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Finally, the (rather artistically experimental) follow-up to Posse – ha.

I'm kinda getting this vibe to where, sure, it may look the opposite, but the outlaws on carnotaurs will actually be the good guys. They look rather sinister right now, though.

This came out a bit sketchy; I may go back in and re-tool this, or I may leave it as-is. We'll see! Sauropods have such strange feet, so I hope I got that at least marginally correct.

(Also, I find it totally understandable that many people commenting on my previous dino piece brought up ARK: Survival Evolved, but I have actually never been able to play it! I was more inspired by James Gurney and Dinotopia than anything. Still, I totally see the connection!)

Posse by kepperoni

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Love the Ruby cameo here <3

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Cowboys an dinosaurs are a better combination then chocolate and peanutbutter!Tiny Pink Dinosaur Facebook Face With Cowboy Hat emoji  
What do the natives ride on?
If you're going to make a series of it, we will keep coming back and drooling and cooing over it. Promise.


I love how the dino looks as startled as its rider.
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I got Dinotopia vibes right away!
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What species is the sauropod?
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Nice. I wrote a short story with cowboys & dinosaurs. Seeing it's becoming more & more popular.
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Discovered you through the facebook post Deviantart made featuring this. Love it! Hope to be able to draw on that scale someday.
awesome work , love James Gurneys work with his Dinotopia series , yours is like Dinotopia of the Wild West
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This happed to me in ark.
I was hired to deliver a package across the island and this happened
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Good follow-up! :clap:
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My goodness this is gorgeous--and I definitely got the James Gurney vibes off of it (love the Dinotopia series--lucked out once at the bookstore once and got one of the books on sale :D).  And considering I've fantasized about this sort of storyline, I would love to learn more about these guys--cowboys on dinosaurs yes!  And I love how gorgeous and so very much like an oil painting this looks like--I didn't realize it was digital until I looked at the information.  And the lighting is gorgeous and the motion and staging is grand and I just love it. :love:
Excellent work!  Looking forward to more! :la:
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Cool concept. I love dinosaurs. Pity, they don't still, rule the earth. S.
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Insane, love this.
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i love that the rider and the sauropod have identical expressions
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