messy.
vee-kay's avatar
Spectacular action scene!

Apart from the awesome characters, what I liked best is the detailed foliage outside the windows! You've created layers of depth and drama in a single scene!

Even if the men weren't present in the scene, just the extraordinary textures and lighting on the arena walls, pillars, windows and foliage is awesome.

But adding those guys is like an icing on cake -- a masterpiece in serene beauty suddenly becomes a masterpiece in dramatic detail! I notice you just used 4 primary color hues (predominantly green, and white, brown, and yellow), with perfect shadows and highlights everywhere!

The attention to detail, right from the characters' pose, anatomy, clothing and weapons, and the dramatic tension created in this scene, is just extraordinary!

Masterpiece, it certainly is!
would like to be there and fight too!;)
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Prepare to be amazing.
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The old guy is going to dodge the jumping guy, grab his sword, stab him, then he dispatches the archers, picks up an arrow and a bow, shoot the guy with the spear. Runs up to the three swords guys and kick some ASS!
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The old guy stuns the pouncing guy with a jab to his neck; uses him as a shield to absorb the swift arrows from the archers; blinds the spearman and archers with scooped dirt and pulls the spear before they can react; somersaults up the ramps and kills the archers with the dead man's sword; kills the ambush leader with a well-aimed throw of the spear ; and then finally takes on the swordsmen and unarmed spearman; or he jumps down back to the center of the arena; dragging the shield-corpse to the narrow doorway, and armed with the sword, he can finish off his pursuers in single combat in the narrow confines of that dark tunnel.
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The white master's gonna kick their asses...amazing!
are they gonna be ass-kicked ?
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Inyor's avatar
(hint) the guy in the middle wins
1oshuart's avatar
fantastic ¡¡ I like it
zebmx's avatar
My money is on the old guy. Between his outfit and that rockin' beard, its obvious he's going to win. XD
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Fantastic light source!
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Your work never ceases to amaze
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They are so dead.
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Ambushy guys: get him!!!
Old chinese Master: heh.. yeah right

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This one is sick. Nuff said.
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