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Rangers - Prologue: The Escape
Rangers - Prologue: The Escape
It was quiet, one of the out-of-the-way corners on the edge of known space. No ships travelled there, no couriers ferrying cargo between the worlds of the Alliance. This was the farthest reaches, and no one had reason to come here. Considering its purpose, no one should ever want to.
A speck of silver hung against the black. No stars encircled it in the distance. On the edge of the galaxy, space ceased to be a dance of light and became a morass of inky darkness. No one came here. No one cared.
The station was several millennia old, built in the earliest days of the Force. Commissioned by the Alliance, its purpose was to store away that which harkened back to the days of fire and shadow, out of sight and out of mind. Once regarded as the last reminder of the dark times, it now stood aged and decrepit, manned only for the sake of maintaining readiness against the possibility of future incursion.
Complacency had taken its toll. The due time had come.
Three e
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I shall not want
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want...
Got back into town last night. Went to my grandmother's (Nana's) funeral.
The end took a lot longer than it needed to. I realize it may be cruel to say that someone took too long to die, but what she was forced to go through for almost a decade could scarcely be called "living." Dementia does that to people. It is cruel to think that you will spend the last years of your life unable to remember your family, your children, even your spouse of over fifty-six years. Hearing on Saturday night that she went quickly and without pain, almost everyone in the family had only one thing to say: "Thank God."
Nana was a wonderful woman. She loved her family, especially her grandchildren. Seeing us always made her beam like a lighthouse. My parents rarely wanted for a babysitter when my sister and I were young, since my grandparents lived only five minutes away. We went to the same church for many, many years, and would always have Sunday lunch tog
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"Just one more run," Jino said to him. A face like Jino's could even convince a priest of the nonexistence of God. Right now, though, Kai was praying to whoever would listen that he make it through the next twelve hours alive.
He rested his chin in his hand, staring out the porthole of the small freighter, watching the stellar drama unfold outside. Binary stars, an orange giant and a yellow dwarf, spun about in a ballet of awesome, destructive force. The giant loomed large in the viewport. Most people had never seen a star this close, and very few of them ever cared to. Still, Kai felt a lot more relaxed looking out at the view astern than he would have felt just twenty meters down the corridor.
Up in the cockpit, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Four of the bridge crew crowded over the front monitor at the pilot's station like moths circling a dim lamp. Sweat rolled down the crewman's face as he brought the image on the screen into sharp relief. There, in the di
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Rule 1 of Starting a Fight
"It's going to be all right, bro," he said.
He stooped down and laid his brother's motionless form on the ground. More than once, his brother had opened his eyes only to have them flutter closed again. The spiky-haired teen was hardly moving; it was difficult to call him "alive" in any sense of the word.
Goku knew better.
Looking through the eyes that perceive the world, he could feel his brother's energy, his life force. It was weak, even fading, but it was there nonetheless. However, he would not be fighting for quite a while.
Goku could not help but notice the irony of how their positions were reversed from the last time this happened. It had been he lying on the ground, his body bruised, broken, and bleeding, with Vegeta - his twin brother - standing over him, looking down, waiting for him to die. He knew at that moment exactly the pain and anguish his brother felt. The thought of losing his brother - his blood-kin - in such a manner filled him with a rage he did not know how to de
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The Bridge
There is a bridge between us
I know this much is true
This bridge came into being one night
The same night I found you
The bridge is strong and solid
And looked as it wanted wear
Long ago I found that bridge
And did not know it was there
Not long after I was deeply hurt
As I missed the other side
The bridge stood as strong as ever
But my pain was difficult to hide
I continued on my journey
But circumstances weighted my mind
The bridge stood as it always had
With no purpose I could find
Later on the riverbank returned
And I no longer felt so sad
But the bridge that had been spanning the gap
Remained as it always had
Then I was afraid it seemed
Of things I was yet to find
I soon found out that the opposite shore
Was not dissimilar from mine
Now I understand the bridge
That we built to cross the span
That gap became minute in scope
The day you took my hand
Today I do not walk alone
And my spirit is now whole
For the reason that you came to me
To be the other half of my soul
This is the br
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I'm going to start calling them the Academy of Motion Pictures That Do Not Challenge Our Preconceptions of What Makes a Good Film.

Two... TWO of the best movies last year snubbed for Best Picture. Forget the fact that they only limit it to five nominations, these were snubbed outright. And for what? Frost/Nixon? REALLY??? The movie that both the public and the critics said that, while very well executed and with some fantastic acting, failed to do anything beyond recount historical fact.

Heaven forbid we imply through film and storytelling that people know and have experienced nothing of merit in all their years.

Meanwhile, we had REAL history in the making: a superhero-action film and a computer animated feature that stood poised to take the Oscars by storm.

This year's heir apparent (TCCOBB) is a story about fictitious human drama set in the real world, while TDK is about real human drama - real pain, real suffering, real emotions - set in a fictitious world. I never realized that modern artwork could still be denounced because it pushed boundaries. I thought we had outgrown that. I was wrong.

(Okay, maybe I shouldn't be so hard on TCCOBB. I've heard it was quite good.)

We also have WALL-E, Pixar's latest in their line of magnum opera. It was the second animated feature, ever, that stood to be nominated for Best Picture, only to be shot down. Funny, the first was also made / distributed by Disney.

No no no. We can't have this. The quote-unquote "good" films must be those that display the dignity and brilliance of film making without descending into the harrowed black pits of gimmick, action, and... dare I say it... cute.

No, despite the praise the unwashed masses see fit to lavish upon films like TDK and WALL-E, we must stand true to convention and policy... and relegate them to the realm of "technical achievement."

It was Chaucer who first said that all human nature is within the artist's examination.

Now I understand why the Academy knows nothing about good writing.
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