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See Who Watches You

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 7, 2013, 3:25 PM
What's up?

I hope that y'all are all well.

To the two of you that still watch me, ok, maybe three, anyway, if you see that I am not watching you, please let me know so that I can be sure to watch back. Well, unless you're a jerk. :D

dA FINALLY added a feature that allows you to see if the person that you are watching watches you. Just visit their homepage and if they watch you, you'll see a comment bubble above the Watching button that reads "Watches You"

I went through my (supposed) friends with an axe and if you do watch me, and you see that I don't, again, please let me know.

Site Update: This Deviant Watches You

More news soon (as time permits).


Fake deviantART login pages

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 31, 2011, 8:42 PM
From #hq
deviantART Headquarters

News to know: beware of phishing scams!

"There is currently an individual or group of individuals who have created a fake deviantART login page, and they're using hijacked accounts to continue to share the URL of the fake page.

:star:  Please spread the word:

If you click a link that directs you through the deviantART "There Be Monsters Out There" outgoing link page and you unexpectedly return back to deviantART while logged out, check the URL of where you are before entering any of your details."

Read the full post here

Phishing from Wikipedia

"Phishing is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication."

Hope all is well with y'all.
I'm groovy. :D

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Global Wallpaper Resolution Statistics

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 14, 2011, 6:30 AM

Howdy All,

When creating wallpapers, I've tried to make them in several different resolutions to accommodate different user's settings and monitor sizes. I thought that I was doing a decent job at it, but, the fact is I left out some of the more/most popular sizes.  :slow:

I personally am blessed with a good sized monitor and so I use 1920x1200 and from what I've seen around dA, that's a pretty popular and commonly used size for wallpapers so I followed suit, and then (as mentioned) I offered other sizes.
Perhaps artists typically use larger monitors (even larger than mine), and multiple ones, but, we're leaving out a lot of people.

I'm providing monitor resolution stats from two of the major stat collecting/tracking sites online along with links to them for you to check out yourself to see where your size ranks in the most used ones around the World, and for future reference.

If you have a customization and/or wallpaper group, or are a part of one, please share this info with them. They may not be aware of it as I wasn't and so they'll have the option to notify their users and share this with them.

All is well with me. I hope the same for y'all.
I'm still here. Frequently. I'm just really wrapped up and busy with several projects.

Thanks for your time.

StatCounter Top Screen Resolutions

StatCounter Top  Screen Resolutions

1024x768 - 26.25
1280x800 - 16.49
1366x768 - 11.16
1280x1024 - 8.93
1440x900 - 7.34
1680x1050 - 4.08
1920x1080 - 2.76
1600x900 - 2.37
1152x864 - 2.23
1360x768 - 2.06
1024x600 - 1.95
1280x768 - 1.85
800x600 - 1.81
1280x720 - 1.52
1920x1200 - 1.15
1280x960 - 0.96
1093x614 - 0.43
768x1024 - 0.37
1024x640 - 0.37
1152x720 - 0.3

Net Top Screen Resolutions

Net Top Screen Resolutions

1024 x 768 - 18.79%
1280 x 800 - 14.53%
1366 x 768 - 11.40%
1280 x 1024 - 10.08%
1440 x 900 - 7.15%
1680 x 1050 - 4.89%
1920 x 1080 - 3.90%
1600 x 900 - 2.92%
320 x 480 - 2.54%
1152 x 864 - 1.72%
1920 x 1200 - 1.67%
1024 x 600 - 1.59%
768 x 1024 - 1.54%
1280 x 768 - 1.39%
800 x 600 - 1.38%
1280 x 720 - 1.17%
1360 x 768 - 0.87%
1280 x 960 - 0.78%
1093 x 614 - 0.62%
1024 x 640 - 0.40%

'Hey DJ' Feed My Ears Please

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 18, 2011, 6:16 PM

What's up guys, gals, and whatever you choose to be on Saturday nights!

I'm in need of some commercial free streaming ear candy (a.k.a. Internet Radio).

friskyRadio is one of my favs, but some sets suck, and can be a bit repetitious.
Digitally Imported offers a lot of great channels, but until I subscribe for premium I want something else.
Groove Salad (chill out/ambient) is, well, groovy, but that's a "gotta be in the mood for it" type.

Soooooooo, I like/need.
I don't like vocals unless it's House and it's females singing, or decent Club/Dance with the same.
Not a big fan of Techno anymore, unless it's old school.
I like music with a smooth, good, repetitive, groove that I don't have to think about.
Music that just cruises along with me and isn't distracting. A lot of vocals are distracting. I can't think and work with it.

When I'm not sharply focused on something, or I'm in a particular mood, then I listen to a whole lot of everything including, 90's dance and alternative, 80's funk, dance, and some 80's top 40, and hard crap like White Zombie, Korn, and other rock, soft stuff too, like 70's and other adult, smooth, corny jams (Little River Band, America, Chris Isaak, etc).

I was a night club DJ for 9 years and did some mobile work (hated it) for about 5 or 6 years after I left clubs so, I'm very, very picky and particular about what sounds I let into my very busy brain (I got burned out on a lot of types of music).

I know that there's a few DJ's out there, and those with just good taste, so what do you recommend?

Thanks for your time all.

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Welcome Back Dave! (and etc)

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 28, 2010, 1:21 AM

How cool is this?!

David, a long time friend of mine is returning to dA.
I never thought that he ever would considering all that he was dealing with (and continues to).
He would pop in from time to time, but didn't/couldn't really spend a substantial amount of time here.
Now he says that he's returning.

Dave, a.k.a Shoofly58 is not only a very cool, kind, real, and generous person, he's a freakin' superb artist.
He used to have an individual account, but his focus is on providing/sharing amazing, excellent quality stock. I mean it's awesome, and he offers large sizes of his works in transparent PNG format (excluding backgrounds of course).
He'll soon be uploading some new goodies. :excited:

So, welcome back bro! You've been missed. :manhug:

By the way, David is into Llamas so how 'bout sending him one.
A welcome back would be nice too.



Mozilla Firefox logo and wordmark

A faster dA? Sure, with the right browser.

Firefox 4 will be out in early 2011 and there are quite a few changes.
I'll soon be writing a (fairly) comprehensive journal post about all of the new changes and features including (if not especially about) the UI changes (and how to retain Firefox's current look) but for now, I just wanted to mention one thing that really kicks a**.

The two slowest sites that I visit regularly online are AMO (the Mozilla Add-ons site, it uses HTTPS that's one reason why it's slow), and dA, but in Firefox 4 beta, I can browse through dA a wicked lot faster, and I view 120 deviations per page in searches and galleries.
Scrolling while zoomed into web pages is no longer slow and laggy, so that too is a big plus.

For now, if you want to try out Firefox 4 beta, here's the link.
Here's a good guide to running both Firefox 3.6 and Firefox 4 betas (simultaneously if you'd like) without affecting Firefox 3.6's profile (bookmarks, history, etc).

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

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:spotlight-right:  Helloooo deviantART!!  :spotlight-left:

It's the newest, fastest, safest, and the damn coolest Firefox yet and it's now available in more than 70 languages and of course it's still available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

If you haven't received an auto-update notice yet from Firefox, go to the Help menu and click on Check for Updates, or, go and grab Firefox 3.5 now at

There's some amazing new features (I'll just highlight a few) such as support for open audio and video. Firefox 3.5 now has a built in media player that will play open audio and video formats.
The new Private Browsing mode allows you to wipe out all traces of your browsing activity at once, or selectively delete just specific data for the past hour, day, and so.
"Firefox 3.5 is more than twice as fast as Firefox 3, and ten times as fast as Firefox 2" !!! :wow:
Also what us artists and designers can be really psyched about is all of the new support for some cool CSS goodies such as,
Downloadable fonts support
"The new @font-face rule lets web pages provide downloadable fonts, so that sites can be rendered exactly as the page author expects"
In other words, you can provide and specify whatever font that you'd like to be displayed on your web pages. Awesome ain't it?
Also as equally as awesome is support for the CSS text-shadow property.
"allows web content to specify shadow effects to apply to text and text decorations, is now supported."
Support for CSS transforms.
"These transformations include rotation, skewing, scaling, and translation."

As if all of this wasn't enough, Firefox now has a kick ass newly updated logo.
You can get it here along with the Mozilla Firefox wordmark in various styles and sizes, but PLEASE, be sure to follow Mozilla's trademark usage guidelines.…

Please give this article a favorable vote and share it and point to it in your journals. Not for me of course, but for others to be aware that a new and better Firefox is available. It's a great way to give back to Mozilla for all that you get out of Firefox for free.

Download Firefox in your language…

What New in Firefox 3.5 video…

Release Notes…
----SQUASH---- by KenSaunders

After a new version of Firefox is released, Mozilla typically continues to provide support for previous versions of Firefox for up to 6 months and since Firefox 3 was released on June 16, 2008, that brings us to the 6 month mark thus ending the life cycle of Firefox 2.

Statement from Mozilla:
Mozilla is not planning any further security & stability updates for Firefox 2, and recommends that you upgrade to Firefox 3 as soon as possible. It’s free, and your settings and bookmarks will be preserved.

Also, the Phishing Protection service will no longer be available for Firefox 2 users. Firefox 3 offers a free Phishing and Malware Protection service, which will continue to protect you from online scams and attacks.

As resistant as you might be, I highly recommend that you upgrade to Firefox 3. There have been more than 15,000 ( :wow: yes, 15,000) improvements made to Firefox since Firefox 2.
Some of the Firefox add-ons that you use in Firefox 2 will not be compatible with Firefox 3. That has nothing to do with Mozilla. It is individual add-on developers that create Firefox add-ons and so it's up to them on whether or not they decide to maintain their add-ons.

As for me personally, this is a sad day.
Mozilla released Firefox 2 on October 24, 2006 and about a month after that, I was fortunate enough to participate in the Firefox 2 Summit at Mozilla's headquarters in Mountain View California to celebrate the release of Firefox 2 and begin planning for Firefox 3.
I was surrounded by some of the greatest minds on the planet who had all contributed to the development of Firefox 2 in one way or another.

That ranked in my top 10 of the greatest experiences in my life. But, as it is with technology, we must move forward and as an advocate for Mozilla and its mission which is primarily to make and keep the Internet open and accessible to all, I embrace change.

So for you Firefox 2 users, click on Help > Check for Updates.. to get Firefox 3 or download it from here.
All of your bookmarks and other settings will be preserved when you upgrade to Firefox 3.

Thanks for reading.
------- Ken ------
----- :peace: :heart: :D -----

:bulletred: Get Firefox 3
:bulletred: Firefox Help and Support

:bulletred:  :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: Happy Holidays dA! :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletred:

Jay Patel and Alix Franquet from Mozilla have put together a really cool Firefox holiday guide that you can see on

"Check out Firefox add-ons that can make your online holiday shopping easier."

"Get in the holiday spirit and decorate your browser and your web pages with fun Firefox holiday themes."

"Give the gift of Firefox to family and friends! "

There's also an online shopping guide to "help you stay safe on the web and enjoy your holiday online shopping."

Thanks for reading.

:star: Now Go check it out! :star: