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The Service Here is Ghostly

Thankfully people can't see Esk, or this would be a very different scene.

I hope I was able to brighten a few peoples' days with this quick image. Thanks again!

And, of course, 1586

Food cart inspiration:…
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Splendid work!
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Why does this remind me of Spirited Away-

Plot twist, Esk were behind all the spirits in the marketplace
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omg I’ll never be able to draw like you ;-; me jelly Shocked Pikachu Meme Face 
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It's amazing, great coloring and well done *w*
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Ahh! What a perfect piece - you tied them all together so wonderfully! The lighting is so stunning, and all of the esk that you chose just fit so well. I can't stop staring and taking in all of the little details! Thank you so much for including my Twig. Seeing this definitely brightens my day! <3 
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Super late on the comment but, this turned out stunning, all your esk scenic pieces always have the wonderful mythical feel that esk are all about for me, I love it so much <3 
and aaaaaah I cant believe you decided to include 2030, that makes me so happy, I admire your work so much ; v ;
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Woah! Inspired by Spirited Away? :))))
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Oh my GOD i love this!!! Really reminds of me Studio Ghibli Spirited Away!!! All that gorgeous fur <3
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OMG yay, they are all amazing, thanks so much for drawing Berry! Are you going to calculate the points?
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Brilliant as always Kep - your understanding of light is always such a massive pleasure to see!
This is great.  I had to sit and look at it for five minute to really appreciate everything going on.
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This has some really strong Spirited Away vibes- I knew it was going to be good when I saw the initial version, but I'm still stunned by the finished piece.
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The lighting and perspective are amazing~ I will never stop awing at your art ouo
Also tysm for including Pansina ♡
1859 Smol [G] by mamasaurus
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Duuude, Kep this is such a cool idea!! It almost gives me the same kind of whimsical vibe of a Japanese movie or something, which I am totally in love with. ;____; I love the idea of all of those little Esk just watching curiously as she goes about her merry way -- the thought is equal parts adorable and kinda creepy, hahaha! :heart:

The rendering on this is also just stellar. You do an amazing job at putting in a bunch of Esk into a small scene, while still keeping each one looking uniquely their own and pop in their own way. :heart: The different lighting and shading colors are just gorgeous, and really help move beautiful color all around. ;v; And all of that fur detail is just exquisite! It almost looks like you can reach out and touch them. :heart: 
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Aaah, this is so cute!
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This is absolutely stunning! The mood and lighting and everything is just gorgeous! Thank you so much for including my little guy! <3 
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thank you omggggg this is just so cute!!!
adore your art as always!
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This is stunning, I just love the variety of esk!
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gorgeous!!! such an inspiration~ <3
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Wow, this has turned out absolutely beautiful and amazing. The lightning and atmosphere in this piece is outstanding. Seeing esk together interacting with the world is always so great. Especially enjoy the display of how humans can't see esk normally, but yet they are still around! 

I can't thank you enough for including Okiku into this piece, they look so gorgeous and really fit so well to this scene. 
This has but a giant grin on my face, thank you so much! 
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This is so beautiful I love how you draw it has beautiful shading and lighting
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this is so beautiful! The lighting looks so lovely and gives such a nice mood
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AWWW KEP THIS IS SO AWESOME!! Oh my gosh, I can't get over Spook plopped in the middle of everything, he looks so cute!! The lighting in this is beautiful, I love the warm glow reflected on all the fur. The way you painted Spook's face is stunning ;0; and his gourds!! You made him fit into the scene so perfectly!

Thank you so much, this is such an awesome surprise! ^o^ :heart: Sushi 
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