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I'm writing this to create some awareness to all my watchers, I know I haven't been posting as much as I normally do and my pictures have been a bit different.

It's mainly because I've been digging all sorts of photography, I used to be a very conceptual kind of photographer...
If you're still watching and still interested in my work, let me know what do you want to see from me :aww:

Leave a comment let me know you're still there! :D
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Holy shiznet It's been ages since my last update.
I feel ashamed, I kinda lost track of everyone on here if i do say so. sorry.

whats up with my life? not much going on right now, the usual I'd say! just getting myself together. I'm leaving in 6 months to Holland.
Still do photography, i have bunch of new stuff to update, old & new!
I will attempt at making a portfolio of my best portraits as im writing this.

expect new updates soon :)
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I made a Fan Page,…
feel free to join and invite people to join, it would mean a lot : )

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Sooon very soon

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 26, 2010, 8:20 PM
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Tiny bitsy update.

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 11, 2009, 5:04 AM
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Does anyone know,

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 30, 2009, 9:02 AM
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Conceptual Photography Contest Winner

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2009, 2:22 PM
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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 19, 2009, 4:21 PM
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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 22, 2009, 4:00 AM
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To all of you who are into conceptual photography (like i am) and want to show your unique skills, well here's your chance! :D

my dear friend Daniela -> :iconthedaydreaminggirl: Will be hosting a Conceptual Photography Contest and I'll be one of the judges. This is gonna be so exciting. Can't wait to see who all will be participating :aww:

Check out this news article… for the rules, judges,prizes (so far) and you might as well fav it incase you forget.

-Remember last day to enter is the 14th of november. so get out your ideas together,make love to your camera and make it happen ;)
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Add me on facebook

(let me know if you do) oh and I've been told before that my profile picture isn't viewable and people tried adding me and it's unclickable. (now is it?) I can't check it myself :hmm:

And twitter me if you want!

(tell me when you follow me, so I can follow back) :aww:
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So...last night I went clubbin with a few friends for my 18th bday which is today .

and It was zomg f*ckn awesome. I needed the night out so bad to forget stuff. I can't feeel my feet and I have this slight hangover, but I'M GOOD : )

Just wanted to share this info and thank the ones who did wish me a happy bday already :heart:

Big hugs! Thank you, really :nod:

Listen to this:aww:…
Isn't the beat sick?
Oh well still in the mood to party :dance:

Fly with me by Kenrocks How I feel by Kenrocks
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I'm subscribed back, know what that means? :aww:


-Thanks to Daniela :iconthedaydreaminggirl: :heart:
It was given as an early B-day gift : )

take a look at her gallery, she's awesome ^^

I..should probably go to bed now. school tomorrow morning -sigh.
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My bday is at the end of the month, the 30th to be exact.
I'm excited yet not 'cause it's 18 and 17 was too cool, so far the best one ive ever had :>
I'd probably say that when I'm about to turn 19 :p it gets better ever year? now does it? oh well :D
I should be getting my driver's license..but no car, sucks. *borrows mom's car*

anyhooo I never cared about pageviews untill today I noticed I'm almost about to hit 10,000 :aww:
gotta say I love everyone who ever took the chance to look at my art, :heart:

I wanna do a feature for the one who catches it. but I don't think I can since I don't have a subscription :/ I'll have to check on that.

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So If you haven't noticed I'm uploading some of my old stuff, planning on taking new ones. very soon, still no new pc but I have cs4 on this pc, so I could live with that for now.

got myself lots of favs and new watchers today, thanks every1 :heart:

random journal title, I was listening to enter shikari

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hh .

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 3, 2009, 1:56 PM
ah my laptop just died, with all my stuff on it, I hope backup gets me all my pictures/music albums andddd my photoshop brushes and textures back :tears: If it doesn't I'd be devastated. (secretly I'm kinda glad it crashed, I wanted a new pc anyways)

Thiking of buying an Imac in the upcoming weeks, did some research and i'm convinced enough. Windos vista sucks.

srry if I'm unactive lately now it's worse stupid laptop, meh.
as soon as a get a new pc I'll post back I think, But I'll still be on everyday to reply to watchers and deviants :aww:
I don't take anyone neither anything for granted :heart:

A bad dream by Kenrocks

Wai hello there

Journal Entry: Thu May 14, 2009, 3:04 PM
!What a lovely day today, woke up at 8 then morning tv, made breakfast waffles with syrup..OVERFLOWING all over the plate. that's how I like it : P and coffee cinnamony, I want mooore. anyways. I'm doing fine hehe.

Well I might do a feature later tonight or tommorow, I'm still figuring out some codes in this css crap, slooowly getting the hang of it. :confused:

And many many thanks for the ones who recently watched me and favs, and all my other watchers as well.
I'm thrilled :dance:

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Feature Time</sup> :orange:

Great work from really inspiring artists.
Check 'em out. :peace:
Ps: there's no specific order ;)

electric feel by KissTheNoise Three Leaf Shamrock by mouvement ..::Autumn days::.. by Whimsical-Dreams:thumb93898634: Sunday morning by krmenxa Human canvas II by glitterscene :thumb118623639: She held the world. by megxcanxfly In Detail. by SabrinaCichy No-One's Getting Younger (Simon Binks 1987-2014) by jazzylemonade me. by ladyykiller :thumb117118829: :thumb119781612: Dream for Free by DusterAmaranth :thumb119727963: insomnia by DS-Photography-2008 Fields of Gold I by Hoppe92 Dare To Be Different by ImaMonsta04 :thumb119362671: Shwoosh. by naturesounds   Excuse me,while I kiss the sky by lizflo o_O by Kasiuula1993

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Have to reply to the ones who are faving/comment/whatever about my work, :aww:
I've been replying to many people though, but my inbox is so disorganized and overflowing with messages, dammit. :confused:

-Follow me on twitter if you want to...

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It's about time for a BREAK!! School has been draining all my energy, sigh.

Hopefully by next week I'll have some new pictures.
I'll update as fast as I can! :dance:
I'm grateful for all the favs and comments. I'll get back at everyone in time :happycry:

and if anyone could help me with the css journal, I could really use some tips, I'd appreciate it just a simple version of the css! Of course I want to look more cool :nerd: and sophisticated also :lol: hehe not really I want to feature some friends' work 'cause they deserve to be watched! I tried browsing css but hmm I got lost in that whole confusion. :crazy:

ok enough :salute: :heart: