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One Piece - Nakama

I wanted to draw a One Piece picture because it's my favorite series and I rarely draw it.

I like the picture itself, but I'm still experimenting with colors. I decided to try coloring differently, but I think I like to do cel-shade better.

What do you guys think? I may try to recolor this in cel-shade.
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Please try to forgive my ignorance. What the heck does cell-shade mean? I've never understood that. I like the picture very much with or without it though, whatever it is. ; P
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Ah, thank you!! Even though this is pretty old now! haha

So I kind of "painted" this picture... but cel-shading is the flat coloring style that you see in anime, cartoons, and my newer pieces.

I'll prolly botch this explanation, but... in the animation industry (or at least how it used to be), each frame of animation was a "cel". They essentially had just the lineart, and then they would color underneath the lineart. That's where the term came from.

You'll see a lot of games these days utilize "cel-shading", such as Wind Waker, Guilty Gear Xrd... It's pretty common, you just probably didn't know the term!
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Thank you! I had heard it all over but never understood what they were talking about. Now that I know that, it might even make coloring my own pictures easier if I use cel-shading. I was spending hours painting them on the computer over the top of my lineart. Thank you very much! You didn't botch it at all.
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Ah, thanks!

It's easy with programs like photoshop and paint tool sai. I think most programs have this option, nowadays. With layers, you draw your lineart on one layer, and you color on layers below it!
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Yes I use GIMP, as it is free as it is a good program and I have tried using the layers before but I can't seem to work on a layer underneath, only on top. Maybe GIMP doesn't have this feature...but I will try experimenting with the layer feature a little more now seeing as I never knew how to do cel-shading and thusly never tried to. Thank you very much! Wish me luck. : )
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Not sure about gimp! But i think even newer things that replace MS Paint on windows computers have layers even? not sure!
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I love the cartoony style on this! :)
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Thank you! It's kinda old, now! I need to make a new one!
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Looking forward to it! :D
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Love the Sanji's smile ! XDD
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Thanks! Me too haha!
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Really well done. Specially liked the coloring and shading. Keep it up!
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This is awesome! I love your idea and work ^^
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Much appreciated!! =D
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An other amazing work! :love:
Love your ideas! :heart:
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Really? =] Thanks a lot!!
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I envy you drawing the whole crew!
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Ah! Thanks! I love the crew! I can't leave anyone out!!
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