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Right Shoulder Tattoo Session3 by Keralza Right Shoulder Tattoo Session3 :iconkeralza:Keralza 8 1 Right Shoulder Tattoo Session2 by Keralza Right Shoulder Tattoo Session2 :iconkeralza:Keralza 1 3 Shoulder Tattoo Outline Done 2 by Keralza Shoulder Tattoo Outline Done 2 :iconkeralza:Keralza 1 0 Shoulder Tattoo Outline Done by Keralza Shoulder Tattoo Outline Done :iconkeralza:Keralza 1 0 Right Shoulder Tattoo Session1 by Keralza Right Shoulder Tattoo Session1 :iconkeralza:Keralza 1 0 Twue Wuv by Keralza Twue Wuv :iconkeralza:Keralza 6 17
Wandering the Night
"There she stood on the crest of a hill next to a ancient oak tree with Runes carved into its trunk, she knew this place she had been here before... There she stood on the boarders of Midgard, the land of the living and Helhiem, the land of the dead...
Two acorns feel from the tree and idoly she bent and picked them up and placed them in a pouch on her belt. She noticed in the process that the sword she wore was carefully peace tied... Slowly she made her way down the hill and soon noticed on the river ahead, a dark figure clothed in a black robe standing in a boat. She approached and spoke "Hail! I am in need of passage across the river! Will you farrie me?"
The figure gestured to board the boat and slowly the figure pushed way from the shore, they made they're way across the river. On the other side instinctively she reached into her pouch where the acorns were and pulled out 2 coin. Handing them to the dark figure she exited off the boat and continued on...
She soon came across a br
:iconkeralza:Keralza 0 0
Convel Firesong by Keralza Convel Firesong :iconkeralza:Keralza 5 5
Story untold, laughs unfold so many you had to share... You taught me to read and to write and how to enjoy the evening light. So much time we spent together I thought it would last forever...
But life is short it doesn’t last... So little time to say goodbye tears still fill these eyes... I love you so, farewell my teacher. Down from on high you watch over me. How I miss you so, all I know is time cannot heal this wound...
I'll see you again but not very soon. For my journey is still young, many lessons unlearned. I will never forget the lessons you taught my teacher for they are always there guiding me.
Just like you are always beside me whispering in ear to guide me. Farewell and adieu grand teacher of mine, I will miss you for all of my days.
:iconkeralza:Keralza 0 5
Grandmother Dearest
Alone I walk on the moon lite path with no one here to guide me. Searching for the ghosts of my past. Grandmother Dearest how I miss you so...
Why did you have to leave me? Now who will guide me? Alone I walk searching for you for I know you will always be there to protect me. From above you look down apone me are you still proudly smiling at me?
Follow your dreams, follow your heart that is what you told me. Grandmother dear smile and know I'm following my dreams and my heart. I gaze up at the sky and know you are still proud of me and will always protect me.
When my time comes to follow where you've gone. I hope you'll have a place ready for me so we can sit and share...
Grandmother dear how I miss you so...
:iconkeralza:Keralza 0 0
I walk a lonely road the only one I have ever known. Dont't know where it goes but it's home to me and I walk alone. Forever tortured or so it seems by mankind oh so cruel.
Hated and shuned all because they do not understand why I am different. Instead they choose to see a monster they claim me to be. It's not my fault, I'm not to blame for being born different.
Drenched in pain, always alone because people think they see a monster inside me. My shadow is the only one who walks beside me, always alone. No one there to guide me, will no one out there find me?
So close to the edge I'm about to break. Hell's better then here or so it seems. Over my head I'm drowning in dispare. In you come to save me from my pain. You don't run, you dont hide, you want to see what I'm like inside.
You don't see a monster inside of me. No more to walk, no more to roam along that lonely road I called my home.
:iconkeralza:Keralza 1 0
My Fursona - Convel by Keralza My Fursona - Convel :iconkeralza:Keralza 1 16 My tattoo stage four by Keralza My tattoo stage four :iconkeralza:Keralza 1 14
On a midnight dark and dreary.
I pondered growing ever more weary.
Pondering ever so weary of my fate
So dark and dreary.
What is to become of me all alone and teary.
Alone on a night so dark and dreary.
Being pushed from all directions,
Forced to make so many decisions.
"What am I to do" I cry as
I lie under the moon and stars
For they are all that hear my cry.
Alas I ponder growing ever more weary.
Pondering of my fate that seems so dark
And dreary. Will I find my answers
To the direction I need to go, fate why
Do you hate me so?
Time slips away on that night so
Dark and dreary. Slowly it seems
To someone so weary. Oh moon
Come now and listen to my plea,
Won’t you send a sign something
To help guide me? Out of no where
Or so it seems a lone wolf approaches
Me, staring, staring at me.
Large yellow eyes staring into mine.
A few moments pass neither of us blinking.
Then that lone wolf starts speaking!
"Dear kin of mine what is it that’s troubling you?"
"I see it in your eyes."
:iconkeralza:Keralza 2 5
To my best bud
Through all the times
you have been by my side.
I just want you to know that
when ever you may need me...
I might be many miles away but,
I'll allways be in your heart
and you'll be in mine...
:iconkeralza:Keralza 0 6
An Irish Sunset
Kiss me, miss me and say you'll love me forever. Hold me, do not weep for me but think of me while I'm away. Watch the moon and take comfort in knowing I'll be watching it to.
Thinking of you only you, kiss me once more for I must depart... Kiss me, miss me and say you'll love me forever. As I go to this strange and distant land I will long for your loving embrace, the sweetness of your kiss.
So I'll kiss you, miss you and love you forever. Some day I'll return to the welcoming shores of my beloved Isle of Erin and to your loving embrace...
:iconkeralza:Keralza 2 3


Waiting for Mr.Stark by Hallpen Waiting for Mr.Stark :iconhallpen:Hallpen 1,376 43 Dragon Kindred Book Cover by fabianrensch Dragon Kindred Book Cover :iconfabianrensch:fabianrensch 1,307 56 Com: Kohaku the White Tiger by Seyumei Com: Kohaku the White Tiger :iconseyumei:Seyumei 806 86 Chinese New Year 2019 by Seyumei Chinese New Year 2019 :iconseyumei:Seyumei 804 122 The Tea Dragon by C1nderellaMan The Tea Dragon :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 41 25 The Worst Thing Ever by StapledSlut The Worst Thing Ever :iconstapledslut:StapledSlut 4,832 2,544 Gegege goombah by mysterywhiteflame Gegege goombah :iconmysterywhiteflame:mysterywhiteflame 22 8 Coffee Dragon by fiannaValkyrie Coffee Dragon :iconfiannavalkyrie:fiannaValkyrie 59 7 Baby Three-Toed Sloth --Handmade Poseable Creature by RikerCreatures Baby Three-Toed Sloth --Handmade Poseable Creature :iconrikercreatures:RikerCreatures 204 28 Celtic Assassins by aFletcherKinnear Celtic Assassins :iconafletcherkinnear:aFletcherKinnear 771 70 Leaf Dragon by dashase Leaf Dragon :icondashase:dashase 369 17 The Field of Sunflowers. by Tatujapa The Field of Sunflowers. :icontatujapa:Tatujapa 170 10 Dragon Lamp, Nemesis Now by dashinvaine Dragon Lamp, Nemesis Now :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 5,404 363 SWIMMING LESSONS by JaimeQuianoJr SWIMMING LESSONS :iconjaimequianojr:JaimeQuianoJr 1,060 57 autumn path by Thunderi autumn path :iconthunderi:Thunderi 3,263 324 Vegsundvaag by Akeiron Vegsundvaag :iconakeiron:Akeiron 1,873 71



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Hey guys, I could use your help. I'm looking for someone who's willing to do some artwork for me. I don't have a massive amount of money right now otherwise I'd just commission something from one of you amazing artists out there. Well my tattoo artist and I had a bit of a... "falling out" and as much as I love her to death I'm once again on the search for someone to do some artwork for me so I can start my tattoo. I have all the details and references I just need someone to put it all together if you will. Like I said I don't have a massive amount of money right now but I'm sure I could try and come up with something to send your way if your willing to help. Anyways hope all is well with everyone talk to you later!

UPDATE: Okay so I talked to an artist here in Salem that did my boyfriends tattoos and he said it wont be a problem to do the artwork! YAY! So in about 2 or 3 weeks the design will be done and I can get it started YAY ME! Thank you for your help even if it wasnt required :hugs: hope everyone is doing well ^_^


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