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                                                           Kenshi Ishiyama Stern by kenshi-ishiyama

First Sight-
  After Evolution

Name: Kenshi Ishiyama Stern

Role: Lyoko Warrior

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Hair: slightly Long black hair that is at Neck Length

Eyes: Black

Height: 5'11

Weight: 192 lb.

Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: none

Personal Information-

Birthday: February 5th

Personality: Calm, sometimes Moody, can get angry in a heart beat like his mother

Family: Yumi Ishiyama (Mother), Ulrich Stern (Father), Kathrine Ishiyama Stern (younger Sister)

Good Habits: Helping someone out when in need, concentrates on the task at hand

Bad Habits: Being overprotective with his sister

History: Kenshi is the First born child of Yumi Ishiyama and Urich stern, he take a bit more from his mother than he does for his father, he was raised his entire life learning a lot of things as he grew, when his younger sister was born after him a year later, he stuck by her side no matter what, except for when she had to go to the bathroom. whenever there was something she couldn't eat, He'd eat it for her, if someone was picking on her, he's beat the bully into a pulp. Even when they go to school together, he has her walk close by so no one makes a move on her. Girls seem to find it admirable how protective he is over her. When he started Kadic, he was clear he wanted Katy with him at all times. Both Ulrich and Yumi could agree that he was not about to let anything happen while he was at kadic, so things went his way. He finds it tough for Katy to learn so he helps her out from time to time when certain lessons get hard for her, without the teacher noticing of course. when he discovered the secret along side his friends over X.A.N.A.'s untimely return, he prepares for the fight of his life 

Hobbies: cooking, Martial arts (Penchak Silat, Tae Kwon Do, Ensai-Ken)

Skill: Rock climbing and Parkour

Clothes: Wears a Red tank top and Vest under a Black Sleeveless Jacket, Blackish Grey Jeans and Black shoes has a Skull necklace and red fingerless gloves 

Costume: Skin Tight Black ninja suit with Red samurai armor, a white Obi sash tied to the back and white ninja shoes, his hair is also white and set into a bun like his mothers with the rest flowing down to the back of his neck.

Weapon: Red Tessen fans with a Black dragon Pattern and Laser Pistols in his hands and attached to the back of his shoes

Strengths: Overwhelming his target with multiple attacks and strikes

Weaknesses: Being caught by the scyphozoa

Extra: Has the power of the Dragon

Other Information-

-"You got another thing coming if you think you can take me"
-"If you so much as lay a finger on my little sister, I will end you"

Theme Song(s):…

Closest Ally: Katy Ishiyama Stern

Arch Rival: Zack Dunbar

Favorite Food(s): Pizza, Sushi, Fried Rice, Tacos, etc.

Favorite Season(s): Summer, Spring, Winter

Favorite Color(s): Black and Red

Favorite Holiday(s): Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day

Favorite Time of the Day: When the sun sets

Character Opinions-(Your character's thoughts on them)

     Lyoko Warriors-

Jeremie Belpois: So that's the original Einstein, I think Leo has a new nickname coming his way

Aelita Schaeffer (Hopper/Stones): She is a beautiful and Smart woman, I know where Eileen gets her looks from now

Leonardo Belpois: the Jr. Einstein, for someone who likes to analyze people, i'm surprised he could size me up so easily

Eileen Belpois: the Smart and Beautiful Eileen, I wish I could get her to look my way somehow

Odd Della Robbia: Vince's Dad, a Jokester at heart, but kinda annoying to my mom and dad, I see where vince gets it from

Vincent Della Robbia: The Scrawny Jr. Jokester, i'd have no problem if he didn't always try to pull pranks on me

Ulrich Stern: My old man has shown me a lot these days, its no surprise on how well I do in Martial arts.

Yumi Ishiyama: My lovely mother, she can be scary at times, but hey, she cares about me and I love her for it, plus I know all my anger comes from her

Katy Ishiyama Stern: my Sweet little sister, I have been by her side since we were little, and i'll crush anyone who tries to hurt her

Zackary Dunbar: he seems like a chilled out type of person, I might trust him more than Vince

Supporting Heroes-

Waldo Franz Schaeffer: that must have been a great man to raise Ms. Aelita that way, his sacrifice will never be forgotten

Jean Pierre Delmas: Vince's Grandfather, seeing as how he and my father ended up in his office, i'd better watch my back

Suzanne Hurtz: Ms. Hurtz is a very sweet teacher, she catches me helping out my sister sometimes, but understands how my responsibility makes he try and help her during the lessons given

Jim Morales: a very humored guy, I must admit he has some stories i'd rather spread the word over

Elizabeth "Sissi" Delmas: Is she really Vince's Mom, wow, who would have known she change so much

Christe Della Robbia: Honestly, Vince's sister is too clingy to me, which she could just scatter

Nicholas Poliakof: talk about a complete doofus, he makes Mr. Odd and Vincent look smart

Herb Pichon: talk about desperate, I mean how does he think he even had a chance

     X.A.N.A's Army-

X.A.N.A: That Fiend, i'll slaughter him if he thinks i'll let him roam free

William Dunbar: To think he was once X.A.N.A's Slave, thank goodness he is free now

Krabs: Crustaceans, I was sure they tasted good last time 

Kankerlats: Roaches, i'll stomp them out

Bloks: Lasers, ice beams, fire rings, make up your minds blockheads 

Megatanks: Giant Bowling balls, these will be gutter balls in a second

Hornets: Jeez I hate hornets back in the real world, but the ones on Lyoko are much worse

Creepers: Creepers are right, but i'll creep them out of their shells

Tarantulas: You call yourself a tarantula, I've seen worse

Manta: so you finally leave the ocean, i'll send you back into the deep

Kongre: Shrimps, i'll fry them alive

Shark: I hate Sharks, always ruining my day

Kolossus: That's one huge fella, but the bigger they are, the harder they crash

     Lyoko Sectors-(For Lyoko Warrior's and X.A.N.A Army Only)

Mountain: I could get used to the climate here, perfect for my rock climbing training

Dessert: The heat might be a bit much, but nothing I haven't been thru yet

Ice: the Frosty temperature could give me an edge in speed

Forest: I could find some very useful vantage points here

Sector 5 (Carthage): this many mysteries to uncover

Digital Sea: um....i'd rather not fall in there, if I can't walk on water, i'm done for

I've long missed Code Lyoko, so I made a new series in a book called "Code Lyoko Tailed Beast Warriors" this is one of my characters, Kenshi Ishiyama Stern, the others will be revealed overtime, so I hope you like them
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