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I can fly by kennyisaheadbanger I can fly :iconkennyisaheadbanger:kennyisaheadbanger 0 0 shiney hoodie by kennyisaheadbanger shiney hoodie :iconkennyisaheadbanger:kennyisaheadbanger 1 0 Another Hoodie Lad by kennyisaheadbanger Another Hoodie Lad :iconkennyisaheadbanger:kennyisaheadbanger 1 0 Guitar by kennyisaheadbanger Guitar :iconkennyisaheadbanger:kennyisaheadbanger 1 0
Sparklers of Love Three
Oh hello, it's been a while since you last caught up. A month? That's way too long. Since you last joined me, lots has gone on. A small group of people I became friend with and were the only trusted ones with the secrets.
The first person was called Dani. She has hair that made her look more like a boy, but we all knew it looked amazing. It was really cool, as she brought the craziness into the group and was in my class too.
Secondly another called Gordon. He was in the year above and was very tall. He knew everything you wanted to know about games. He brought the geek-ness and well made us seem half-intelligent.
Thirdly there was Ryan. He was older as well but he was a complete rebel and was really awesome with the things he did.
So that was the main people I knew, interacted with and was friends with. Lets go to a day which went really strange. It started horribly on a Sunday morning. The night before me and Jacob had a part and it carried on too late, so I just slept over. I complet
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strange hoodie person by kennyisaheadbanger strange hoodie person :iconkennyisaheadbanger:kennyisaheadbanger 1 0
Sparklers of Love Two Clean
Okay, so that has to have been the best night that let me sleep for the first time in a long while. That Friday was just amazing, all huddled up on the bed. We didn't really do anything, we just allowed my parents to accept the lovely Jacob's presence in the house. We steered away our plans for town, as there was no need as I knew the place like the back of my hand. Instead we were going to meet up somewhere amazing.
It took me around half an hour to arrive at the destination, but it was one that would not disappoint me at all. The one and only extremely amazing 'Monkey-tree park', although there was nothing really special about it. I arrived from the general Roseworth direction, arriving from Norton. He was waiting. Appropriately dressed, the correct everything. I hadn't got the look yet. I had to wait for everything to fall through. We greeted each other and knew what we came for and what we wanted. It was all pre-arranged and we were ready.
I unlocked the shed that was already prepa
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Mature content
Sparklers of Love Two Dirty :iconkennyisaheadbanger:kennyisaheadbanger 2 3
Sparklers of Love One
There I was bored. My life was empty. Moping after the loss of a person who's body had a new soul. My existence wouldn't let me move on, not matter how hard I tried. Nobody could bring back the friend I lost so long ago.
At 18, a student who dropped collage, a job and pretty much most of life, my life couldn't get any worse or better. My friend were all gone. Moved on. I looked at the wreck I was in the river. Black hair, way to long to make out the dude inside. My body, all cut up, full of scars, was holding what could be a final breath. That was that, I couldn't do much, mainly a waste of space.  How little I have accomplished since the seperation 5 years ago. A few GCSE's, English, ICT and Art.
I got up and wondered back to the shithole I called 'home'. Walking past one of the bins, I spotted something. It was a book, pretty much brand new. I picked it up, deciding it would help de-boring-ify my night. Walking down my road I ignored the usual "emo" and "gay" insults from t
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pirate duck by kennyisaheadbanger pirate duck :iconkennyisaheadbanger:kennyisaheadbanger 1 0 Hoodie Lad by kennyisaheadbanger Hoodie Lad :iconkennyisaheadbanger:kennyisaheadbanger 1 0 random duck by kennyisaheadbanger random duck :iconkennyisaheadbanger:kennyisaheadbanger 1 0 I eated your cookie by kennyisaheadbanger I eated your cookie :iconkennyisaheadbanger:kennyisaheadbanger 2 0
Swinging on the swings. That was one of the only things I did these days. Life was just meh. It's just like a waiting game just to try and die. What is there really to accomplish?
The light finished staring at me as darkness and warmth of the cold returned. This was the night. I had it.
At exactly midnight i picked up the shiny knife that lay beside me. I plunged it into myself. I felt life draining through the pipes of blood. I used the last of my physical strength left in my body to rip out my heart. I couldn't see. Life of colour turned to black. My body leaked it's last drops of blood.
I lay there motionless, my heart infront of me. I had escaped from life. Taking life's final task and completing it. The tasks name? Simply Death.
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Love Token by kennyisaheadbanger Love Token :iconkennyisaheadbanger:kennyisaheadbanger 0 0 yeha by kennyisaheadbanger yeha :iconkennyisaheadbanger:kennyisaheadbanger 1 0

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Demon Boy's Love - Part 1
A little girl stood in the middle of a crowded market place. "Mommy?" She called out tentatively. "Mommy?! Daddy?! Where did you go?!" She started to cry as her eyes filled with little tears. She was a bright blue eyed and blond haired girl, and at the age of about 6 her parents disappeared off the face of the earth.
As the market cleared and the sun went down the little girl had wondered herself into a panic. Her heart beat heavily in her little undeveloped chest. Salty tear stains fell down her creamy white cheeks. The first day her parents took her to the market too.
As the night got darker people paid no mind as they went home, happily to their wives and children. The little girl was dressed in a light baby blue dress with white fringe underneath; a matching blue coat covered her top. She could see her breath in the air now and shivered, hugging her arms around her body.
"Child, what is wrong?" Asked a tall and lean man, he had a black top-hat on and a black cape lined in red satin
:iconhellbound-catz:Hellbound-Catz 29 24
let me take you -:TAPPS entry: by NeoTonic-Productions let me take you -:TAPPS entry: :iconneotonic-productions:NeoTonic-Productions 17 11 SSS : Demonization v.2 by D3C3IT SSS : Demonization v.2 :icond3c3it:D3C3IT 3 2 inner demon by Dragonpunk15 inner demon :icondragonpunk15:Dragonpunk15 2 4
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