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Geometric Beasts Series

By kerbyrosanes
"Each piece is my take on breaking away from societal norms and just be who we truly are as unique individuals. I grew up in a community (and probably most people are) where your value as a person is based on various metrics and calculations just for you to qualify in a society that other people dictates you to be in. This "measured" life deprives us to take risks, to follow our passions and to do what we truly love.

I use geometry to symbolize the norms and simply because it's the only math subject I enjoyed at school (lol). I always love drawing animals and in this case, they represent the concept of unleashing the "beast" within us - risk taker, wild and adventurous."

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Find more about tatoos here :

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love your work one of the main reasons I started drawing again :cries: :clap:

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I like!  ;D Great concept, and very clean execution.
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Wow this is awesome keep up the good work
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Unique and really impressive
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Ever considered doing tattoos. 
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This is really cool and interesting!
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oh my gosh.. this is astounding! 
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Beautiful and great attention to detail.
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I follow you on Instagram because you art is amazing and beautiful <3 
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it'd be really cool if you incorporated some pastel gore with this style. 
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This is really cool!
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this was my first ever image saved on pinterest. :) (Smile) 
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the beasts. an interesting title which suggests these creatures should be feared.

interesting work.
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Those are nifty!
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