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Bomber 2017 _process


For some people asking me how to finish the image , hope this helps ^^

Final image:  Bomber_2017 by KenshjnPark

I even made a gif file here:  Bomber process _gif by KenshjnPark

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This is great, and your work is awesome! I just want to point out that I think your hues are stronger in the third image of your color process than in the forth or final. I only notice because I do the same thing a lot of time, accidentally weaken my colors and values by over adjusting. Great tutorial!
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you're amazing!
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Super cool! :D I Love how you've put this together, it works very well. :D
Yioshka's avatar
I am very grateful for the tutorial!
It is interesting) I do not learn to work with black and white layers... Or do not really want to x)
KenshjnPark's avatar
well you should :p , it's fast and its great to lean new things
Yioshka's avatar
Hmm .. well, I need to try it in the next work))
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Thank You !
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you're welcome ^^
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Great step by step tutorial! This helps a lot.
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incredibly beautiful!
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Omg i never knew this lol... My lect did say to do grayscale first.. I did make it at first but i scrap it later haha..
so this what he meant tysm!
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THIS IS AMAZING! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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you're welcome ^^
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Thanks! It helps me a lot!
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you're welcome . If you like it, you can follow my facebook page, I'll add more turorial and artworks there ^^
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