Should I move? O.O,

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Hi everyone! : D
I have a little dilemma.. worgh..
so I'd like to ask you all what you think hehehe o 3o

Recently, I've been thinking about moving from this name to fwosh, since it's my most "known-by name" now XDDD
but I'm not sure if this is a good decision LOL; here is some stuff I've been concerned about..

1. because I hate all the art I've submitted here XD I want to start fresh and actually work hard for once.. XD!!! A new account motivates me to do new art.. probably haha x]
2. The inconsistency with my name confuses both me and a lot of people.. XD!!! fwosh one place, keran another.. I can't figure what to sign my work sometimes... o_o; one artist=one name idea..? XDD
3. it's really old.. and keran is an old alias that i don't use too much anymore. heh. it's too close to my name too.. and I go by fwosh in most places now anyways >w<;;

1. My pageview number restart XDD I know it should be good to start all over from the beginning, and it'd be inspiring to draw more to work back to this number.. but would it be too depressing? XD sakura jutsu also gets me a consistent amount of views and watches per day ahahha;;
2. troublesome for you. D: rewatching is annoying for people? ..Majority would probably not want/care to rewatch again LOL;; orz orz
3. i would miss it slightly myself... LOL;;

I really don't know right now..
So I ask all you people --especially to those who have moved before..
what do you think? XDDD
is it easy to adjust to, or should I just stay here.. hahahaha

this is such a stupid thing to be worrying about.. sorry sorry ORZ;;;
but ahhh..
i'd appreciate it if you can help me?

thank you all! :'D
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Go for the new one!
I recently transferred accounts because I wanted to start over, too... but I also hadn't been here for a like, a year, so... xDD;; It's up to you! I'm glad I got a new account though, and I really do want to update this one more often now. :3 So the motivation thing does work! ... kind of! xD

It's up to you! ...I'll stalk -err, devwatch you wherever you go anyway! >w<
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I'd have no trouble at all rewatching shoo XD <3
New accounts happen ;3 <3
Dude my account is as ancient as my nick :ninja:
(How have you been <3)
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Thank you everyone for your responses and opinions! >w<
They really help-- more than you know! : D
I've decided to move to fwosh.
I'll most probably make the move in about a week or so..
when I finally make ONE decent art to start the new account fresh with..! It will also be my last submission here >w<
thanks again everyone! : D
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whaa...toughy...i know i couldnt be able to start over... i am kajina...(then again, thats the name im known for) hmm...

i like fwosh, tho...its silly :3
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exactly! XD
you can't possible move cause thats just YOU >w<
I'd want to have just ONE name to be known by hehe~
so I'm thinking of probably moving :D

I do like fwosh more than keran too.. >w<!!
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I've moved before.
From some stupid random name to my current name which is my gaia name.
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ahahah XD
i like your nameee >w<
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Really all up to you.
And like Rubu-chan, I was thinking the same thing. XD;
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ahahah XDD
i love you both~ <33
thanks! I'm leaning more to moving as of now :3
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oh shoot.. i thought you were actually gonna move.. like... places - as in.. where you live hahaha
but... i think... Keran is fine
but i also think that Fwosh is unique and a great- big,giant,fresh start :]
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I was afraid I'd send that kind of message hehe >w<
naww its nothing too serious o 3o
hmm yehh i have an attachment to both names, but I'm thinking fwosh would be a nice new beginning for me! : D
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new beginnings are a always a nice way to start xD! if that makes any sense :]
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As long as you're still on, I don't mind! This is actually my second account on dA--I dumped the first one, and had no regrets. It was nice because the people who really cared/wanted to see your stuff will definately get back on your boat. <3
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uwah! thanks tofu~ >w<
it really helps to hear that you felt that way! o 3o
I'm glad it worked out for you~~
and that is definitely a good point! >w<
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whichever. i still stalk you! XD
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ilu~~ o 3o
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Well, I moved from my name, and then I wanted it back, but It's too bothersome to have people move back to something I made them move from already... so I stayed here.

But yours is your name, so... I'd move. I moved FROM my name, so yeah...
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aww that sucks!! DDD:
But I like your name thoughh >w< <333

I think my move will mostly be permanent though XD I hate having to think "worgh.. should I sign this fwosh or keran...." XDDD

thanks! <33
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... ARGH I made another one. XD;

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it's your choice i guess .. all your watchers can just watch your new account too!!

your art on here isn't bad though ;A; !
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uwahh thats true~~ ;3;

thanks so much for the suggestion >w<
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