IDoJ - Unresolved Episodes: Season Three

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Definitely Unresolved

Happy Anniversary
What about the Blue Djinn knowing where they live? Why doesn’t he go back and wait for them?

Always on Sunday
How screwed-up is the week now?
Does Jeannie put Sunday back right then or the next week?

My Wild-Eyed Master
How long does it take Jeannie to put Tony’s hearing back to normal?
Does she ever again attempt to “improve” anything about him?

What's New, Poodle Dog
What does Jeannie do about the two women she turned into dogs? Does she change them back? Does she let them remember it?

The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday, Part 2
Does Jeannie start to disappear again because she’s upset about getting older?
What does Tony do to help calm her down?

Jeannie Breaks the Bank
What happens to Tony, Roger and the loan officer on that raft?
Does Jeannie let him remember that experience?

My Master the Author
What happens with “Tony’s” book and resulting royalties?

Greatest Invention in the World
Is Tony’s uniform still indestructible?
Does Roger have to take back his wish to be changed back from being Groucho?

You Can't Arrest Me, I Don't Have a Driver's License
How does Roger and Tony get out of Jeannie’s invisible driving of Tony’s car and the officer witnessing it?

Greatest Entertainer in the World
What does Jeannie do about Sammy’s double?
Does she let him remember it all?

A Secretary Is Not a Toy
Does Jeannie change Tony’s uniform back to normal or does he talk his way out of wearing sergeant’s stripes?

There Goes the Bride
Tony is blinked to his meeting but still in his hospital gown. How does he get out of that or does Jeannie help after all?

My Master the Swinging Bachelor
How does Jeannie solved the problem of the cake making Tony old?

Mildly Unresolved

The Greatest Lover in the World
What does Jeannie do about all the dogs loving Roger?

My Poor Master the Civilian
What do Tony and Jeannie do after they run off and leave Roger and the older secretary?

There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had
Where does Jeannie sleep that night?

Definitely Unresolved

Fly Me to the Moon
What does Jeannie do after she turns Sam into a human in his space Capsule? Now the whole world has been witness to her magical prank; is she punished for letting so many people see/hear the impossible?

My Turned-On Master
What other mayhem happens while Tony has Jeannie’s powers? Does Jeannie go find the gardener and stop his forever-running lawnmower when she had her powers back?

Jeannie the Hip Hippie
How long does the tour last? How much to the band members know about Jeannie and her powers? Does she prevent them from telling others that she is a djinni (if they know that, or have made some connection to the impossible things she can do with a blink)?

Tony's Wife
What happens when Roger accidentally releases Jeannii? Why doesn’t he become her Master? What does Jeannie do to protect the three of them?

Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie, Part 4
How long does Jeannie keep the “earthquake” going? Does Dr. Bellows later confront Tony about the “earthquake” only taking place on his property and not anywhere else, much less not showing up on any seismic charts?

My Master, the Ghostbreaker
Does Tony own the house now? How does Jeannie help out (such as retrieving their things and blinking them home? Does Tony try to sell the house? If he does, how much does he get? (a likely tidy sum, no doubt…)

Have You Ever Had a Genie Hate You
How long does Jeannie keep Tony old? Does Dr. Bellows ever find out?

Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before?
Does Roger take back his “exchange wish”? Does Jeannie pop into the capsule to argue with Roger over the wisdom of his wish? When does Jeannie change Time to make the world forget they saw Roger and Jeannie appear in Tony’s capsule?


Mildly Unresolved

Jeannie or the Tiger
How does Jeannie convince Tony and Roger she is Jeannie and not Jeannii?

My Master the Weakling
Does Cmdr. Kiski see any of the “strange” things around Tony and Roger like Dr. Bellows, now that he’s their personal trainer?

Everybody's a Movie Star
How long does Roger hold onto the idea of being a movie star again? Does Jeannie help out in any way?

Meet My Master's Mother
Does Tony’s mother ever clue into the strange things going on around her son and Jeannie? Is the outdoor fog only on Tony’s property and if so, who else (like Tony’s neighbors) sees this?

Jeannie Goes to Honolulu
How long does Jeannie leave her Master stuck in the phone booth on that beach? Do any of the other people on the beach ever witness Jeannie’s magic and approach her about it? (She seems to appear and disappear quite often right in front of people…)

Please Don't Feed the Astronauts
Does Jeannie help out again? Does her help cause Cmdr. Porter to think he’s losing his mind after all?

Divorce, Genie Style
Does Jeannie make the Bellows forget that she said she was a djinni? Does Amanda Bellows think that maybe there was some truth to it when they find Jeannie missing and her harem clothes gone?

My Double Crossing Master
How is the bet resolved with Roger and Tony? Does Jeannie get mad at her Master for making that bet?

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