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Google Orb

I tried something different, it’s called making crap because I’m bored.
I should back off of the orbs for awhile.
Ya’ll will start to think that I’m obsessed with BALLS.
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how to download?
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When you are viewing it at full size, right click on it and select Save Image As. Although that is for Firefox users, I don't remember what it is for Internet Explorer users. I'm sure that there's a similar offering.
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it looks so real that i want to grab it from the screen! >:O
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duuuuuuuuuuuude gotta love it...If thats your art when ur must be pretty good.

I approve, props to u
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No probs mate, your other work is real cool too
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yay more google! you rule

have some :cheese:
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:clap::clap:CONGRATULATIONS!! This Amazing piece of work has been featured in my TOP 30 FEATURES and BONUS FEATURES. :clap::clap: It has also in the following news article on DA! :nod:[link]

There is nothing I like more than EXPOSING my friends!!!! :dance:WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!
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You rock!
Thank you kindly.
It Really made my day. :hug:
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You are very welcome! You do some very nice work. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
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i like how u have the kool affect for the ball lol
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Love this. Google written in a bubble, and you rounded it off. The colors contrast wonderfully. This one just hit me. I love it. :+fav:
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Don't say that too loud, there's a lot of creeps here.
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Well, they better leave me alone.. I'm not nice..
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You're beyond nice, you're sweet and kind, at least you have us all thinking that. :nod:
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What you see is what you get.. I am just the same here, as I am in person.. I lived with an abusive controling husband for 25 years.. I swore when I left him, I would never let anyone treat me like that again.. I've had a couple of run ins here.. They have backed down.. I give them fair warning.. Leave me alone.. If they don't then harsher methods are used.. They will be reported.. Simple as that.. :nod: I left one site because of harassment..
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Sorry for the late reply but I wanted to give a more decent reply than :wow:
It simply blows that you we’re treated like that for so long.
I’m surprised that you survived it.
I’m assuming that happened a while back when the cops and the law would look the other way at things like that.
My father was a total prick and treated my mother the same as you, but she didn’t wait so long to kick his sorry ass out onto the streets.
I have a very faint image of him, and I never sought him out because he didn’t bother with me, so why bother with him.
I made that decision when I was very young.
I did miss having a male roll model, but the whole situation made me closer to my mom which is why that I believe that I can really relate to, and understand women.
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I would have left him years earlier, but he threatened to take our son to Germany and I would never see him again.. My ex was born there and held dual citizenship.. If I dared to disopey him he would remind me all he had to do was get Erik to the German counsulate and I would be without my son.. I didn't stay because I wanted t, but because I had to, to protect my son.. Once he was mature enough to be on his own, I could leave, and I did.. I believed he would have done what he said.. He had a large extended family in Geramny who woudl have helped him.. All he would have had to do was accuse me of abuse.. Germany is notorious for not returning children to the US.. There is much more to this than I can tell here, but this is why I didn't leave him sooner..
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Well I am sincerely sorry to hear all of that.
It’s like being in your own prison.
I hope that it didn’t rekindle bad feelings for you. :hug:
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Yay, you achieved total transparency. I love it. I am happy you finally got the effect you wanted.

Take Care
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