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FoobarAvA1.04_wallpack+dll's by kennychi FoobarAvA1.04_wallpack+dll's by kennychi
Recently, after trying foobar, winamp after, I was pleasantly surprised and this is what followed my surprise..

All artworks used in pack were downloaded on I am only their modifier. Who have any problems about this ..write to me.

The archive contains:

1. 10 Backgrounds for [foobar2000 modified by FOOAvA 1.04 skin] ([link])

2. Components.rar contain Components necessary to use FOOAvA by 1.04 ~ dawxxx666 :

-- PanelsUI 0.14.9 (included, if you have ClearType enabled you can use 0.14.12)
-- Power Panels v0.1
-- Channel spectrum panel v0.14 +
-- Foo_playback_custom v1.43
-- Lyric show v0.3.2.1 Beta 2 +
-- Foo_peakmeter v0.0.4.1 alpha
-- CWB Hooks v1.2.6
-- Album Art panel v0.2.7.1
-- Columns UI v0.2.1 +
-- Album List v0.2.3
-- Lyrics DB
-- QuickSearch Toolbar


Turn off your foobar2000

a. Install FOOAvA 1.04 skin skin ([link])

b. Extract archive components.rar. Copy and overwrite all .dll in > [\foobar2000\components]

c. Extract archive. Files with name 10-19 copy to > [foobar2000\PanelsUI\AvA 1.04\images\fooAVA\walls] (This folder already contains 9 back's ).

d. Turn on your Foo2000. To use backs go to FOOAva Setings > choose background options window, Turn on Background mode,choose one of them. The remaining options on your discretion.

Enjoy. Hope you like anything
Moscow 27.02.2008, Wednesday.

By Kennychi
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ChocoFoxColin Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
hey how can i save the theme cause when i shut down foobar and when i use it again i need to chose a background again
kennychi Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012
i didnt know such problems..
This custom work only with old versions of foobar. Maybe its main reason.
And some very good skins for foo get out from this check it.
Good luck! :peace:
vanov Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
I'm using Foobar v0.9.6.2 and I'm trying to use your skin, but after following your instructions it comes out looking like this: [link]

Do I need to downgrade or is there some magic trick I need to pull to make this work?
kennychi Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2009
You install all components?
Skin maybe not work with other version of this dll
And in release link to author of skin, im not do this skin,ok?Just some edit for self use and give it to download if you like.

Now im using foo 9.5.2 with 1.05 version of skin and other backgrounds pack.(on this version this customize work too) Try it.
And no magic man :) But if want you can use some magic for this.
Good luck, hope you make it:)
Alexander-GG Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2009  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Very nice. I'm using the foo as a default player. AIMP is very nice too, but interface is not well usable. :)
EdwardMcIvy Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2008
Great work.
kennychi Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2008
Thaanks for the criticism, for faving aand using. I hope it's working on you as work on my.
My PC and my network is fall down..soo..
my creative impulse crashed into impenetrable barrier.
FrankenBerries Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
very nice
NovemberART Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2008
You should it keep it minimalistic... Now it's not so good anymore. It's too full of this and that.
PS. Excuse my english.
Freedom-loving Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2008
Wow man, thank you for you config.
It`s really amazing and functional... but I made a spectrum analyser a bit wider and higher... more likely for me :)
That about cover flow? Have U ever wanted to add this new component? guess it woud be nice :) or just for a change.
Спасибо !!!
larryTM Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2008
OK Kennychi !!

sure, this is mystic, as you said :D

good job, anyway
kennychi Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2008
You can download all of these components separately, as proposed by the dawxxx666 [[link]
Everything that I do is propose successfull in my opinion.. selection of walls.. aand simplify the work with the components. Think I will do another compilation of walls on diverse subjects, and will try to make it even better :)

All that concerns the skin and components to it try to ask dawxxx666.
kennychi Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2008
This is unbelievable. I myself checked every action sequence and convinced in their successful result. I don't know what happened at you. Maybe cause in your OS ? Or is this mystic ?
larryTM Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2008
nice but....

did you add something in the *.dll, cos when I shut Foobar down, it wants to go on the web.

What it didn't before.

Don't like it at all.
Spuukz Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2008
Well done :)
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February 27, 2008
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