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YoungerDays:Spring - TykeTales:Autumn

A fun little mini series depicting both, TykeTales and YoungerDays.
Just a fun idea playing off the idea that the two series are technically always the opposite seasons.

Alex is excited for his spring-themed costume party at his local daycare: little stars daycare!
Of course Ken had to point out how the onesie made him look like a little bumble bee baby.
Lili is annoyed and already planning some minor revenge against the hothead.

Ken has found himself in a similar situation; attending a costume party at sakura daycare.
Lili is adoring the little boy as she escorts him (reluctantly against his will) to daycare.
Sam caught sight of them and just HAD to comment on his adorable 'onesie'.

TykeTales: Winter - Winter
TykeTales: Spring - Spring
TykeTales: Summer - Summer
TykeTales: Autumn - You are Here.


Drawn by :icondcrisisbeta:, scripted by me.

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Just let the child drees themselves instead of projecting your own taste you yucky big kid fingers get out

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lol :P

Very sure half those little kids would be attending without shirts or pants if they had their way. Ken can't help being mixed up with an age group that needs so much assistance :P

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I only see upsides to a bunch children messily dressed while the parents use the 4K camera

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Oh my GOD, Ken's a Red Panda!!!

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