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To celebrate, Mike Garley has compiled a free digital comic anthology of a spooky and ghoulish nature. It's available for free for a limited time, and features the talents of some great UK creators... Including me.…
I lettered a 1 page comic that was included in a digital anthology called 100% Biodegradable (Issue 6).
I was lucky to work with the words and art of the very talented Stu Smith & Dave Hailwood (writers) and Denis Vermesse (artist). It was lovely to work over such interesting art, that gave me little reminders of one of my favourite artists, Dave McKean.

You can buy the anthology for just 69p, from Comisy -…
I've been lucky enough to work with some very talented creators to complete some short comics for submissions to anthology collections, and a pitch for publication.

Restless Dead - A futuristic, post apocalyptic vampire story.
Written by Nathan Slack
Art by Ankmad Yusuf

Last Breath - The human race tries to outrun a deadly virus
Written by Dave Hailwood
Art by Dave Snell

War of the Pacifist - A Sci-fi, time travel tale.
Written by Matthew Hill
Art by Monty Borror

I'll be sure to let you know if any of these comic find a home.
I had the pleasure of creating character bio pages to help promote an upcoming comic anthology project.

"Shit Flingers: Bestiary" is the new anthology graphic novel series created by Jimmy Furlong & Andrew Hartmann. This massive 350 page book of connected short stories will feature contributions from some of the industry's hottest new comic talent.

For their part in a terrible crime a group of 15th Century French soldiers are forever cast out from the world of men when they are each cursed, transformed into a different species of ape, by a powerful witch. Captured by The Inquisition they are smuggled to Rome and coerced into the Bestiary; a secret organisation located deep beneath the Sistine Chapel.
Led by their new employer, a young Thomas De Torquemada they begin a new life fighting occult monsters, demons and the heretical enemies of the Church.

Shit Flingers: Bestiary chronicles their collected adventures from 1450 to 1585.

Please support this project on the following social media platforms. You may also wish to submit stories/art for consideration.

Facebook Group -…
Tumblr -
Twitter -…

"The quest to save Cody of Bennett continues! Deron makes his way back to R'Cani as Zorg attempts to get up close and personal with his king. Meanwhile, Raya and Zenae take a trip of her own to try and even the odds."

It was fun to work with the GVN format again, and more will be in store as I have agreed to letter upcoming issues of Xeno Trip too. It's a fun read, give it a go.
*This kickstarter was cancelled by the creator*

I've had the great pleasure to join the creative team behind the great digital comic Xeno Trip. It's done so well on Comixology that there is a demand for a print run collecting the first 10 issues into a 120pg trade paperback.…

As the comic has currently been made in Comixology's Guided View Native format, the print pages will have to be re-lettered from scratch. This is where I will come in.

If you can support, it please do. If not please pass the word on. Tweet the link, share it on FB. Anything at all you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.
I lettered a 3 page comic that was included in a digital anthology called 100% Biodegradable (Issue 5).
I was lucky to work with the words and art of the very talented Dave Roberts (writer) and Dave Thomson (artist).

The story is about a man that receives a mysterious package from an intergalactic courier. It's a fun one and well worth a read.

You can buy the anthology for just 69p, from Comisy -…
I worked on my first #0 issue recently and it is now up for sale on Comixology -…

The Round #0

"In the nation of Camelot, King Arthur's action response team is comprised of two parts: The Cabinet and The Knights. Together, they form the organization known as The Round.

Operating under King Arthur's direct authority, The Knights of The Round are an elite special forces unit trained to execute missions with surgical precision. In this special zero issue, Arthur sends the group to confirm the return of a deadly adversary from Camelot's past. One who could now pose a serious threat to the entire world"

If this issue sells well, a full run will be commissioned. So please give it a try and let QAM comics know if you like it.

It was a new challenge to work within the GVN (Guided View Native) format. It gives a few different options when lettering, and even presents a few opportunities for interactivity, even animation of the text. I look forward to working this way again.