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+ The Ultimate Fight 2 +

By Keran
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What is Sakura's secret jutsu!? :O

Uh... yeah. This week I was really bored..
And so I.. drew this. XDD

Sakura vs Orochimaru! D:
XD Sorry if you can't read that well.. bleh. ><
I had fun drawing this, but I don't find the outcome too spectacular. XDDD
Not much of a connections with the first ultimate fight, they just share the same name ^-^;;;
Random idea.. XDD;;;
I might scrap this later.. ;;;

"art" is mine
characters are kishimoto
also posted @ Chuunin LJ ^^: [link]

Done in my sketchbook, changed levels in adobe photoshop, in about.. a total of 2 hours or more? meh
Just a doodle ><;;
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orochimaru is hard for guy sakura XD
krazy-kyo-cat25's avatar
LMAO! I love how u make sakura turn into a sexy man !!!! :excited:
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OMG YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
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lol! That's so awesome! ^D^
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LOL its YOU~
its fwosh from gaia neh~? >3<;;

danke~ o 3o
silentsasuke's avatar
meh he he~

yup! It's me! XD

I love your art too too much, keran! ;o;
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hahahaah! too funny~!
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yay ^-^
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:rofl: Hahahahahahaha! She/he can even seduce THE Orochimaru with that form! Love the way you drew Sakuro too! =D
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Very nice, funny. Great job :)
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...-throws up form laughter-

That last panel should be icon'd or something. xD This is too funny, seriously.
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haha, That was hot!
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Make this into a flash too!! It'll be sooooooo nice to read!! Onegai? Onegaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii?! :please:
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xDDD. omg. I so love this. <3
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DONT SCRAP IT!!!!! its HILARIOUS!!!!!! :+fav:!!!!!!!!
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Ugh. :heart: I love this too much for my own good. Remember me when you become this amazin artist! If you ever need me to make dinner for you the entire week before the deadline, just let me know! :D (So you can get it done w/o wasting anytime) :heart: The last panel is the best. You should make an icon with that. ~<3
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