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+ The Ultimate Fight +

By Keran
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everybody loves some MSPaint naruto CRACK! XD;
Gaara and Lee in teh ULTIMATE fight. Mehhh~ :3

I was extremely bored one day.. and I was waiting for Naruto to download. So.. I noticed something.. special.. XD And this was the product. It was pretty fun to make I guess ^^;

Ah yes... XD
But I did this a long while ago..
Um. Yeah, I just didn't think (still don't but..) it was "worthy" enough to be up here.. o__O;; But Anyways..
now it is.. ^__^;

You can see it's original place on the Chuunin livejournal site..


there! It's a great community, and I advise you to join if you're a narutard like meh. d('_'d)

Well. I hope you're somewhat amused by this! Enjoy? XD;

Characters are once again Kishimotos.
Art? Me.
2 hours of MSPaint YES!
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I lol'ed my pants D:
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Lawl, I love the panel where Gaara realizes he has no eyebrows :D
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XD I'm glad you like it! >3<
Thanks for the flood of faves as well! x3
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You're welcome :D
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That really really amused me to no end. :giggle:
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That was so stupid and pointless, it was awesome.
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It's so adorable~! ^^
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HA HA HA!!! i like the last pannel the best
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XD Best. Thing. EVAR. You should totally win at life for this. *favoriting*
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Glad you like!! XDD;;; Thank you! :D
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LOL!! OMG.. that's a lot of drawing O-o *-* LOL!! I have NO idea wuts going on.. Who are these characters from again.. Naruto XDD LOL!! Ehehe nice job though! =D
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Hahahaha, awssommee!! :D

Cant wait to see the rest of the soon-to-be-infamous *dumdumdum!!* ULTIMATE FIGHT! series =P

Keep up the amazing work!!! ^__^;

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