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The Power and the Glory Part 4
Stormrunner watched the cluster of fliers streaking across Polyhex’s sky, keeping a careful optic on the crimson-and-gold jet midway through the pack.  With the war over, she had found herself returning to her old duties of training new fliers and putting more experienced ones through their paces to ensure they kept their skills sharp.  It was amazing just how much even the best flier could forget if they hadn’t taken to the air in some time – programming only did so much, after all, and even the best flier grew dull and slow if they didn’t push themselves.
The black Seeker took her job seriously, and almost every flier in Megatron’s forces had passed under her tutelage at one point or another.  Even her own creation, Skywarp, had been her student for a time – and he’d quickly learned that just because he was her son didn’t mean she was going to let him get away with slacking or goofing off.  If anything, she had pushe
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Sparks Among the Stars Part 10
No results found.
Vader scowled at the screen, then typed again, as if entering the same answer repeatedly would somehow net a different answer.  PROJECT FROZEN STEEL.
No results found.

“You might as well give up,” the mechanical avian snarled from behind him, its beaked face somehow managing to grin.  “Neither of us has found anything, and we’ve been ransacking your archives for decacycles.  What makes you think a fleshbag can do it?”
Vader ignored Laserbeak and tried again, this time altering the phrase.  SHAPE-CHANGING DROID RELATED PROJECT.
No results found.
No results found.
No results found.

Vader brought a fist down on the controls, resulting in a string of gibberish characters being entered into the search field.
No results found.
“Gotta give it to him, Beaky, he’s tenacious,” Frenzy chuckled.
“One can almost admire such a stubborn one,” La
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The Frost Queen Part 12
Had anyone else, under any other circumstances, barged into Ma Vreedle’s junkyard home without invitation or warning, they would have found themselves thoroughly ventilated by whatever weapon she had on hand… or just fed kicking and screaming to her myriad Pretty-Boy clones.  Indeed, the moment Ben burst into the junkyard in XLR8 mode, Ma rose from the broken-down La-Z-Boy recliner and raised a plasma rifle that bore a disturbing resemblance to a Tommy gun.  But somehow he managed to blurt out just the right combination of words to make her pause:
“They’ve got Aurora!”
The massive Vreedle jerked as if the name had been a punch to the gut.  “The kid?  Who’s got ‘er?”
“The slavers!” Ben went on, waving his claws about frantically.  “Led by that rotten traitor Glace!  He’s been using his position to smuggle aliens into slavery, and he’s gotten Aurora!”
“Way to blur
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Dolphin Mosaic by kenyastarflight Dolphin Mosaic :iconkenyastarflight:kenyastarflight 11 11
The Power and the Glory - Part 3
The Decepticons refused to call this facility by the sterile, defanged Autobot term.  To them, it was a prison, pure and simple.  Referring to it as a “correctional facility” might make it seem less sinister or cruel to the average mech, but Glory shared the opinion of many of her kind that calling something by some name hatched by a bureaucrat didn’t change what it was.  And so long as it served its purpose by keeping the most violent and dangerous mechs out of the populace, why bother hiding it behind some long cumbersome term?
At the moment, though, Kalis’ prison was most decidedly NOT doing its job properly.  And as Glory touched down before the facility’s gates she wondered just how Galvatron could have escaped under such heavy guard.
Unless this is some kind of inside job, she thought gravely.  Perhaps there are still Galvatron loyalists out there, as crazy as it seems.  Or perhaps the Knights did this to give
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Sparks Among the Stars Part 9
“Oh dear… I’d forgotten how much I hate space travel,” Threepio moaned as the spacecraft Obi-wan had hired – a battered and dingy freighter rather grandiosely named the Millennium Falcon – lurched and shuddered around them.
Artoo, snugged up in a niche in the wall, blatted a retort.
“Well, of COURSE I had to come along, even if no one asked me!” Threepio shot back.  “At least one of us has some loyalty to our new master!”
Luke, for his part, just buckled himself into his seat.  When he’d pictured himself someday leaving Tatooine for good, he’d imagined it would be aboard a passenger shuttle making a peaceful departure.  Not on a smuggler’s craft being chased by angry stormtroopers.
“Don’t fret, Luke,” Obi-wan urged, offering the young man an encouraging smile.  “We’ll be all right.  The Force is with us.”
Easy for you to say, Luke want
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The Frost Queen Part 11
Under normal circumstances – as normal as circumstances ever got for him, anyhow – Ben would have been thrilled at being able to escape the regen-tank and shift back to his human form.  True, the regeneration fluid had left him covered in itchy hives and tinged his skin an unhealthy green, but at least he was in one piece now.  And able to run for the hills if that slimy lawyer tried to corner him again.
But any relief he might have felt upon being cleared to leave the tank was instantly snuffed when Rook came in to deliver the news – that Aurora was missing, and her teacher with her.
“Where did anyone see them last?” Ben demanded, stumbling after Gwen and Grandpa Max as they made their way toward one of the conference rooms.  Forty-eight hours floating in a vat of alien goo had left his legs weak and clumsy, and he cursed himself for getting hurt in the first place.  Why did he have to be weakened and out of shape now of all times?
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The Power and the Glory - Part 2
“I’m going to give that femme a piece of my processor,” Stormrunner muttered just loudly enough for Blitzwing to hear her over the commotion.  “Primus knows I like the kid, but I’m going to tell her off for suggesting this and then bailing on us.”
“Hey, is it her fault she’s got other duties on top of being a parent?” Blitzwing demanded.  “Not like she chose an officer position or anything.”
“And the rest of us don’t have other duties?” Stormrunner shot back.  “Though I suppose you’re right.  And frankly, with everything going on right now, it’s a wonder she has the processing power to even come up with this idea.”  She rolled her optics.  “I’m still going to have her wings for this, though.”
Blitzwing thought to come to Glory’s defense at that, but decided against it as the awful crash of a chair impacting over Onslaught
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Sparks Among the Stars - Part 8
In one of the Death Star’s control rooms, a most unlikely spy was pilfering as much information as he could get his computer-jack on.  The Rebel Alliance would have killed to gain this sort of access to the space station’s databases – not just the schematics of the superweapon, but personnel files, mission reports, even message logs from Imperial officers too lazy or clueless to clear their history when they were done with a terminal.  And while this particular spy was looking for something specific, he couldn’t resist downloading some of this information for himself.  It was all just too juicy…
Through the hum of data coursing through his CPU he detected a familiar metallic venting, and he unjacked himself from the console and folded himself back into mouse-droid form as the Black One strode into the room.  Of course he’d be interrupted yet again in the middle of a search.  Oh well… he’d just come back later.
:iconkenyastarflight:kenyastarflight 6 15
The Frost Queen Part 10
AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Apologies for any errors in legal matters in this chapter – my knowledge of the legal system is a little sketchy and mostly derived from shows like “Criminal Minds,” “Law and Order,” and the like.  In all fairness, though, Plumber law and alien law probably play pretty fast and loose with the niceties of the US legal system…
If Ben thought that being confined to a regeneration tank in the medical center was going to get him out of being cornered and questioned by Slizzick, he was sorely mistaken.  The alien lawyer had settled in comfortably in his new role as “resident thorn in the side” at Plumber Headquarters, and even the Omnitrix bearer wasn’t going to escape him on his quest for justice… or at least making it as difficult as possible for the Plumbers to pin anything on his client.
Ben was half-dozing in the regen-tank, the broadcast screen the medics had set up for him barely ho
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The Frost Queen Part 9
Vilgax… the very name was enough to strike fear in the heart of almost every sentient being in the known universe.  A terrifying warlord who had conquered and destroyed worlds, wiped out entire races, and even forged a black hole, he had made it abundantly clear that he would stop at nothing to acquire the Omnitrix and use it to build an army of shapeshifters.  His goal was the subjugation of the universe… though if he could personally destroy Ben Tennyson in the process, so much the better.
Of all Ben’s many foes that he had clashed with over the years, Vilgax was by far the toughest and most dangerous.  And under normal circumstances he would have felt some measure of trepidation at facing down the scourge of the galaxy.  Even with Gwen, Kevin, and Rook at his side, this would be a tough fight, and there was always the chance that one or more of them wouldn’t be going home tonight.
At the moment, all Ben wanted to do was get this fight over
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The Power and the Glory - Part 1
By the time Glory and Shockwave reached Praxus the scene of the trine’s death had already been cordoned off, bright violet-pink lasers marking out a section of the road that hugged the Autobot/Decepticon border wall.  Even from the air, it was a tank-churning sight – black blotches marring the street and wall from stray blaster fire, chunks of components too charred to be immediately recognizable scattered about, streaks of energon and other fluids painting the paving alloy like some deranged surrealist’s work of art.  Autobot police officers were already on scene, tagging anything that looked remotely important or herding the gawking crowds back, and one lone Decepticon agent stood silent vigil over the body of one of the fallen Seekers, gazing skyward as if looking to the heavens for some answer to what had happened here.
Glory wanted to dive down immediately and assess the situation for herself.  But Nightwatch’s trine had fallen on the Autobot
:iconkenyastarflight:kenyastarflight 5 9
Sparks Among the Stars - Part 7
Luke stirred to awareness slowly, reluctantly.  He didn’t want to return to the real world, not right now.  He didn’t want to deal with the awfulness of recent events.  The blessed relief of unconsciousness was far more tempting…
“No sign of internal injuries,” a voice was saying, rough and deep with odd mechanical undertones.  “Plenty of contusions and lacerations, though, which run the risk of infection…”
“I’ve cleaned them up as best I can,” another voice replied, this one gentle and slightly crackled with age.  “He should wake up soon… I’m sure he’ll be all right.”
“How can you say that?”  This third speaker was female, with the same electronic inflections to their voice as the first but ringing with emotion nonetheless.  “His home was wiped out by those monsters!  And we found bodies in there!  How can he possibly be all rig
:iconkenyastarflight:kenyastarflight 6 6
Soundwave's Echo
If the Decepticons’ Communications Officer felt any emotion regarding this strange request – surprise, horror, revulsion, or amusement – no one present could detect any sign of it.  It wasn’t simply because his mask and visor hid any facial expressions – he betrayed no reaction whatsoever, not so much as a twitch of a finger or the slump of a shoulder.  His fans didn’t even speed up a notch, a sure sign of heightened emotion in most Cybertronians.
Somehow, the lack of reaction only unnerved Glory all the more.  At least the other mechs assigned to this duty had been up front in their distaste for it, and after dealing with the likes of Galvatron she felt she could handle fits of temper.  But with Soundwave, one never knew where they stood… which was probably the way he preferred it.
Shockwave, meanwhile, didn’t seem perturbed in the slightest.  But then, Shockwave had always been the sort who simply pushed forward
:iconkenyastarflight:kenyastarflight 5 10
The Frost Queen Part 8
“I don’t know how I can make myself any clearer,” Doctor Lake stated, her voice calm and firm.  “I’ve never had anything to do with trafficking sentient beings of any kind.  And I don’t know how the Plumbers could have gotten that notion.”
“We seem to have gotten that ‘notion,’ missy, when we found all that cash in unmarked notes in your office,” Magister Patelliday replied, his usual affable smile gone.  “Not t’ mention a witness who claims you were the last one seen with one-a our still-missin’ aliens.”
“That last one proves nothing,” Doctor Lake retorted.  “As for the cash… I have no idea how that got in my office.  But someone’s trying to frame me, I know it!”
“I wish we could believe that,” Max replied soberly.
Ben didn’t wish he could believe the doctor’s excuse – he wished he could be in the room with
:iconkenyastarflight:kenyastarflight 3 4
The Power and the Glory - Prologue
It was sound that returned first.
Nightwatch’s optics refused to cooperate, transmitting only static despite repeated attempts to reboot them.  But his audials came online perfectly functional, dutifully recording the snarl of flames and the strut-rattling thump of another explosion.  The reek of smoke and ozone and overheated metal came next… then the pain, radiating through his chassis from his shredded wings and the mangled stumps of his right arm and leg.
It took a few seconds for his CPU to catch up with the rest of his systems and compute what had just happened.  And when it finally clicked into place, he wished he’d just stayed offline in the first place.  What had started out as an ordinary patrol at the edge of Decepticon territory had rapidly escalated to disaster… a disaster he’d rather not face at the moment.
Skystrike, Firestorm, come in!  Repeat, Skystrike, Firestorm, come in!
No answer.  His trine-mates w
:iconkenyastarflight:kenyastarflight 4 15

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Remnants of a Lost Age - 8
Chapter Eight: Alliances
He did not know what he had been expecting. He had heard from Jazz about how this Maraxan named Meriat fought, but what he saw, what they all saw, through Teletraan-1’s screens was not what he had anticipated. First of all, it had all the appearance of being completely, utterly illogical. It was impossible for any entity, as far as he knew, to manipulate air the way the trespasser had, or, for that matter, for someone to manipulate metal the way Meriat had.
But when he took into consideration the fact that they were dealing with a race that none of their kind had dealt with in millions of years, his logic processors allowed him room for the chance that such things were indeed possible. It had simply been so long since the Cybertronians had ever come in contact with a species that possessed such unusual talents.
It was not that Prowl was unaware of the existence of psionically-capable species: it was simply that he had never encountered a memb
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Well, that was a fun start to the week... :faint:

We should have realized our water heater was on its last legs -- for the past year or so its attempts at "hot" water have been warm at best, and in the past few months it's gotten worse.  But it was still a pain in the butt when, this weekend, the heater started tripping the circuit breaker every half hour.  Needless to say, it's not healthy when any device does this, and Mom looked it up online and discovered that the most common cause of this was a burned-out heating element.  No biggie -- she looked up a few tutorials on YouTube and was fairly confident she could replace the heating elements and thermostats herself, and so we drained the tank, ran to the hardware store to get supplies, and got to work restoring our hot water.

Easier said than done -- the top heating element and both thermostats were a cinch to replace, but the bottom heating element had been warped so badly we couldn't get it out of the heater.  And worse, we've kind of neglected maintaining the water heater (apparently you're supposed to drain it out every year or so in order to flush out built-up sediment), and there was several inches of silt and crud build-up in the tank.  Whoopie.  :sarcasm:

Several hundred dollars and a few more hardware-store-runs later, and we now have a new water heater.  You really don't realize how used you get to luxuries like hot water on demand until you lose them... 

Poking at the next chapter of The Frost Queen.  Hope to have it done before I leave for TFCon next week, but we'll see what happens.

Also, been playing catch-up on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic -- the library got in Season 7 on DVD, and so I grabbed it and took it home.  And I have to say that it's a touch frustrating to see that a former villain, Starlight Glimmer, seems to have hijacked the series.  Seriously, quite a few Season 6 episodes and even the season's premiere and finale revolved around her, and while I'm only a few episodes into Season 7 it seems like it's going to repeat itself here.  Did the writers decide that they'd wrung out all possibilities from the "mane" cast and need new characters for fresh material?  Or is this just a ploy to sell more toys?

At least Hasbro didn't pull a Transformers: The Movie and kill off the old cast to make way for a new one, I guess -- somehow I doubt that would fly in the MLP franchise.  Still, I'm hoping this is a temporary thing and MLP doesn't turn into the "Starlight Glimmer Show."  She's not a TERRIBLE character, I guess, but I found her backstory fairly uninspired and am just not a huge fan of the character.  At least Discord's redemption arc didn't take up an entire season and he remains an entertaining character..., am I ranting about MLP now?  Okay, I'll stop... :giggle:

New journal feature!

Art Feature -- Sunstorm

COMMISSION - Sunstorm by angryangryasian
TFcon preorder commission - Sunstorm by MattMoylan
You've Got A Friend In Me by The-Starhorse


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