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Hope u like my style :D




Mon Oct 17, 2016, 5:01 AM
Hi guys , I finally take a break from clients' works , so I decided to take commsisions again . I'm also a fulltime freelance artist right now, so I would be open to join any kisckstarter projects. Hope you guys will support me . :)


These are some kind of commissions that I would be happy to do . Be sure to check the informations carefully before you decide to commsiison :) 

☼ Your Original Characters 
☼ Fanarts (in Manga, Comic, cattoon. movies, everything... )
☼ Your character in game (WoW, DOTA , Warcraft ,Aion...)
☼ Mature content 
☼ NSFW works
     (?) (I don't mind whatever it is, include hentai, yuri & yaoi, as long as still fits on me, however Adult content might not be upload in DA) 
  (?) Other types of commsisions can be included NSFW versions with extra fee 

☼ Please note that I want to get full control in the compositions of the commissions, of course it still base on your descriptions, but sometimes I dont want to follow it exactly cuz It can somehow block my inspiration. 

☼ Working hours : I'm a full time freelance artist now, so if you're a client or a game publisher, you can hire me for working hours , we can discuss this further throught my skype ( kenshjnpark2706) . I can draw concept, chibi characters , UI games , icons , character in different styles... I can send you the link to my portfolio once we discuss about it :) 



Star! Please describe your character CAREFULLY then write down them onto your request note or send directly to my gmail , or deviantart , or skype (Skype: kenshjnpark2706)
Star! I will send you a quick sketch first , so you can imagine the arrangement and the pose .Then i'll finish the commission step by step ( all will send to your mail) .
Star! I will send you the 300 pdi scan or psd file through your email or note as long as finished .
Star! Please pay first ( full or at least half payment , the rest of payment should be sent in the process) , then I will do the commission , in case that you changed your mind when i've already finished it.
I will finish your commission in 1-2 month since you've paid already ^
Star! I only accept payment through PAYPAL . 
My paypal is
Star! Please pay the paypal fee ( choose the option to pay instead of adding extra money to the payment)  



☼ Please note that I want to get full control in the compositions of the commissions, of course it still base on your descriptions, but sometimes I dont want to follow it exactly cuz It can somehow block my inspiration. 

☼ You can request me to do a quick sketch for a cheap price. Then if you decide to further procession, we can discuss more about it :) 

Star! Illustrations . : Character with full Background, effects, details outfit ,can count in minor characters , and we can discuss the price if you want add more characters, and whatever details you want to put in the artworks.

  _ Leg up: ~ 350 $ / artwork , base on the amount of details you want.

 ORST _ Devil Axe Girl _basic. by KenshjnPark Maria lv1 by KenshjnPark JIGI _ The ranged mercenary by KenshjnPark    Perses - The destroyer by KenshjnPark 

  _ Fullbody or Almost-Fullbody : 400 $ / artwork with BG , 300$ /chracter concept no BG , base on the amount of details you want. 


The Blacksmith Helper_ basic version by KenshjnPark  Russies _ DarkCleric by KenshjnPark  Arzia by KenshjnPark  Star Sapphire by KenshjnPark  Monclan Montgomery by KenshjnPark

  _ Male characters : I rarely draw male characters , because my clients are almost Japanese company studios, and they prefer female chracters, But I dont get me wrong, I would be happy to practice with them :) 

Douminique by KenshjnPark  Sparta Soldier by KenshjnPark  SpirtitKnight by KenshjnPark

Star! Black and White

150-250  $/artwork (due to the details you want, fullbody, halfbody, or thigh up) , simple BG ,  Additional chracters can be discuss more :)

Chunly and Cammy - Perfect couple by KenshjnPark  Dragon Prisoner by KenshjnPark  Lana - Lastnight's Fantasy by KenshjnPark  YANA by KenshjnPark Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista by KenshjnPark  Charahub -  The falcon's descent (crop) by KenshjnPark  The Fairy Sisters by KenshjnPark

You can visit this folder for more example :……

for MALE CHRACTERS , visit here:…

. Portrait : 100+ $/ character . I can draw in realistic , semi-real , manga style.
LET IT GO by KenshjnPark  POrtrait Study by KenshjnPark

. Chibi, cute stuffs , gif stuffs, animations : I dont have many experiences in these kinds, but just contact me if you want to work with , I want to challenge everything about art XD

Emoticon 2 XD by KenshjnPark   Emoticon 1 XD by KenshjnPark Cute stuffs by KenshjnPark Strawberryry by KenshjnPark

Star!Star!Star!  NSFW works

  • Please note that all the category of commisisons above can include NSFW versions for extra price ( 100 - 150 $) . You can even request a series of the work if you'd like . 
  • Please let me choose the composition for such NSFW stuffs, of course I will note all the ideas you want. (all hentai, yuri, and yaoi are open , unless it's too weird to draw ... ) 


------------------- COMMISSION NOTE --------------------------

Here's is the commission note, I create to make you feel more comfortable to describe the commission ( just copy and paste it to your note :D (Big Grin)) Sent note to me with  "Request commisison" title. I recommend you sned this throught mail than DA note, or send both if you 're careful :D 

Deviant ID :
Email :  ( to pay and receive the commission)
Type of commission : (Black and white, or color... ) 
Number of characters : 
Background or not : 
More description : 

Title request ( your commission title ): 

Reference photo ( required) :
Price you consider :

--------------------- (SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE) ------------------

By registering, it means you must follow the rules that we setup for you. Breaking any rules may put you into the blacklist and decline your commission!

1. I have the rights to display any of Commissioned art in any websites, but the credits is yours.

2. The Work of progress is random. it can be slow or fast depends on quantity and quality. but you can also put reasonable deadline. *Reasonable deadline it means start 3weeks-1month after the payment. But please NO RUSH! please understand my situation because I got load of past commissioner and I'm such slow artist for Quality too.

3. Editing: Minor editing is fine for all packages.
Major editing will not be accepted for any kind of packages. 

4. Every accepted commission must send your character reference PICTURE & information as much as you have.

5. Payment require after we agree to make a commissions with you. we will reply back to you once is confirmed.

6. No rushing and speed deadline. unless If you in the middle of hurry.

7. NO ORDERING WITHOUT INFORMATION. I'll ignore your request if you don't fill up the commissions form.

8. NO REFUND! all commission that been accepted are not allowed for refund request. though you may request for changing package that suitable for the price. So, please be careful with your request.


Facebook :
Skype : kenshjnpark2706
Deviant :

Bestregards ,





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