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Metrofinaty for Windows 7

New update 26/04/2012
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how to change the taskbal

how can to download theme ?
hey can any one  tell me how to apply this theme in windows 7
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How do I get the user picture inside the start menu like that?
Can someone explain to an idiot like me how to change the user frame?
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nice one, i tried and worked :) thanks kenny, you awesome..
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Excelente Theme!
I really like it!!!  (y)
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sorry! this project has been stoped! i'm working on windows 8 :D
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I used to love this theme, and it look's like it changed a lot since I last used it.
Happy to hear you are working on Windows 8 now.

Does that mean we can expect a Metro style theme from you for Windows 8?

I sure hope so because I love your theme and it would look perfect on Windows 8.

I am also on Win 8 by the way
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Anyone knows how to make the borders thinner?
Go to Personalization>>Window Color>>Advanced Appearance Settings
Under Item, click Border Padding and set size as you please.

you're welcome. [link]
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wow~ Nice job!
So i see that project is dead :( It's a shame!
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very pretty!Good work mate!
One more thing. Maybe someone can help me with removing completely the user picture and user frame from start menu. I've tried to to this but with no result:

1. Go here: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures
2. Rename user.bmp and guest.bmp to and respectively. (The suffix actually doesn't matter - I just chose ren (stands for 'renamed')
3. Reboot
Great work but there are some problems.
Like ~anuragk098 said, two changes and i'll be perfect.

1. Change the font color in the taskbar for open(Active) applications. (because when app is active it's does not appear name of the app)

2. Reduce the font size in taskbar for open apps (because long name of apps does not fit)

I'll be waiting :)
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how you got this perfect corners , (angle of 90)on the windows,and the color of task bar,icons,and this plane aspect of the windows bar, i can't make this changes, actually i'm only can change the orb and arrows(whit expler.dll) whit the metrofinaty pack, because when i copy the theme to the folder of themes and make instalation, the theme is the same aero theme of windows,

i need aother aditional software (like orb changer for example) for implement the contents of the pack and make work the theme? because the preview looks very nice

im using 64 bits,and i installed uxtheme patch
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how do I get It on my computer what do I need
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WOW I like it... nice theme. !!
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because of no response i am removing your visual style,
i can guarantee you guys, he is not maker of this style.
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how do you know that, fucking man!!!

please, don't say anything if you don't know!!!

i'm very busy.
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of course if you are the maker, then why not fixing the problems,
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