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Start With Love

Start with love.   Commissioned piece by deviantart aiming to inspire people to never put our imagination and creativity on a lockdown. I start my day by drawing things that I love like creatures from my dreams and the magical worlds they’re in. In times like these when we have to distance our physical self from others, this piece will remind me to use my imagination to overcome isolation. You can do so by starting with something you love.
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Its wonderfully !

what patience you must have to place all the subjects yet still giving a peaceful place for the male to write his thoughts down. well done Kerby

dixiekasilke's avatar

OMG - I sooo love the details in this. :love:

Wow, this is such an inspirational piece for me. Thank you for this.

LeviaStar237's avatar

This is an absolute beautiful piece! :lol: Love the creatures! :D

You did an excellent job with portraying the overlap of creativity with reality and I love the depth of detail you've put into everything! It's all so beautiful! :love: Love It!

Great job! :happybounce:

AdamTexHill's avatar

Absolutely brilliant. 👏👏👏

jaquesboom's avatar

You surely have amazing dreams! :)

Itsjustmydna's avatar
I love this. It’s like a whirlpool of thoughts and mystery. Amazing!
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Beautiful work. This so whimsical and fantastical, a reminder that we are not trapped in our isolation.

It's beautifully rendered and has a lovely flows throughout the piece.


witchbitch88's avatar

Amazing concept ❤

AzakiShimo's avatar

Wow that looks incredible!

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Well connected
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Wouw. The details are on point which has really inspired me! Good job :))
leosabat's avatar

If your goal was aiming to inspire it work. I stoped drawing for 8 years, and i am drawing every day now, and learning some online courses to see if I cant improve . TNks ^^;

Dr-Ramon-de-Torres's avatar

I thought my art was unique, but you've taken black and white to new heights. You've definitely made a big wave in the art world!

YahooJhelee's avatar

You have so big patience to draw so detail work!:superman:

MiaErrianIrielynn's avatar
epic world! I love it! Heart :happybounce: 
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amazing, really, full of love

tdcooke's avatar

amazing work

RenEscar's avatar
HydromelKing's avatar
What an illustration ! The power of your imagination is insane ! :)
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