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There are Two Types of Couples - Ch.2
“Why am I doing this again?” Craig sighed for the umpteenth time that evening as he watched Clyde fuss around in his house from his giant king sized round bed with blue translucent curtains pushed to each side. He stood up to put Stripe back in her giant cage and made sure to refill his pet’s water and food so he won’t need to worry after he leaves.
“So your beloved Tweek can be a part of our little modelling group,” Clyde answered simply. “Come on, man. He wears the same kind of clothes every day, and they’re all unattractively baggy. Tweek’s a cute guy, don’t you want to see him dress up without worrying about money? His fucked up parents made him stubborn as a mule when it came to his financial situations. This is the only way to slowly change it all. I bet he’d want to look cute next to his own model of a boyfriend, dude. He cares about your reputation.” Clyde unzipped his bag after settling down on Craig
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Commission for king-of-hydras
Jason Wheeler, a brunet bandit who was given the job to spy and investigate the best route to raid this village, is paying attention to the weak spots and places to avoid as he strolls around. That is until he heard a couple of guys talk about something “golden” in the inn by the well which got him curious.
“Golden, eh? Must be worth a fortune.” He mumbled to himself and stalked over to where the inn is, acting as natural as he could.
“Hello! How may I help you?” The innkeeper asked with a big smile.
“Yeah, my friend told me about something being ‘golden’? Must be majestic to look at so I came here to take a peek myself!” Jason made up a lie, hoping the innkeeper would believe him.
“Something golden? Ohhhh! There definitely is a golden beauty here, alright! Head over to the top floor, that’s where she’s staying.” The innkeeper chuckled.
“Thanks!” Wasting no time, Jason sprint up the stairs a
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There are Two Types of Couples - Ch.1
“What the hell are they doing?” Kyle asked as he stood by Tweek, who is watching Craig and Stan having a silent argument or something through the window of the blonde’s coffee shop. Stan is full on glaring while Craig has his arms crossed and staring at Stan with an unamused look on his face, but the glare is also evident if you look close enough.
“I have no idea.” Tweek said, shrugging.
Kyle sighed, playing with his hair that he stopped hiding under his hat to finally have it styled to look more decent than a red afro. “Let’s just go in, Tweek. Need any help?”
Tweek nodded after walking into his coffee shop and nodding at the employees who greeted him. “Can you just grab the coffees to the table after I make them? Craig only drinks his cold milk tea if I personally made it for him.”
“Kay.” Kyle said as Tweek went behind the counter and told his employees to let him make the coffees for his friends. The redhead tur
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The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 22
War sighed in relief, leaning back in his chair as Death strolled up beside him. “That went better than expected.” The hooded one commented.
“Aren’t you afraid Lucifer’s going to rip another one of your hoods?” War asked, noticing the covered face.

“Hey, I just went out in broad daylight with the dang sun shining brightly onto my pale sensitive skin.” Death said. “I deserve a bit of complete darkness under my hood. You realize even the moonlight burns me?”
“You mean you feel like it’s burning you when it doesn’t do shit to you.” War rolled his eyes.
“Shut up. I don’t roll around in fire like you do.”
“Yeah, you’re a cold icy bastard.” War retorted. “What do you do when you’re cold? Or are you immune because you’re already cold as balls.”
Death gave War a dry look. “You’re always around me. It’s impossible to not s
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Mature content
Stuck (Commission) :iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 2 0
Injury - Creek
Craig’s eyes slowly fluttered open, his head spinning. Everything smells sterile, covered in disinfectant as he stretched his neck to observe his surroundings, noted that the room was white and simple. Noticing that he’s laying on a hospital bed, Craig found a thick bandage over the tibia of the left foot, looking pretty serious, but he can’t remember at all how he got hurt.
A pleasant voice with a slightly high tone from his right side caught his attention, “Thank god you’re finally awake! You-you worried me to death! How do you feel? Do you want water? The doctor said you might be a little confused after you’ve been drugged. The nurse is going to be here very soon. Just let me know if you need anything, ok?” The blonde haired beauty stared at him with worry.
“Hey, beautiful.”
The other looked around in dismay and confusion. “Are you...talking to me?”
“Of course. I don’t see anyone else here.” Craig ch
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The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 21
“Um…Dan? Phil? Whatever you’re about to hear, it might not make sense to you but either ignore it or just don’t dwell too much on it because it is impossible to make it clear to those who haven’t witnessed or experienced what we did, ok?” Jack said, trying to prevent to two Brits from asking too many questions if things go very wrong.
Dan and Phil looked at each other confused but nodded anyway. “As long as it doesn’t affect us in any way.” Dan said as Phil nodded. “And on that note, I’m going to buy some extra food for my lunch because Phil ate all my cereal, and I couldn’t have my breakfast!” He glared at Phil as he stood up to go buy extra burgers and hotdogs.
“I’m sorry!” Phil followed right behind.
Felix, Ken, and Jack turned back to Mark, sighing in unison, and inuring Diana’s presence for the moment since they figured she wouldn’t understand a thing they’re saying an
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Official fem!Darkiplier Cosplay by KenzyKoo Official fem!Darkiplier Cosplay :iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 20 4 Natural Sunlight - Eyes not Photoshopped by KenzyKoo Natural Sunlight - Eyes not Photoshopped :iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 12 4 Accidental Fem!Darkiplier Cosplay by KenzyKoo Accidental Fem!Darkiplier Cosplay :iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 29 23
To Win A Bully (Oneshot)
“Hey Dark.” A demon in jet black hair with blackness surrounding his purple eyes and bluish streaks running down his cheeks. “Heard there’s a new one coming in.”
“I am aware, Natemare," replied Dark, a large muscular demon with greyish skin, black hair, and eyes that sometimes flicker red. “Heard he’s from Ireland.”
Natemare looked around in their dark and creepy halls, watching other dark personas floating about. “I wonder what made him join Youtube Hell.”
Dark scoffed. “Well, no matter who is or why he joined, I’m going to break them down liked the rest of these weaklings.” He glared at TJSynth and the said demon scurried away in complete fear.
“How long did you break the last demon? Three hours?” Natemare asked.
“Yes…A new record.” Dark smiled, proud of himself.
Natemare shook his head. “Why are you even doing this? Only I never suffered your wrath only because I
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The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 20
“Mom. I’m fine.” Jack sighed for the umpteenth time.
“How are you fine after those hurtful words he shouted at you?!” Heather said, worried.
Jack rolled his eyes. “Mom. I’ve dealt with bullies, a kidnap, an attempted rape, plus the knowledge that I might be sold to a sex slave market. I swear, I’m fine. It’s just words.”
“By Mark!’ Her mom retorted. “I know you have feelings for that kid, Jack… I know it hurts…emotionally and mentally!”
“It does.” Jack shrugged. “But I got over it. No use clinging to this hope when he refuses to acknowledge it, ma.”
“Oh Jack, what am I going to do with you?” Heather sighed worriedly.
“By stop making such a big deal out of it?” Jack suggested. “You literally just dragged me directly home and asked me tons of questions, mostly about my well being, and wouldn’t let me do anything! I couldn’t even
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Happy Halloween! by KenzyKoo Happy Halloween! :iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 15 6
The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 19B
Jack and Mark are currently battling it out on the DDR machine on a Super Junior song, sweating like crazy. This is their thirteenth song, but they are not giving up.
“This looks like fun.” Jack heard Anti giggle. 
“Shut up. If you break my concentration and I lose this, I will whoop your ass.” Jack growled in his mind.
Meanwhile, Mark can hear Dark judging him in his head.
“More power, Mark. You dance like a jiggling tofu.” Dark said.
“If you’re so good, why don’t you dance?!” Mark challenged Dark.
“In that case…” The two demons said in unison.
They are focused on their characters and the arrows on the screen until they realize their characters are turning to look very similar to themselves but not quite. 
“What the fuck?!” The two human halves thought.
“Oh hey! I can hear Mark like this!” Anti’s voice appeared in both their minds.
“Hearing your voice i
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The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 19A
Jack has been waiting. He’s hoping to hear a certain familiar sound. He knows it so well, and sometimes he gets tired of hearing it. But this time, he needs to hear it right now.
The notification sound of his phone suddenly broke the morning silence and his eyes shot open. Jack scrambled to his phone and his face fell in disappointment, it is not the message he wanted to see.
Pewdiepie: Hey bro!
Jacksepticeye: Mornin’…
Pewdiepie: What? Looks like you’re disappointed?
Jacksepticeye: I’m not gonna lie. I definitely am.
Pewdiepie: I’m offended, bro. The fabulous Felix texts you and you’re disappointed?
Jack rolled his eyes and sighed. This was not the conversation he wanted to have nor is this the right person he wanted to talk to.
Jacksepticeye: What do you want, Felix?
Pewdiepie: Aw…let me guess. The dork didn’t discuss with you the details of your date.
Jacksepticeye: It’s not a date.
Pewdiepie: Yeah, and I
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Anti Just Wanted Attention
“See you soon.” Anti ended the recording with a smirk. He then sighed, his face falling into a frown. “Schneeple!” He shouted.
The doctor sitting behind him groaned. “Vat, you stupid demon? You took over my video as you liked! Are you happy now?!”
“You shouldn’t have this many cameos in Jack’s channel in the first place!” The demon started glitching.
“Vat ze fuck are you talking about?! Anyzing medical related is my turn for a guest appearance!” The doctor rubbed his temples. “I vas trying to save Jack in ze game and you have to go ruin everyzing!”
“You are not supposed to have more appearances than me!” Anti pointed at himself with his thumb hard. “I was made first! I was thought up first! I am your superior! You are taking the spotlight away from me!”
“Yes yes yes, vhatever, you pissy little demon!” The doctor rolled his eyes. “Lie to ze audience! I’m su
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Ooo~ New stuff!


Photos 2 by Rocker2point0 Photos 2 :iconrocker2point0:Rocker2point0 121 24 Don't even think about it by LoveMySockhead12 Don't even think about it :iconlovemysockhead12:LoveMySockhead12 248 13 Cheap Imitator - Valentine's day [REDRAW] by LadyValKatt Cheap Imitator - Valentine's day [REDRAW] :iconladyvalkatt:LadyValKatt 97 5 Ego confusion by superloveharrypotter Ego confusion :iconsuperloveharrypotter:superloveharrypotter 270 48 Mine. by DoodleSauce Mine. :icondoodlesauce:DoodleSauce 196 19 SP s21e02 - Put it down by stupidstar1126 SP s21e02 - Put it down :iconstupidstar1126:stupidstar1126 24 2 Power Of Love by Chokico Power Of Love :iconchokico:Chokico 295 12 [SP Creek] After class by kiwisparked [SP Creek] After class :iconkiwisparked:kiwisparked 37 5 Versus [SP] by aidmoon Versus [SP] :iconaidmoon:aidmoon 96 2 Jack and Mark's dads by SteamHoof1207 Jack and Mark's dads :iconsteamhoof1207:SteamHoof1207 3 4 Happy 29th birthday Mark by SonicSpeedz Happy 29th birthday Mark :iconsonicspeedz:SonicSpeedz 439 42 Jack in a tank top by SteamHoof1207 Jack in a tank top :iconsteamhoof1207:SteamHoof1207 3 3 Danti gif, lick by LoverRevolveri
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Danti gif, lick :iconloverrevolveri:LoverRevolveri 86 17
Marine Craig by Phinbella-Flynn Marine Craig :iconphinbella-flynn:Phinbella-Flynn 69 3 Dark Mage Craig by Phinbella-Flynn Dark Mage Craig :iconphinbella-flynn:Phinbella-Flynn 96 9 Craig and Tweek in Japan by Phinbella-Flynn Craig and Tweek in Japan :iconphinbella-flynn:Phinbella-Flynn 99 13
I love these. A lot. No question.




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“Why am I doing this again?” Craig sighed for the umpteenth time that evening as he watched Clyde fuss around in his house from his giant king sized round bed with blue translucent curtains pushed to each side. He stood up to put Stripe back in her giant cage and made sure to refill his pet’s water and food so he won’t need to worry after he leaves.

“So your beloved Tweek can be a part of our little modelling group,” Clyde answered simply. “Come on, man. He wears the same kind of clothes every day, and they’re all unattractively baggy. Tweek’s a cute guy, don’t you want to see him dress up without worrying about money? His fucked up parents made him stubborn as a mule when it came to his financial situations. This is the only way to slowly change it all. I bet he’d want to look cute next to his own model of a boyfriend, dude. He cares about your reputation.” Clyde unzipped his bag after settling down on Craig’s couch. “By the way, Kenny and Stan said they’ll be over in ten minutes, so we then can get ready for the party.”

Craig furrowed his eyebrows. There are multiple things wrong with this particular scenario. “Wait, you invited yourself and them to my place without asking me first?” This is his damn loft! “And why the hell are you and Kenny here if it’s just between me and Marsh?”

“I didn’t ask for your permission but I asked Tweek and he has just as much say for this place as you do.” Craig groaned. “Also, somebody has to prevent you guys from killing each other. And I’m sure it takes more than one of us to handle just you Craig, much less the both of you ravens.” Clyde said, digging through his bag to make sure he has every piece of clothing he wants to change into. “And you’re lucky Tweek is going with Kyle since they have classes till an hour before the party starts or we’ll have a much easier way of controlling the both of you.”

Craig sighed again, remembering they were in charge of bringing the brownies for the party.

“Will you stop sighing? It’s a party! Get excited!” Clyde strolled over to the bed. “Seriously, you’re sure this is the bed that the previous owner left?!” He never understood how someone would just leave this luxurious thing. Any sane person would either keep it or sell it for extra cash.

“You’ve asked this question ever since Tweek and I moved here, Clyde.” The noirette said in his monotonous tone. “Yes, it is. The previous owner was a home designer and figured this bed cannot leave this house and so she left it here. Can we establish that as the answer and never ask this question again?”

“The questions are never going to stop since you moved your ass from the shitty dorm to this fancy loft.” The best friend moved his ass onto the carpet, scared of soiling this bed. “So, have you thought about what you’re making Stan wear?”

“If I can get him to wear that ridiculous hot pink outfit I was forced to wear to pose for that stupid Valentine’s Day shoot, I would be sooo happy.”

Clyde burst out laughing. “I almost forgot about that! That tux is terrifying! You wearing hot pink was also super weird, dude!”

“Don’t I know that.” Craig shook his head with a small smile.

“That reminds of me the whole metrosexual thing that happened in South Park,” Clyde asked, reminiscing. “That pink outfit, dude! You looked ridiculously good, no question. And Token, you, Tweek, and Jason were wearing the exact same outfit but you had the longest legs. Everyone looked fabulous and you fit that character super well.”

Craig facepalmed. “Do not remind me of that.”

“I suppose that should have been a hint that you were an actual gay.” Clyde chuckled. “You won’t stop gushing about how Tweek looked…” He cleared his throat and nasalized his voice, ending up sounding exactly like how Craig did, “Absolutely adorable, darling.”

“The fact that our voices are way too similar makes it even more unsettling.”

“You love it, bro.” Clyde nudged Craig with a big grin. “Back to that weird hot pink tux. I would have loved to see the former athletic jock wear such a thing!”

“Marsh is lucky that I didn’t keep that outfit or he’d be dressed like he escaped from a pink glitter factory.”

“Damn, it would have been perfect.” Clyde snickered. “Not only does it actually humiliate him on different levels but it wouldn’t be considered ruining him since the outfit is somewhat decent.” He applauded his best friend. “Genius!”

“I’m surprised it took you that long to notice.” Craig stood up as the doorbell rang, sighing again as he slid open his door. “Kenny, Marsh.” He greeted.

“Hey, dude! Clyde! You brought your clothes as well?” Kenny stepped in, eyeing the bag on the couch.

“Tucker.” Stan greeted, walking into the house. “Nice place.”

“Thanks.” It was awkward between them trying to act civil.

Clyde greeted Kenny with a pat on the blonde’s shoulder. “Alright! Let’s get hot! Hotter than we normally are.”

Craig ruffled his own hair. “You’re acting like we’re girls who huddle around fussing about what to wear.”

“Hey, don’t be sexist! Guys can act like this, too! And you’re the gay one!” Clyde crossed his arms, pouting.

“And you’re the gayest straight guy I’ve ever met,” Craig said, strolling to the closet, which was one giant storage room they emptied and changed into a walk-in closet.

Stan gaped at the number of clothes Craig has. “Dude, what the fuck?”

“He’s a model, what do you expect?” Clyde chuckled, pulling Stan to sit, and tugging on his bag. “Though he only wears his space-themed simple t-shirts and hoodies that are crowded together on that one corner of his closet.” He paused. “Even though he still looks amazing in them. So, what did you bring for Craig to wear?”

Stan shrugged and dug into his backpack. “Since I figured the guy usually wears different shades of grey and black and shit, I thought I’d brighten his night a little.” He pulled out a white form-fitting tank top with tiny black skulls swirling up like a tornado, a pair of black straight jeans with multiple buckles on each leg, and a faded jean jacket that has tiny rips here and there with multiple patches clustered on the chest area.

“Whoaaa!” Clyde laughed, grabbing the jean jacket. “This is so Stanley Marsh!” He laughed harder pointing at the yellow smiley face patch on the left sleeve where the bicep is. “And this other patch is a freaking panda!”

Kenny picked up the pants and raised a brow. “Dude, this isn’t bad but we might have some sort of problem?”

“What?” The brunet asked.

“Look, we all know Craig is tall as a fucking tree.” Kenny pressed the pants leg to Stan’s leg. “But Craig has loooong fucking legs. Will this be too short for him?”

“These are something I rarely wore because they’re too long and I had to curl up the ends of these jeans.” Stan snatched the clothing away from Kenny. “I promised Kyle that I’d be considerate.”

“How sweet,” Clyde said with a cheeky grin. “Now, Craig, my bro, what do you have for Stan?”

Craig answered by throwing his clothes to Stan. “Check to see if they’re alright.” He said simply and grabbed the clothes Stan got for him, examining in case of booby traps.

Stan grumbled, pulling the clothes off his face. He knows Craig gave him skinny jeans, he wears nothing but skinny jeans of all sorts when he goes out casual. The shirt was a very nice looking v-neck with red and black abstract plaid print and the jeans were dark grey. “Huh…” He didn’t think Craig would have picked something nice looking for him.

“Your current shoes match the outfit so that’s fine,” Craig said, after seeing that Stan wore his Vans. His eyes then scanned over the other raven. “Though you might have to drop the cap and style your hair a bit.

“And there goes Craig with his fashion scanner.” Clyde clicked his tongue. “Ever since he got into modelling, he’s been judging people’s clothes and hair like he’s the fashion police.”

Kenny laughed, ready change into his party clothes. “Though you gotta admit, Craig has amazing taste for someone who only wears space themed t-shirts for the sake of not pressuring his boyfriend.” He stretched and tugging his simple white shirt off, dropping it into his bag, flaunting his body. “Let’s get changed then!”

“Bro.” Clyde practically ripped his own shirt off and flexed. “Check out these babies!”

“Stop making my house look like the high school boys locker room.” Craig backhanded Clyde’s abs, causing the brunet to grunt.

“Fuuuuck you, party pooper! And we’re not even at the party yet!” Clyde whined, but then Craig crossed his arms behind his head so nonchalantly. “Oh, will you stop showing off your body and stomp on my self-esteem?!”

Craig rolled his eyes with a scoff as he put his arms down. It’s not like he’s purposely showing off.

“Yeah yeah, Craig. We get that you got your beautiful body naturally. Fuck you and your genes, man.” Kenny added.

“My jeans.” Craig grabbed a pair and shook it. “Are off limits for you and your dirty crotch.” He smirked at the look of despair on Kenny and Clyde’s faces from his stupid pun. “Now get changed before Bebe comes charging for us.”

Stan tugged off his shirt the same time Craig did, along with his cap.

Kenny shook his head. “How do these guys not see how similar they look to each other?”

“Because unlike you two, we know our physical differences,” Stan said, undoing his belt.

“Will you kindly point them out when we get to the accessories then?” Clyde chuckled, putting on some dark jeans, black high tops, a white t-shirt with a lineart of a very fancy temple, and a red leather jacket.

Kenny cracked his neck and changed into a grey t-shirt and faded straight jeans with a thick brown belt, matching them with white sneakers. This confused Clyde, who tilted his head and spread his arms questioning, “Is that it, Deviant?” He asked, using Kenny’s nickname.

The blonde wagged his finger with a smug look on his face. “Check this out.” He pulled out a scarlet colored side zip up slim fit hoodie with a stand collar.

“Daaaaamn! This is hot! Where’d you get this?!” Clyde jumped at the opportunity to touch that new piece of clothing.

Kenny shrugged but is grinning with pride. “The last guy I hooked up with wanted to show me off or some shit to his friends and his ex. We agreed to meet at the mall and he had to make it seem like we’re totally in love, so he bought me this.” He explained. “But of course, we split since he got what he wanted and all I wanted was a good fuck. At least I got to keep this!”

“You might as well find a sugar daddy at this rate, Ken,” Craig said, patting the blonde’s back. “Let’s get to the accessories. Clyde is going to make me do his eyeliner again and I know it’s going to take a while with him squirming all the fucking time.”

“Why do you wear eyeliner, Clyde?” Stan asked, curious.

“Because he’s a sissy,” Craig spoke up before Clyde can answer.

The brunet glares at his best friend. “Shut up! That’s not it!” He pouted, putting on different rings on different fingers on both hands and a diamond stud on his pierced left ear. “It’s because I’ve hung out with Asian girls in high school for the Creek fanart and exchanging pictures of Craig and Tweek’s daily lives-”

“And you’re still such a creep,” Craig added, knowing Clyde still has that giant folder of Creek fanart under his bed. “I bet they’re still sending you new stuff while you give them pictures of us or tell them all about our lives.”

Clyde looked a bit guilty. “That’s not the point!”

Craig shrugged, being nonchalant as always. “You’re still a creep.” He simply puts on a black watch and one simple silver band on his middle finger, not really wanting to look flashy.

Clyde ignored the noirette and continued, “Remember Kpop was starting to get popular? I saw how all the girls were gushing over this pretty boy with the fair skin and that flower boy with the amazing hair. And that’s when I noticed they were wearing eyeliner. I asked one of the girls why and they explained all stuff to me about eyes giving charismatic flirtatious feeling and they stand out.” He explained before digging into Kenny’s bag his necklace with an anchor hanging on it the chain and tossing it over at his request. “She asked if I wanted to try and I nodded. Boy, lemme tell ya! I look fantastic!”

“Stan should have experience with that since he was goth for a while.” Kenny chuckled, putting on black ear cuff on his cartilage and silver studs in different shapes on all the piercings he has on his lobes.

Stan rolled his eyes. “Speaking of goth, Kenny made me bring one accessory for you, Tucker.” He presented his infamous black cross earring.

“What...the fuck, McCormick.” Craig looked indifferently at Kenny.

“No need to bring out the last name, Craig. Just thought I’d make it hard for people to distinguish between you guys.” The Deviant raised his hands in mock surrender with a grin.

Craig breathed slowly, knowing he practically has nowhere to run in this scenario, so he went with his usual plan. Not giving a fuck. “Fine.” He snatched the piece of accessory and put it on his ear. “Then you can have this.” One stud in the shape of a zipper landed on Stan’s hand. “Go nuts.”

“What the…? I’ll never understand fashion.” Stan put them on his only piercing anyway and stood up, checking how he looks.

“Craaaaaaig! Eyelineeeeer!” Clyde whined, holding out the pen towards the noirette, who rolled his eyes but took it anyway.

“Now don’t fucking move,” Craig said, focusing on Clyde’s eyes. “I’ll say this again, your eyes are weirdly shaped.”

“Not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally perfectly shaped deep-set eyes with piercing blue color!” Clyde retorted. “You just have to be perfect in everything! That’s asking for trouble, man!”

Kenny shook his head at the other two’s usual antics. “Hey! We found another physical difference between these two! Stan has almond-shaped eyes!” He laughed at the blank look Stan gave him. “Come on, I’ll style your hair for ya. Neither you and Craig can wear your headwear for hints.”

“I still don’t get why you guys are so into doing this. It’s not like any good will come out of it.” Stan said, watching Kenny pick up a comb. “Unless you guys are betting money, I don’t see the point in all this.”

“Dude, just from this, we’re finding more and more physical differences between you and Craig. Besides, what’s a party without some sort of ruckus? Don’t either of you wanna know if your boyfriends can actually distinguish you guys apart like this? Even they’re up to it.” Kenny grabbed a comb. “ should we do this?”

“Just fix his bangs a little. Use my hair mask. It’s oil-based so you don’t need water.” Craig said, the grumbling at Clyde’s whining about how it itches. “Will you just stay still?! Want me to poke your eyes out?”

Kenny did as he was told, combing the hair first. “This isn’t the right way to use this mask but we don’t have time to give your hair a spa.” He then combed the mask onto Stan’s bangs and grabbed a hairdryer for the warm air to comb the bangs so they all go one direction, very similar to how Stan had his hair when he was goth. He stepped back to look over Stan after completion. “Hm~ I did a great job!”

“Great. Bravo. Etcetera etcetera.” Craig commented with sarcasm as he finishes up with Clyde. “You really have to get over that. How do you even put water-based eyeliner on yourself like this?”

“I can’t. I use the pencil kind.” Clyde answered with a sigh of relief and grabbed a mirror. “Damn my eyes look awesome!”

“How did you even learn how to do eyeliner, Tucker?” Stan asked, putting on the weird studs.

Craig shrugged. “I’m a model. I have interviews where I don’t have makeup artists caking my face.”

“Yeah right, as if he needs anything on his face with his flawless fucking skin!” Clyde shouted from behind. “Alright, let’s get a good look at you two. Stand next to each other!”

The tallest one sighed. “Can’t we just go?”

“Come on, Craig. We wanna see. Besides, we have a surprise for you but if you still act like that, I’ll call Token to cancel it.” Kenny threatened with a cheeky grin.

“And I care, why?”

“Because your surprise has something to do with Tweek.” The blonde added, his grin turning crooked. “Well, and maybe Kyle, we don’t know yet.” He said, turning to Stan.

“I am exciteeeed!” Clyde exclaimed. “We haven’t seen it either, so just behave Craig.”

Craig stood there for a second, weighing his options which should be obvious. He turned to stand next to the other noirette in the room and because of modeling habits, he leaned his weight to his right hip, crossing his arms like the model he is while Stan merely stood still.

“Whoa.” Clyde refrained from rubbing his eyes so he won’t smudge his eyeliner. “Even if we literally have the actual knowledge that you two switched clothes, I still can’t tell the difference unless I actively search for them.”

“The cross earring is stupidly hot,” Kenny added. “Stan should wear that more often. Or just dress goth like he used to.”

“Remember when Henrietta had a crush on Goth Stan? Middle school?” Clyde laughed.

“Oh yeah, I remember. She dug up some sort of picture from back then when Stan was a goth and posted it on her coonstagram. It said nothing but a black heart on it.” Kenny joined in laughing. “And then suddenly, she kept trying to talk to Stan, convincing him to turn back to goth or at least wear that outfit again?”

“It was in elementary school, the outfit doesn’t fit anymore anyway,” Stan informed.

“Whatever! SELFIE!” Clyde shouted and everyone huddled close, whether they liked it or not. The brunet snapped a couple photos and posted it on his personal coonstagram account, tagging everyone in the photo. “Be prepared because I am going to post so many stories and photos on both the personal account and the business one.”

“You’re not the only one.” Kenny whipped out his selfie stick with a laugh. “It’s the only way to make Craig post anything on both his coonstagram accounts. Might as well take some practice shots for our sake. Does Bebe’s house have good backgrounds for us to pose?”

Craig sighed and grabbed his phone, wallet, and keys. “Can we just go? Why are we talking about work at a time like this?”

“Because our work includes fun, Craig. And all our fanbases are mainly from coonstagram. Gotta satisfy those looking for some eye candy so we get more work.” Kenny explained in his sophisticated manner, which only earned him an eye roll from the taller noirette.

Craig pulled open the sliding door of his loft. “Let’s just go. Are the brownies in your car, Clyde?”

“You got it.” Clyde gave his friend a thumbs up as everyone stepped out of the loft, allowing the owner to lock the door.


Meanwhile, Tweek and Kyle are just getting off their business management lecture.

“Ready to party, Tweek?” Kyle asked with a grin.

Tweek shrugged, not really sure. “It’s not like I go to a lot of parties. I don’t even have the clothes for a party. I usually just stay home and watch the coonstagram stories and posts from you guys and laugh at how stupid everyone gets when drunk.”

“Well, about the clothes part.” Kyle started. “I figured out what to wear and it might be a fun shock to everyone. As for you, I got an assignment from Kenny and Clyde to get you over to a specific address after our class.” The redhead held up a hand before Tweek can reject. “I’m not taking a no for an answer, especially when I really want to see the outcome.”

“Please don’t kidnap me.” Tweek pleaded.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Come on!” Kyle grabbed Tweek’s arm and walked out of the campus. Luckily, the location isn’t very far when they seem to arrive after ten minutes of walking. Tweek furrowed his eyebrows while Kyle dragged into an elevator of a shopping mall that takes them to the area where the offices are.

After nervously stepping into unknown territory, Tweek caught the presence of his friend standing in what looks like a small cozy makeup studio. “Token?”

“Oh hey! Tweek! You made it!” Token waved, carrying a camera. He grew a lot over the years, being second tallest after Craig, and probably having the strongest jawline out of everyone from South Park. He’s also probably the most handsome lawyer intern in the firm. One of these days, you can actually hear him complaining about girls and some guys being way too much for him when it’s usually Kenny or Clyde’s job. “Thanks for bringing him, Kyle. The guys already told me what’s up.”

“Mind if I stay to see the transformation?” Kyle asked, also grabbing his own outfit out of his bag.

“Of course! I’m just as excited.” Token exclaimed, setting his camera down.

Tweek looked around confused. “Guys, some explanation please?” He doesn’t know where exactly to stand. “What am I doing here?”

“Clyde talked to me about you agreeing to be the model for my new project.” Token explained. “But because I need to see if you work, I’ll need to test some of their clothes on you and take a couple shots. And for helping me, you can keep the clothes after. Wear it to the party, I’ll drive you guys.”

Tweek palmed his forehead. “They told you already?”

“Of course! It’s actually a pretty urgent project, and I need to deal with an interview and audition and blah blah blah tomorrow afternoon.” Token sighed. “But with you agreeing, you just made my job a whole lot easier.” He smiled. “So, get dressed and the makeup artist will help you with your hair and everything. You too, Kyle! You’re welcome to ask this lovely lady for help!” He added, pointing to the female standing next to him.

The blonde shook his head. “Are you already my manager?”

“The best manager,” Token said, smiling like it’s a promise. “I’ve been dealing with Craig and Clyde practically my whole life. I think that gives me enough credit.”

“Good point. You’re always the mom of our group.” Tweek mumbled, only adding, “You still are!” before Token can argue.

Token scoffed before chuckling. “I wouldn’t irk me if I were you right now, Tweek. I am the one who paid for the makeup artist after all.”

Tweek playfully gasped. “Oh but fairy godmother! You promised me I’d go to the party out of my rags!”

“I really think that prince of yours would love you even if you’re wearing a potato sack,” Token commented, causing the redhead to laugh. He then gestured the dressing room for Tweek and Kyle. “Go on. We’ll make sure you guys look irresistible regardless of what you’re wearing.”

“We’re counting on that, especially since I brought my own outfit,” Kyle shouted from his dressing room.

“Have some faith in the group mom, Kyle. You would know.” Tweek replied, snickering at the opposing noise from the Jew.

“I hope you like your outfit, Tweek.” Token stated. “I never actually saw you wear anything else besides baggy buttoned-up shirts and even more baggy pants.”

“I’m just not too concerned about what I wear…” Tweek trailed off, the sounds of ruffled clothing replaced the talking.

Token sighed after a brief silence. He knows exactly how Tweek feels pressured and is in some sort of internal conflict between saving money and embarrassing Craig. If he doesn’t want to make his boyfriend look bad, he has to spend money on clothes, which he doesn’t want to since he grew up with the idea of saving as much as possible when it comes to money. But now, because he doesn’t spend money on himself, he feels like he’s making his boyfriend look bad with how plain he looks compared to his model boyfriend. And adding to his guilt, Craig is dressing up as plain as he possibly could just because he cares about Tweek but the noirette STILL look like a model. That then caused Tweek to try not to appear beside Craig in public as much as possible.

“You know, Tweek. Your self-confidence needs a bit of a boost. You probably never even noticed all the good qualities of your body because of the safety bubble you’re in ever since Craig started being your boyfriend.” Tweek heard the redhead say and the door to dressing room next to him open and shut. The blonde bit his lip, knowing Kyle is right. Craig is familiar, Craig is safe, Craig is someone he always goes to whether things be good or bad, and Craig is becoming someone he’s relying a lot on. It’s not that Tweek can’t be independent on his own. He can be alone and stay alone without any problem. He can even handle his anxiety now. But it’s the physical things that are bothering him. In fact, Tweek lost his virginity being both clothed and wrapped in a blanket. Heck, Craig has never seen Tweek fully naked before. The whole process was blindly achieved, they both weren’t sure how it happened, but they were sure it’s because someone spiked the punch at the party. Yet, even at an intoxicated state, Tweek refuses to let Craig see his body, so that must say a lot.

Sure, they fooled around more after that, but Tweek was always clothed or has his body covered by something, and he wanted to stay that way. It’s not that he doesn’t trust Craig, he just doesn’t trust himself. Craig always told him he’s beautiful just the way he is and that was all Tweek needed. The noirette never forced him. He trusts Craig, and he doesn’t really care how others see him. Craig would point out how cute his face is, how adorable his small frame is, and how soft his hair is. Content by those, and the fact that they practically see each other every single day, they never really noticed each other’s differences and how much they have transformed physically growing up...until Craig became a model and everything changed.

Tweek knew Craig was tall but he never noticed how long his legs actually are. How his body proportions are nearly perfect, how his skin is so smooth, how broad those shoulders became, and how that ass looked so good in those skinny jeans. He never realized how strong Craig’s jawline became, nor how the veins on his arm protrude, or even how his body just became so toned.

It was overwhelming for Tweek to suddenly have all these details blow up at his face. He knew his boyfriend is hot, he gets told repeatedly, especially by Bebe. But he only just realized just exactly how hot. He didn’t know any of that, the couple sees each other every day, and he’s gotten so used to that face that as long as Craig didn’t do plastic surgery or get injured, Tweek wouldn’t notice the changes.

That probably can be said the same for Craig if Tweek never heard anything about himself. Yet, if he never even noticed anything different about himself, why would anyone else?

The blonde sighed, mindlessly putting on the outfit.

“Tweek? I’m even done with my hair! What’s taking you so long?” His friend is ready and confident in whatever outfit he’s wearing, why does he feel uneasy?

“Woah. Embracing your roots, Kyle?”

Tweek heard Kyle clear his throat. “It’s Kyley-B, ya cabbage. And why wasn’t there a mirror in the dressing room? It’s crucial!”

“There’s a damn wall full of mirrors out here, we don’t need more.”

Tweek gulped, not knowing how he looks and he feels extra nervous. “Uh...guys? I’m ready to come out now.”

“Come on out, Tweek. I gave you the tamest outfit from that sponsor company so you shouldn’t feel too stressed.”

Tweek nodded to himself after hearing Token. He shut his eyes and unlocked the door, pushing it open.

“Holy shit.” Tweek heard Kyle gasp. “HOLY SHIT!”

“Is that good or bad?” The blonde spoke shakily.

“Tweek, you practically saved me.” Token laughed. “You look fabulous!”

Tweek gasped feeling someone grab his shoulders, guiding him somewhere. “Open your eyes, Tweek, and bask in your glory! I am fucking jealous and I mean it.” Kyle exclaimed.

The blonde slowly opened his eyes and gaped at his reflection on a full-length mirror, not believing that was him. Have his legs always been that long and so well-shaped? He always thought his body was longer than his legs, looking stumpy. And when did he have hips and a waist? He thought he looked like a stick, so why does his behind look more well endowed than he thought? Was he always this pale? And has he always looks so...dainty? He actually has a figure, and it’s weird seeing how different he looks to Craig’s body figure since they are both males. He heard Clyde mention it before but he never gave much thought about it.

“Is-is that... me?” Tweek whispered.

“You weren’t wrong when you were referring to yourself as Cinderella. Except, you don’t have to return any of these by midnight. In fact, you can keep them.” Token stood by the two. “Confident enough to stand by Craig now?”

“Oh, Craig better watch out.” Kyle chuckled. “Tweek might just steal the spotlight.”

Tweek smiled confidently. “I definitely will.”


Stretching his long legs, Craig stepped over to the table with the desserts in the kitchen and dropped the brownies on the table, not bothering with unpackaging or anything else before grabbing two cans of beer and throwing it to Kenny and Clyde.

“Jeez, you all work like an assembly line,” Stan said, watching the three models work so effortlessly as they threw each other drinks and even sliding chairs over.

Kenny shrugged. “Privity.” He answered simply. “One is because we’re usually a package when it comes to modelling gigs. We’re like a unit. Two is because we’re all from South Park and we ended up knowing each other too well through this ‘bonding period’.”

“How did nobody notice us stepping in?” Clyde asked no one in particular.

“Maybe because we’re in the kitchen and the party is just starting.” Craig flicked Clyde’s forehead before stepping out where the party is bustling. Clyde pouted and followed, along with Kenny and Stan.

Kenny pushed Stan forward. “Dude, stand next to Craig!”

“You guys made it!” Bebe immediately went to greet them as soon as she saw them, bringing a lot of the attention to the group of boys as well. “Are the brownies here?”

Craig tilted his head back at the kitchen before Kenny added, “Though it might require some self-service.”

“You couldn’t have helped along, Stan?” Bebe pouted at the man in front of her.

Both the noirettes’ eye twitched. Craig opened his mouth, “What the hell does Clyde see in you if you can’t even tell his friends apart?”

“Dude!” Clyde smacked his best friend’s shoulder as Bebe’s eyes widened.

“W-wait…” The blonde girl forced a laugh. “You are Stan, correct?” She spoke cautiously.

Craig narrowed his eyes, while Stan spoke up. “Seriously, Bebe? You can’t even tell from the difference of our voices?! I am Stan!” He pointed at himself.

“Well, how the hell am I supposed to know? Craig’s wearing your earring and you’re wearing the shirt I saw Craig wore in a street snap I saw on his coonstagram.” Bebe retorted.

Kenny and Clyde are behind them trying not to laugh as Stan continued, “Craig is like a half a head taller than me! How can you not tell?!”

“Come the fuck on, you both are much taller than me! It’s practically the same from my angle. What? Am I supposed to notice these tiny ass differences between you two at the first look?” The girl rolled her eyes while many of the party guests are also trying to figure out just who is who. “Where are your boyfriends anyway?”

“They’ll be arriving a little late.” Clyde stepped up. “And I am so excited.”

“Why? Are you interested in Tweek, too?” Bebe asked jokingly.

“If he is, I’m going to have to change that.” Craig glared at his friend, who took a step back.

“Noooo, dude! I wouldn’t do that to you. I am into a certain blonde, but I am straight and deeeefinitely not touching your blonde no matter how cute he’ll end up looking.”

Kenny chuckled, stepping up as well. “I, however, can’t promise the same thing, Tucker.”

“You’re lucky I tolerate you.”

Stan sighed, moving aside to find himself a drink. Clearly, there is no place for him to stand amongst the models. And someone proved his point when they heard a loud gasp from one of Bebe’s friends.

“IS THAT THE DEVIANT?!” A shriek erupted out of the crowd, followed by another shouting, “AND IS THAT THE JOCK?!” A sea of females of all shapes and sizes pushed past Bebe and rushed up to the models, trying to take a selfie or even touch them. “WHERE’S THE ICE PRINCE?!”

Craig quickly snuck to the corners, hiding. He’s not one for crowds showering him with adoration. He’d much rather lay low and just observe his surroundings. Others may claim that’s boring but he likes his personal space. Besides, he only needs one special guy and he’s content.

“Raven?” Craig heard a somewhat bored voice to his left. He knows he has black hair but...that’s not what people usually refer him to. He sighed, knowing exactly who’s mistaking him for Stan this time.

“Wrong guy, goth girl.” Craig leaned on the wall, shoving his fingers in his jeans pocket with his thumbs hanging out.

“Don’t try to trick me, Raven.” Henrietta stepped out of the shadows herself, still sporting the goth makeup, but she dropped the whole ‘conformists are bitches’ thing a long time ago. However, the goth look became her thing and she stuck to it, so people won’t bother her. She may not be as chubby as she used to be but she’s not thin either. One term to describe her accurately might be busty and puberty did a good job of making that an attractive trait on her. “You sound much like you did when you were hanging out with us back then.”

Craig rolled his eyes. He’s already getting tired of being mistaken as Stanley Marsh. “I’m not the Raven you’re looking for.”

“You’re wearing the same cross earring.”

“He lent it to me for some agreement we were forced to participate in,” Craig said almost immediately, wanting to get this over with. It’s not that he hates Henrietta, he doesn’t have anything against her. He just doesn’t want to converse with anybody who mistakes him for Stan. “If you’re looking for him, he’s over there with a bottle of whatever the fuck he’s drinking.”

Henrietta looked over and sure enough, Stan is standing at another corner, the bottle already half empty.

“You’re the model…” Henrietta mumbled after turning back to Craig. “Dating that blonde who owns the cafe.”

Craig wonders if she’s just another version of Raven from the Teen Titans or something with how she talks. “Thank you for stating the obvious.”

“I didn’t expect you to look exactly like the pictures from your model shots,” Henrietta said, lighting up a cigarette. “I always thought they were heavily edited.”

“I suppose I don’t need any.” Craig shrugged. Why in the world is he even discussing this with the female goth of South Park? “I thought you’re looking for the actual Raven.”

“No, I just thought you are Raven,” Henrietta replied, taking a drag and exhaling. Craig fanned the smoke away from his face. He doesn’t really have a problem with the smell of cigarettes but Tweek with his sensitive nose hates it. “Now I’m talking to you, Craig Tucker, right? ”

Craig gave no answer, letting her continue. “You’re more attractive than I thought, considering I only ever heard of you, even when we were in South Park. Never really paid much attention to you.” She took a puff from her cigarette. “That’s going to be trouble.”

“I don’t know if I should thank you or feel offended.” Craig pushed himself off the wall. “You literally just thought I was Marsh.”

“Everyone would think that until they get a good look at both of you.” Henrietta waved her hand as she spoke. “It’s like seeing doppelgangers and look-alikes of famous people. They do look alike but you notice the differences after the initial first look.”

“I don’t feel any better but thanks, I guess.” Craig, knowing that he can’t hide anywhere in this party, decided to just stick by Clyde and Kenny until Tweek gets here after they finally seemed to get rid of the overbearing crowd. At least they won’t mistake him for Stan.

“Hey, Stan!”

He was wrong.

“Oh wait! It’s Craig! Sorry, buddy. I told you we’d still get mixed up.” Clyde pat Craig’s back, ignoring the slight glare directed at his way. “But dude, you look really good, No joke, and I don’t mean Stan-good.”

“He’s always hot, Clyde,” Kenny added, holding a cup of whatever combo he decided to mix up with his immense knowledge of alcohol. Craig wouldn’t be surprised even if Kenny makes his own moonshine. “Even in that horrifying pink tux. He still looked like he’s the hot rich bastard of an heir from some well-known corporation.”

“Do not bring that nightmare back up. I only wore it because it was the last sum of money I needed to complete the mission of getting Tweek and myself a decent living space.”

Clyde chuckled. “Yeah, not an apartment, not a house, not even a villa, you bought a fucking loft!” He exclaimed. “One step away from a penthouse, like an actual hot rich bastard of an heir.”

“What made you pick a damn loft?” The blonde one asked.

Craig shrugged, a small smile on his face. “Ask Tweek.”

The brunet looked confused before widening his eyes. “Are you kidding? It’s because of that?”

Kenny gave the two a questioning look. “What?”

“Well, no wonder Tweek is so fucking in love with you. You and that guy are practically the same people.” Clyde added.

“I’m taking that as a compliment.”

“What guy?” Kenny asked again.

“Brian, Kenny,” Clyde said, then burst out laughing. “That almost sounded like that guy’s full name!”

Kenny furrowed his eyebrows, repeating the name to see if it rings a bell. “Brian…? Brian. Brian. Brian. Brian K-Ohhhhhhh!” He then looked at Craig. “Oh yeah, that brooding asshole is hot as fuck. Tall, too, just like Craig. If I could tap that…or have him tap me!”

“The actor is like close to fifty years old, man.” The brunet added. “And he’s straight with a wife!”

“Still hot.” Kenny shrugged.

Suddenly, whistles and cheers and loud ‘OMIGAWD’ from Bebe interrupted their talk, causing Kenny to check out what’s going on. The blonde let out a whistle of his own. “My my my, are those our favorite little bottoms?”

“What?” Clyde turned to see just what is causing the commotion and gaped. “Wow, Craig. You are so damn lucky I’m straight. If not, I will literally fight you for him.”

The noirette was about to see for himself but Stan rushed his side. “What the fuck is going on?”

“I was about to see until you wasted my precious head turning time,” Craig mumbled.

Then both of them noticed their own boyfriends stepping towards them as the crowd parted like the red sea, and could not believe what they were seeing.

Stan was shocked to see that his boyfriend actually embracing where he came from for this party. Kyle’s hair is gelled his red curls up, making his head practically the shape of a dragonfruit, in a good way, with a tiny crown stuck onto the red curls. He’s wearing his own circular studs of odd colors on his earlobes, like green and yellow, and one silver cuff on his cartilage. A gold chain wrapped around his neck along with three plain golden bracelets around one of his wrists and a light blue wrist sweatband on the other. His left forefinger has a silver ring with a giant green gem and one his right thumb is wearing a silver band ring while the forefinger is wearing a golden ring. Matching those with a white ripped sleeveless shirt with the actual words ‘Kyley-B’ imprinted in black block letters, and ‘KB’ on the back, with baggy jeans with another silver dangling chain with white high tops.

The blonde that was next to the loud redhead is practically walking in with his own spotlight. His hair is pushed back and tied up into a tiny high ponytail, and Craig can tell he has a little bit of eyeliner popping out those shining green eyes. A black thin simple choker is around his neck, with a cute silver link bracelet with tiny flowery shapes on his wrist, and no other accessories. Tweek is wearing a pair of black ripped jean overalls with one of the straps unhooked, showing off the white top that looks small enough to be a crop top but not quite. The teasing of exposed skin is already driving Craig crazy. Stepping out of the crowd in his black boots with white laces, Craig can see his boyfriend radiating confidence. That’s a rare sexy sight to see.

“Kyle! Tweek! Over here!” Clyde waved his arms to get their attention.

Kyle and Tweek quickly stepped over, only to stop in front of the noirettes. “Tweek, these pieces of garbage are tryin’ to trick us.” The Jew spoke in his New Jersey accent.

Tweek scanned over the two, nodding. “It’s really convincing. But I know who is who.”

“Oh really?”

Clyde and Kenny watched with interest, wondering if Tweek and Kyle will end up battling it out. If only they have popcorn.

“They did a good job...but Stan’s blue eyes are warmer than Craig’s.”

“You saying your boy’s too cold?”

“I’m saying my man’s blues can make my knees weak at just one glance. And your guy?” Tweek scoffed. “He’s like a heater, spreading his warmth to everybody while mine is only warm to me.” He smirked.

Kyle narrowed his eyes at Tweek while Clyde and Kenny gasped dramatically. “Well, at least he’s nice. Your boyfriend is like your guard dog. Don’t you have a personal life anymore?”

Clyde and Kenny gasped again, even louder, and grinning like they’re watching some sort of drama.

Tweek side-glanced the redhead. “If I have a guard dog, then at least I don’t need to always put him on a leash!”

“Oooooo!” Clyde covered his mouth.

Kyle opened his mouth to retort but instead burst out laughing. “I can’t do this anymore!” And Tweek also stopped suppressing his giggles, laughing out loud.

“What the fuck was that?” Kenny spoke up.

“It’s just Tweek and me doing improv because we can.” Kyle shrugged.

“Well, Stan and Craig don’t look like they got over the initial shock yet.” Clyde pointed out, while the said two men are still standing there, not believing what they’re seeing.

Kyle shook his boyfriend’s shoulders. “Anyone in that head o’ yours?”

Stan slowly exhaled as a response. “Wow….”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you.” Kyle laughed, cupping Stan’s cheek. “You don’t look half bad yourself. Craig has some good taste. You really lost to him on that one.”

“Hey! Just who’s boyfriend are you?!”

Kyle flicked Stan’s forehead. “Yours.”

Pouting, Stan rubbed his forehead. “So, do I look good because I look good in Craig’s clothes or do I look good because Craig’s clothes are on me?”

“Is there a difference?”

“Yes!” Stan exclaimed, pouting even more how his Jersey boyfriend rolled his eyes. “Come on, Kyle, answer me!”

“It’s Kyley-B, ya fuckin’ whiny cabbage. How many times do I have to tell you to act your age? You’re worse than Clyde at times!”

It’s Clyde’s turn to pout. “Hey! Leave me outta this!”

Kyle sighed. “I’m surrounded by fuckin’ babies.”

Meanwhile, Tweek strolled up to his own boyfriend. “Hello there.” The blonde giggled at Craig’s widened eyes, his mouth slightly open in awe. “Someone catch your eye?”

Craig blinked..and blinked again. “I...we-um…Did you always look like this underneath all that clothing?”

Tweek shrugged. “I just found out what I actually look like about an hour ago.” He replied with a giggle. “How do I look?”

“You look hot!” Bebe stepped in, giving Tweek a hug. “Who the hell gave you this makeover?! I’m supposed to be the first! How could you?! You, too, Kyle! Told ya you look fuckin’ sexy as a Jersey! I can’t believe you took my advice.”

“No reason not to trust your advice, Bebe.” Kyle grinned.

“Sorry~” The blonde male stuck his tongue sheepishly. “Don’t I look a bit too...I don’t know….feminine though?”

Bebe rolled her eyes playfully. “Hon, one look between you and Craig and we all know you’re the bottom bitch. But that doesn’t make you the ‘girl’ of the relationship. Ya get me?” She flung her hair. “Now, I know you’d look awesome in regular men’s clothing but it just doesn’t fit your overall aura, you know? I think you dressing a bit more child-like, a bit more gender neutral or hell, even directly feminine is more your style. I mean, I know all about you looking up to the female idols back then in our sleepover when Craig had to leave you for his field trip to the science and technology because of his physics class and then have a sleepover in the shark tank in a nearby aquarium which I am still so jealous of!” She turned to glare at the guys and then continued rambling, “Like Wonder Woman, Emma Watson, even Marie Curie, who you literally stumbled upon because Craig had to write a report about her, and yada yada yada. That doesn’t make you any less of a man.” Bebe took a deep breath. “And as long as you’re comfortable in what you wear, no pressure in anything, ok?”

Craig is surprised he was even able to follow what Bebe’s saying. But he can’t help but agree with her conclusion on Tweek’s style. It’s not that he’ll look wrong with a tux or a dress shirt or whatever is stereotypically considered manly clothes nowadays, but the blonde male’s smaller frame and figure would definitely work with clothes that emphasize such qualities. Speaking of such qualities, Craig can’t believe he never got a good look at his own boyfriend to realize how much the blonde has changed. He is just so in love with the cute face and adorable personality that Craig never actually looked at Tweek just to realize how lucky he truly is. No one knew what they’ll turn out to look like during elementary school, and it is unbelievable to Craig that he never noticed what puberty did to Tweek and goddamn did it do a good job. As if the pretty freckled face, soft blonde hair, and adorable feisty personality wasn’t enough, Tweek has to shock Craig with a slim waist, well-shaped slender legs, and a perky thick ass. Not that he hasn’t touched it himself before, but honestly, when you have to fuck through a hole of a big baggy clothing covering that beautiful booty up to get any action, it is simply visual plesure when you actually get to see the shape even from tight clothing. He closed his eyes, telling himself that Tweek’s beautiful figure is only a plus. He thanks whatever deity is up there and promises to do better.

“Jeez, Bebe, you give no one else room for talking.” Kenny joined the chat. “And to answer your question, no, there probably will be pressure.”

“Why? Are you going to judge the adorable little Tweek on what he wants to wear, you monster?!” Bebe glared at the Deviant, hugging the smaller blonde male tightly.

Tweek squeaked, not knowing how he got into this position, while Clyde stepped in and answered, “No, we’re not going to judge. Tweek’s new fans are going to judge. He’s about to become a model, which I have to add, Tweek, you look fuckin’ awesome! Too bad you’re not female.”

“Aw Clyde, I’m not going to be another blonde replacement for you.” Tweek said with a crooked grin as Kyle laughed out loud. “And I am super offended.”

“Tweeeek…” The brunet whined, “You know what I mean.”

“Where’s Token?” Kenny asked, looking around.

“Right here.” Token appeared behind Tweek. “And look who I found!”

A brunet in crutches stepped up to Token’s side with a wide grin. “H-Hey guys!”

“JIMMY!” Clyde gave his friend a bear hug while Craig nodded to him with a smile and Tweek waved with a grin. “Dude! You look swell! What have you been up to?”

“Come on, Clyde. We all share ev-every-everything in our group chat.” Jimmy chuckled, patting the brunet’s back. “You know what I’ve b-b-been up to.”

“Right right. Mr. Stand-up-Comedian doing great for himself.” Clyde pulled away. “Can’t believe you grew so big from just performing in a South Park cafe, dude!”

Jimmy shook his head. “Nah, I got Tweek to thank for lending a sp-spo-stage for me to have a chance!”

Tweek waved his arm with a slight blush. “It’s nothing, Jimmy!”

“And to add, you and Kyle look great!” Jimmy elbowed his black friend. “You’re doing better and better. And you’re supposed to be a l-law-lawy-an attorney.”

“Hey, lawyers can dress well, too.” Token chuckled. “I’m surprised Bebe can even get an invitation to you.”

“Oh, I needed a lot of help getting to Jimmy.” Bebe grinned. “But I’m glad you’re here! What would you like to do?”

“I definitely need a drink.” Jimmy answered, moving his crutches, ready to move himself over to the beers. “I’ll catch up with you g-guys later!”

Everyone waved to Jimmy and Token brought back the attention to his ‘creation’. “Well, anyway, how’d I do with our favorite sunshine blondie and redhead Jew here?”

“Are you kidding? Tweek looks like a completely different person!” Clyde exclaimed, dramatically gesturing at Tweek. “And Kyle looks badass!”

“I know I’d tap that...Both of them if I could.” Kenny smirked, getting a punch from Craig after being shoved at by Stan.

“Buuuut! I have to say this again! Kyle still has the hottest ass!” Bebe spoke up with her forefinger up like she’s pointing out a fact.

Kyle flushed but kept his face tough for the Jersey boy image he’s keeping up. “The fuck are you talkin’ about, Bebe?”

“Come on, Kyle. I have proclaimed it back then and I still stand for it!” Kyle stood back from the blonde female.

“I am aware...” The redhead inhaled slowly.

“Hey! At least I didn’t start acting like a bunch of barbarians when I see a bulge on either of your guys’ crotches.” She exclaimed, referring back to when she just started growing boobs.

“Don’t even bring that up.” Stan palmed his face.

“Ok ok.” Bebe laughed at the embarrassed and shameful looks on all the guys. “But Kyle, you have competition.”

“Should I feel threatened?”

“Hell yes, you should! If I had known Tweek would end up filling these overalls so well, I would have gone for him when I failed with you!” Bebe shouted. “You got firm ones, Kyle. But damn, Tweek can give you a run for your money.”

“I have no problem with giving the best booty title to Tweek, thank you.” Kyle chuckled at the flushed fidgety blonde. “He can take it and I’ll be fine.”

“I won’t be fine!” Stan stepped forward. “I can’t have my boyfriend’s ass lose to Tucker’s boyfriend’s ass.”

Craig side-glared at Stan. “Fuck off, Marsh. My boyfriend is greater than your boyfriend any day.”

“Who exactly is who at this point?” Tweek said jokingly, and then let out a squeak, hiding behind Kenny from the two noirette’s intense glares. “Kenny save me!”

“As much as I’d love to, gorgeous, I can’t win Craig Motherfuckin’ Tucker. Not my fault you’re dating the ice cold death machine.”

“Stop fighting guys.” Bebe rolled her eyes. “They both have great asses!” Clyde secretly at the side checked out his own and decided he should do more glute workouts.

“What’s with you and men’s asses?” Token asked Bebe, a brow raised.

“Hey, don’t judge me. You know how hard it is to find decent firm globes nowadays? They’re either fake, sagging, or there’s not even a trace of butt.”

“Ok, enough talking about my boyfriend’s body.” Craig pulled Tweek close. “He’s mine to look at.” He said. “ decided to join us?”

“I don’t really fit in your group of hunky, sexy, oozing manliness models, do I?” Tweek pointed out, wrapping his arms around Craig’s torso.

“I’m flattered if that’s actually how you find us.” Kenny grinned, lifting his drink. “But I’m pretty sure you’re going to be a part of another group if Token’s plans go well tomorrow.”

Stan groaned. “This is none of our business now. Come on, Kyle. I need to hog the DDR dance mat to get into the mood.”

“Ooo~ Do we get to witness the traditional competition of Tucker vs Marsh of every party?” Bebe asked excitedly.

“I never got a say in this.” Craig mumbled. “It’s always you guys and fucking Stan Marsh to rope me into shit that I don’t want to do.”

Clyde shrugged. “Dude, even though it’s annoying when you and Stan fight over nothing, the competitiveness you guys have is fucking intense! Gets us all fired up and we love that shit!”

“Yeah! Remember back then? You guys competed in sit ups, push ups, pull ups, shots, beer pong, Mario Kart, Mario Smash Bros, Arms, Chubby Bunny Challenge, you guys even went and stripped off your shirts just to arm wrestle.” Kenny added.

Craig closed his eyes and exhaled slowly like a disappointed parent. “I thought we graduated high school.”

“To be honest, my friend.” Token stepped over to rest his arm on Craig’s shoulders. “It’s never us who made you give in.” He smiled. “Literally nobody can change your mind except that one person.”

Craig knows who his friend is talking about and slowly looked down to his lover in his arms.

“Yeah, Stan look-alike.”

Craig narrowed his eyes at his boyfriend, but he’s unable to even try to glare at him. Tweek’s big green shining eyes stare back with an innocent look Craig has never seen on that face. He felt himself blush lightly and stared back, unable to look away. Suddenly, Tweek gave his boyfriend the most innocent and the purest peck on the lips, darkening that blush on his face. Craig can’t help but be turned on like someone flipped a switch inside him. He wants to break that innocence, it made his insides feel like they’re being wrung and twisted. He groaned, burying his face into the nape of Tweek’s neck.

“You’re lucky I fucking love you.”
Jason Wheeler, a brunet bandit who was given the job to spy and investigate the best route to raid this village, is paying attention to the weak spots and places to avoid as he strolls around. That is until he heard a couple of guys talk about something “golden” in the inn by the well which got him curious.

“Golden, eh? Must be worth a fortune.” He mumbled to himself and stalked over to where the inn is, acting as natural as he could.

“Hello! How may I help you?” The innkeeper asked with a big smile.

“Yeah, my friend told me about something being ‘golden’? Must be majestic to look at so I came here to take a peek myself!” Jason made up a lie, hoping the innkeeper would believe him.

“Something golden? Ohhhh! There definitely is a golden beauty here, alright! Head over to the top floor, that’s where she’s staying.” The innkeeper chuckled.

“Thanks!” Wasting no time, Jason sprint up the stairs and found no one on the top floor. “Perfect.” He sees only a door and pushed it open as quietly as he could, but disappointed to find it only to be an extra fancy room compared to the others in this inn. “It must be here somewhere.” He grumbled, starting to search through everything.

What he didn’t expect was to hear the sound of water in the next room. Sneaking quietly, he peeked in and found a young woman with long bright golden hair and a bodacious body bathing. His eyes widened as he gulped. He should turn away but he couldn’t, especially when the lady stood up from the tub, the glistening water dripping off her beautiful curves.

Jason’s face is flushed red as he stepped back, accidentally knocking over a stool.

“Who’s there?” She shouted.

Jason was about to run out of the room but Yang caught him before he could. “Who are you?” She asked, gripping onto his shirt. “What are you doing here?”

Jason gulped, slowly turning around to see the woman, dripping wet only wrapped in a towel, it barely covering her butt and hanging off her breasts. “Uh...I only came because I heard there’s a golden beauty up here! I didn’t mean to-”

He didn’t expect the lady to step closer to him so he shut his eyes and had his hands up for defence, ready to be slapped or punched. What he didn’t expect was to feel something soft and warm pressing onto his palms. His eyes shot open, only to see cleavage right in front of his eyes. He can’t help but squeeze the mounds in his hands, never has he felt a sensation so heavenly.

Next thing he knows, a loud shriek echoed throughout the room and the woman bounced back. “What do you think you're doing?!” She hugged her chest, glaring at Jason.

“I-I’m sorry! I-” Jason stumbled over his words but got interrupted.

“Yeah yeah, golden beauty, I heard ya. I’m Yang. Now you stay here. I’ll go change.” she said before turning to enter the other room.

Jason stood there, not knowing what to do. He could run away now and maybe berate the innkeeper for tricking him, but for some reason, he doesn’t want to. He found himself sneaking closer to the room the lady went into and to his surprise, the door is not closed completely.

Now Jason is not a gentleman, he’s a bandit. So it isn’t a surprise when he decided to peek in and catch Yang at the exact moment when she’s taking her towel off to change into clothes. He gulped staring from the smooth pale back down to her perky butt. Damn, every part of her looked soft and silky. His imagination went wild of having her pinned below him, making her moan his name in his tent.

“Hey!” Jason felt himself being shoved back so hard, he hits the shelf behind him. “Were you peeking in on me again?” Yang asked with her eyes narrowed and dressed in her usual yellow attire, not hiding the size of her bust at all.

Jason shook his head to snap back to reality. “I! I-” He couldn’t continue when he ended up getting a face full of cleavage.

“Oh, there it is!” Yang exclaimed as she leaned forward on her tiptoes to grab her scroll from the shelf. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

Jason felt trapped but he doesn’t want to get out. He tried not to give in and bury his face into the soft mounds that are suffocating him, so he let out a weird sound, hoping Yang would step away before he loses control.

Fortunately for him, Yang did, but she was holding her breasts like she’s in some sort of discomfort. “Ugh...these are killing my back.” She sat down and motioned Jason to come closer. “And my breasts are aching.”

Jason edged closer, not expecting to be pulled to lay down on the mattress nor Yang to press her boobs on him. “Tell me…” She practically purred. “What are you doing here?”


“I won’t get mad,” Yang spoke softly, moving her breasts against Jason. “Why did you come here? You don’t look like you’re from here.”

With the need to flaunt his masculinity, Jason spilt everything from him coming from the bandit clan to his motive for being in this village.

“Bandit?” Yang’s eyes were half-lidded. “Wow, that’s impressive.”

Jason has a crooked grin on his face. “Yeah? I heard about something golden here which was what led me to this place. I didn’t think I’d get to meet such a beautiful lady like you.”

“Aw, you flatter me.” Yang giggled. “Guess what I do, Jason.”

“With how beautiful you are...I bet you’re an escort.” Jason said with a grin.

“Oh, not even close.” Yang grinned, then knocked Jason out unconscious. She huffed. “Pervert.” And went to grab the leader to tell him everything.

Not long after, Jason woke up and found himself chained to the wall.

“Where am I…?” He mumbled.

“Why hello there! Remember me?” Yang stepped out of the shadows.

Jason took a minute to process what happened. “You!”

“Oh, don’t be like that. You were the pervert in the first place.” Yang crossed her arms. “But you’re in luck. You get options.” She said. “You’re either going to tell us where the rest of clan is…” She positioned herself so her cleavage is right in front of Jason’s face. “Or I tell everyone you’re a pervert who was peeping on me and you get mauled to death.”

Jason gulped. “How do you expect me to not stare when you’re standing like this?!”

“You can at least not make it so obvious,” Yang said, pointing at the bulge on Jason’s crotch. “Now tell me! Or else!”


In less than a second, Jason felt the world stop. He thought he was shattered and his body pieces fell down bit by bit. His mind was blank but the next second came excruciating pain. When he realized Yang actually kicked him hard in the balls, he let out a terrifying scream and never ever disobeyed the blonde lady ever again.
Commission for king-of-hydras
This is a commission for king-of-hydras! You may tell me however you want me to change it! The word limit was difficult xD
A portrait for my new friend :iconkenzykoo: who did a very nice video review of my puppy portrait  Puppy is Sorry by Legrandzilla 
Here is the reference I used for the drawing: Photo of the presentator of GFV in 3DShe-YouTube by 3DShe   I used Prismacolor Premium Colored Pencils, blended them with clear marker on the light areas and a light brown marker for the hair and dark areas, and used a white gel pen to do highlights on glasses and eyes.  Kenzykoo is a very sweet, fun and kind person, and a wonderful writer.  You should watch her and shower her with llamas!  I hope it looks okay Kenzykoo!:hug:
Hey guys! Now here's the thing, I know my uploading speed is very slow..because of stuff. And so! I have created an ask blog on tumblr for the TDW characters. Literally, ask ANYBODY as long as they're in the story. Even the antagonists. 

Go follow:…

and my tumblr:

My characters....well, some are happy to answer, some just doesn't want to be here xD


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