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Ahsoka Tano Fan Art

I'm a big fan of the series, and an even bigger fan of Ahsoka so I made this in my free time. Enjoy :)

Thanks for all the love for my birthday, guys ! I appreciate it :)

Open belly version: [link]
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Nice, I like it :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Ahsoka is my favourite Starwars character as well. Exquisite rendition of the girl.
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This is one of the best pic here ,amazing job !!! 
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This pose and the look of her lovely but stern face is very good indeed.

Any chance you be doing her in that skintight light red space suit from the cargo of doom from clone wars animation series?

Love to see that face look when she is in that sexy suit, a good front and back view of her in that be fantastic!
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A tough character--and one that had the nerve to tell the Jedi where to shove it when the right time came to do so!
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This is so amazing! I hate to crtic but the lightsaber is actually backwards. But your work is so amazing.
Definitely my favorite fan art of Ahsoka. A wonderfully impressive illustration of my favorite Star Wars character, looking ready to handle any threat whatsoever.
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I don't even like Ahsoka but this is awesome!
Excellent work this is by far the best Fan art of Ahsoka I've seen. and I am quite disappointed to see that the open belly Link sends me to an expired page.
You definitely got the look of a fit teenage girl correct.
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My second favorite character form the saga clone wars, great art work.
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So coolLa la la la  she is my favourite Star Wars character :happybounce: 
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Wow, very good grown up Ahsoka! Unfortunately, the link to the exposed stomach version doesn't work. Could you perhaps upload it here?

Cheers! :D
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Very nice.
I hope to see more of Ahsoka in your styl!
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very nice i like her to!
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Nice. Very nice. But I don't think you need me to tell you that.
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oh wow, this realistic version of her is perfect! i really think that is what should look like in real life, and great job with the dress material
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