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Tokota's Import: Twine 26433
Handler: Soda
Team: Mitchell
E1 Tier Bonuses:
+20: Alpha
+10: Impeccable Stamina
+5: Wild Trait
+5: Competition Saddle
+5: Competition Headstall
+10: Snow Leopard
E1 Side Quest Bonus(es): Titan, Clutter
E1 Collection Quest Bonus: Faceplant

Also featuring other registered Tokota: squidina's Brosarex 28280
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Your art looks amazing o-o
kepperoni's avatar
scaramouche2802's avatar
This is super nice! Love the different angles and the colours and atmosphere. 💓
ChaosT's avatar
Yes hi I love this
DarkHeartSeer's avatar
God, I love the colors in this
alexpeanut's avatar
plz experiment more o:
Siehn's avatar
This is gorgeous. I love everything about it. 
Sevrn's avatar
The lighting is A+++++ :faint: :clap: Really great job on this, love the paintery feel in combination with the textures and wee details ♥
NorthAzure's avatar
Im in love with the color in these panels 

Im in love with how you draw comics 
Xanowa's avatar
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I'll take this as a "thanks"-worthy comment! Thanks!
Konveekou's avatar
Beautiful...!! The colouring is stunning :love:
kepperoni's avatar
Thank you! (Waking up now, I think it's a little over-saturated in parts, so I hope it still reads alright!)
Konveekou's avatar
I personally really like it and probably wouldn't have noticed if you didn't point it out :D
The flow is really nice and easy to read the sequence. No need for the slightest bit of text, you can hear everything. It's very dynamic!
beautiful! i love it!
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EspressoShots's avatar
really beautiful work, I love this
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sealle's avatar
Oooooooooooloving the colour and action in this !!
kepperoni's avatar
Thanks so much, Sealle!
whitehund's avatar
the top left looked like a cabbage field (patch?? idk lmao) at first glance
but dang man, lookit all those fab colors
and the lighting? perf.
kepperoni's avatar
Yeah, straight-on top-down trees look strange. (It's probably something I can go back in and refine, though, because I noticed that too!)

Thanks a ton!
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