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Multi Display
Tribal - Multi Display by KenSaunders

Other Sizes
Tribal - Pack by KenSaunders


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Other Tribal Works:

Tribal Dude by KenSaunders Tribal Shield by KenSaunders

Updated: 8/24/2010
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caclegal's avatar
Simply stunning!!!!!!!
Kreat3D's avatar
Neat indeed! :)
Love the detail and use of negative space. :)
MzKitty45601's avatar
awesome. It would make a great CD cover.
jazzilady's avatar
I like this! The colors are so cool! I've always liked the tribal look. :icongrin--plz:
Lauraest's avatar
... attractive :iconmyheartplz:
A w e s o m e
JaKel69's avatar
I really like the colors you used.
bluenova25's avatar
i think this would look better if the main focus point was a lil bit more in the foreground ^^ kinda as tho it would look like if i took the multidisplay one and just used the preview of it :D
KenSaunders's avatar
You know, I hate criticism.
Nah, just kidding. I looked at it, thought about it, compared it to the multi display, and it makes sense.

Nice eye. :thumbsup:
bluenova25's avatar
^_^ i know what i like and i like what you got :D
KenSaunders's avatar
I used that line in a bar once. Just once because I got laughed at. :|

bluenova25's avatar
you're welcome ^_^
0celon's avatar
No words.........
that is very good and cool i love it
Holy Crap!o_O it's awsome
KenSaunders's avatar
Aww, shucks, thanks. :blush:
DarthAcey's avatar
Some of these designs would make a nice tattoo :)
DarkRiderDLMC's avatar
I hates faving things with over a hundred faves, this sooo cool, though!
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