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Keplerstep of CloudClan by Kepler-Step Keplerstep of CloudClan by Kepler-Step


a bulky, large brown tabby tom with white markings and amber eyes.

Keplerstep is a bigger, bulkier tom cat. He seems a little chunky, but its mostly just fur. He has a rather fluffy belly, while the rest of his fur isn't really short nor long, just medium length. He has brown fur with darker tabby markings lining his back, a white face, legs, belly and tail tip. Patches of his tabby fur mark his ankles. He has pink paw pads, inner ears and nose. His eyes are a amber-green-yellow color, with brown rims around the iris. He has a few unique markings, such as his one white ear-tip, a smudge of brown fur under his mouth, and the white flash on his lower back. The prefix "Kepler" comes from his kittypet roots. He wanted to keep it.

Warrior || 2 years// 24 moons || Male
[Keplerstep] . [Kepler]



. Personality and Psyche .

charismatic // big-hearted // intuitive // perceptive // closed-off // rule-bender .............power// "mind-soothing"  (read below in "background")

        .. charismatic +
-- Very good at public speaking and talking himself out of tough situations. He knows what to saw and when to say it, and his charisma makes him likeable.

        .. big-hearted +
-- Always concerned and caring for the well being of others; can't stand to see someone troubled. May be too kind for his own good.

        .. intuitive ~
-- Though not considered intelligent, he has an incredible sense of truth, insightful.

        .. perceptive ~
-- Talented at reading others. Gets a sense of what their feeling or who they are. Can read between the lines.

        .. closed-off -
-- Unwilling to talk about his own problems/past. Never wanting to be completely open and vulnerable, feels like others have more important things to do.

.. rule-bender
-- Not completely defiant/rebellious, he is not afraid to stretch the limits for all its worth.

. Fears and Preferences .

Likes:: bird watching; winter; running
Dislikes:: water; early mornings; sudden loud noises
Fears:: the dark; cats hating him; being forgotten

. Strengths and Weaknesses .
strengths . [weight+size] [heart of a warrior]
weaknesses . [will always see the best in others] [fears being hated]

[Straight] .. [Doesn't know yet]

✓ .. [wit] [cleverness] [charisma]
✗ .. [stuck-ups] [downers] [persistent question askers]



. History .

            .. background
  Born a kittypet, Kepler was content and happy. He grew chunky on the food he was served and led a generally easy life. When he was given away from his old housefolk, life got worse for Kepler. Alone and in the dark for so many hours, he wasn't aloud out of his new owners cat room. And the other cats there weren't so nice. Tired of the abusive and neglectful life, Kepler took the first chance he could and ran, never looking back. Eventually he found himself in the safe haven of CloudClan, where they took him in. He developed the power to help soothe anxious minds long ago in his kithood but never really used it. It "heals" a sore mind, similar to medicine for infected wounds. He's able to calm down and settle buzzing or angry minds, which helps in tough situations, but Keplerstep isn't very fond of using it. He feels as though it is "cheating"
            .. birth
                          Keplerstep does not remember much of his parents or siblings, it was all just a blur before he was scooped away from his mother. He knows he had a family once, but doesn't miss them enough to go and search them out. The past is the past.          
            .. apprenticeship

                            He joined the Clan as an adult, so he was technically never an apprentice. He was taught at a companion level.
            .. warriorhood
                            Keplerstep has just started on the trail of warrior life. He is slowly working off his kittypet pounds and loves running around in the forest hunting and playing. Right now, its like a dream come true- full of adventure and fun. Of course he worries that some cats will judge him for his kittypet roots, but the cats in CloudClan seem accepting of him for now, so he's alright. But life as a warrior isn't always easy, and Keplerstep is bound to find out sooner or later...

. Relations .

        .. direct family
                Mother || ??? || He cannot remember much of her. He has her fur patterns.. [npc]
             Father || ??? || He cannot remember much of him, though he knows he got his big body from him .. [npc]
             Sister || ??? || He remembers his siblings more clearly, but does not know what happened to them .. [user tba?]
                  Brother || ??? ||He remembers his siblings more clearly, but does not know what happened to them.. [user tba?]

        .. adopted / extra family
                Mother || "My Housefolk Girl" aka "Mama" || Keplers Twoleg before they had to give him up, he misses her and sees her more as a second mother than a Twoleg.. [npc/user]

        .. clanmates
      CloudClan are his Clanmates :)


{ . Credit . }

application .. conste11ations 
[Keplerstep] art .. @/Kepler-Step//Wolfie
[Keplerstep] design .. @/Kepler-Step//Wolfie
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