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Three Suns

I. Regardless of a Tyrian's wings and their ability to fly, it is important they know how to navigate on ground level as well. Depict your Tyrian making their journey on foot, wings bound.

II. The Reosean sets out on a hunt - if they bring a prey back, their trial is considered passed. Draw your Reosean either stalking, chasing or taking down a prey item from the Prey List. (Rhinoceros.)

III. Your Tyrian's companion is scouting ground level, and have stumbled upon a large predator. They call for help and your Tyrian is the first to notice - depict them defending said companion using the skills they’ve gained thus far.


So, it's been a long time since I've drawn Ur, and I don't have a lot to add to this at the moment. This was a piece to get back in the swing of things, experimental, somewhere between lines and painting. I felt compelled to at least sketch something of the duo, since it's been almost two(!) years, so here are Ur's Purity Trials (Urity trials?) for the World-of-Reos group. I'm gradually moving towards more line-art. Thanks for looking. :)
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man i jsut adore this dude. the way you have kept the flow of the shapes and structures through the compositions so they work together as well as individually.. its really fucking inspirational.
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awesome colour palette! :heart:

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This was the artwork that got me into WoR , thank you
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You do such beautiful things, Kep. *sparkley eyes*
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This is all just stunning Kep! I love everything about these but most importantly how they all come together and flow into one another. Just amazing :heart:
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It's so good to see UR again. I need to make you some updated art for them. I hope you are doing well Kep~
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You're very welcome!❤️Heart, how are you?😊.
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This style is gorgeous <3
And I love how each panel flows into the next, so to speak.
This is awesome.
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Ooh I really like this experimental style!
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This is so well composed!
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Thanks, means a lot!
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wooh!! so cool 
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amazing work! i really love this peice
keptune's avatar
Thank you so much!
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you're welcome.thumbs up emote 
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Great narrative to go with your images!
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This triptych style composition is lovely, it's also neat seeing linework from you! Really digging the effect it gives to the piece~
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Thanks! I'm definitely gonna do more linework!
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