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Shamanic Witch- TM: 1 CH 1: PG: 4

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Shamanic Witch- TM: 1 CH 1: PG: 5 by keokotheshadowfang  

Shamanic Witch- TM: 1 CH 1: PG: 3 by keokotheshadowfang 
The Shamanic Witch: Tome 1 Cover by keokotheshadowfang 

Extra information:
Ooooh! Drama!!!! Complete with atmospheric thunder and lightning! I always worry about doing these really dark pages because I know that for some people with different monitors, the blacks tend to blend together, so I wonder that it looks like on your screens, but It's not something that you can easily see. Editing colors and textures takes a lot of time because I try to keep a consistent tone, but the textures really help make things so much more interesting to look at in my opinion. I try to keep the textures muted down though so they don't overpower the comics.

More Song Dynasty trivia! Did you know people commonly slept on ceramic/porcelain pillows! There are still a large faction of people who use hard pillows! When I first sketched out this comic, I had Len laying on a big fluffy pillow. It got me curious about the history of pillows. I imagined that I would learn that pillows made from bird feathers for reserved for the rich and noble people, where poor people would stuff it with like hay, bamboo, or reeds or something. But NO! In fact from my admittedly trivial research, it appears we didn't really have pillows like we know them until the industrial revolution! The Song Dynasty was particularly famous for these porcelain pillows that kept it's user's head cool at night. They have so many cool and varied designs from being shaped like animals or people, to intricate designs, so Len's is shaped like the Yin/Yang sign because it's a part of their family's seal. :D

I feel a little less confident about the bed. I had seen images where the bed included the canopy part, and others where it didn't and a lot of the images were titled from other dynasties. So don't judge me too harshly on any inaccuracies, I really did try to be informed! I did learn that these beds were usually more on the firm side. Though now that I think about it, I image there was probably SOME type of mattress or mat underneath, but that will be a research lesson for another day I suppose!

The last thing to note is Ichika's change of attire for this page. White is traditionally a mourning color, often reserved for funerals. Her hair has been let down as was the fashion for Japanese women in the Heian period, she only wears her hair up when she is in China, though she will wear it loosely in a ribbon in her younger years.

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Ichika, and Len are my characters and I did the art
The Shamanic Witch is a fan comic for the anime/manga series Shaman King by Hiroyuki Takei.
Textures by Sirius-sdz
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Danta-KunProfessional Digital Artist

I'm loving it so far! I admire all the work you are doing with the drawings and the painting of the pages, and also the research work you're doing for this story, it's getting impressive! You really are very talented :3

The story is also great, I am very anxious to know what will happen. The "making of" of each page is also a lot of fun to read!

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keokotheshadowfangHobbyist Digital Artist

I am so happy you love these "making of" comments! I learn so much with each page that I do. Mostly because I get curious about the thing I am drawing, so I spend a couple of hours on an education detour. xD I thought it would be fun to share the results of my learning! I am glad that it is interesting for you!

Thank you so much for your kind words! Those art trades I did before starting this comic helped so much in learning what style I wanted to do for this comic!