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I hate being wed in a fantasy world Cover Volume 1 by kentusrpg I hate being wed in a fantasy world Cover Volume 1 by kentusrpg
Remade cover of the first volume of the English web novel 'I hate being wed in a fantasy world!'. Character artwork was made by MioChin, the artist of the series, check out his channel.

I made one before myself, before I got an artist, and this was really bad... but I have to say, that I thought (and still think) that a bad cover is still better than none, and as you can see, there can always be a rework. :D

This cover is a bit dark, but seeing how Momokawa Kyou (left) and Katsuragi Kenta (right) aren't nice characters, which spend a good time of the volume in a hellhole, this darkness is somehow fitting. This is also the only time, we might see Kenta with his longish hair in color. ;)

Finally, this cover has Kenta's eyes a bit bigger, that's because of his glasses. Let's say it's a quirk. And a really fun one, as you can see into his lifeless, hateful soul through them *ahem* I mean, that it gives us chance to look into this character without any further words. ;)
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March 26, 2017
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