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She Wouldn't Mind That by Kepler-Step She Wouldn't Mind That by Kepler-Step
"Breezepaw likes stars.
So Darkpaw and Flowerpaw should prepare for a lot of stargazing."

"Darkpaw wouldn't mind that."

Sorry, I know this is really crappy, sloppy art. I did it in a rush. I was feelin' kind of down and very sad... and I remembered this conversation that I had with Pastastar when we were waiting to role play. For some reason, this part stuck out to me. Call me a weirdo, but it actually made me feel... sad. So... this was sort of.. vent art? I don't know. I just really felt the urge to draw this scene.

These are Bambi, Flower and Thumper, aka, Darkpaw, Flowerpaw and Breezepaw, respectively. This little trio is so special to me, haha XD I know, I sound so soppy. They are up on a isolated "island".... just staring up at the stars. I guess, like Darkpaw, I wouldn't mind that either.

Darkpaw belongs to me, Flower belongs to vveasel, and Breeze belongs to Pastastar ^^

Thank you for taking the time to view my art, even though it's very bad :p But I appreciate it nonetheless. Have a beautiful day.

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KingTii Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I legit love these three!!! Your art is so cute, thanks for drawing Breezepaw!
Kepler-Step Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
It's no problem! It's a pleasure and an honor XD
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September 30, 2016
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