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Since DA sucks for posting stories atm, I've decided on a compromise.
For stories I don't have images for, I'll just use this placeholder image and post the story below.
Anyway, been a while since I wrote a full story and I did enjoy this particular request.
It could have been better, but I enjoyed working on it and it was a nice warm up.
Let me know if I should get back to doing more short stories.

Quick Synopsis:
After an exhausting day, mum has to help calm Knil down so that he can get some sleep.


"I'm not a baby!" was shouted with stubborn intent.
 The whole house had heard the statement; a young girl sighed from the comfort of her bedroom.
 Kira Hopper could only guess to what had upset her brother. Hopefully things would go smoothly.
 Our tale focuses not on the twin sister as she overhears the events that would soon take place.
 Instead, we enter a childish room; toys and boyish-clothing decorating the carpeted-floor.

Sat upon a wooden-railed bed was the regular occupant of this room who was preparing to protest.
In front of him, with an expression mixed between stern and sympathetic, was the boy's mother.
Knil Hopper: a blond-haired boy who was a 10-year-old trapped within the body of a toddler.
Kiran Hopper: a young and playful mother who was still learning to adjust to this change.

Their dynamic had been forever altered that faithful day; when her son regressed into a little kid.
They both knew that he was still himself. Mentally the same. But only she saw the whole truth.
Despite Knil's best efforts, he would slip into mindset befitting his body when exhausted.

And today had been one of those days.
Knil had fought against his classmates and fellow students. Pushing himself to prove himself.
"They called me a baby!" had been the first thing he said when the twins had arrived home.
 It had been a regular occurrence since the regression; many saw value in tormenting him.
 A way of feeling superior; how could they feel inferior if he really was just some toddler.

Thankfully it had just been a verbal assault rather than physical; though it didn't lessen the pain.
Kiran had managed to get things under control; it should've been a night that ended peacefully.
But a painful reminder of his regressed state had been the young adventurers' breaking point.

The young boy sat with his pants discarded.
He was pouting, glaring down at the offending object; a folded-diaper covered into bright shapes.
Being back in his babyish-body had brought back his younger bladder and left him a bedwetter.
Usually he at least got to wear drynites: pull-ups that didn't require any assistance to wear.
But his desire to never mention them meant never saying that he was running short.

Now he had only the back-up supply of diapers which forced him to admit that he needed more.
It was a rather clever system that Kiran had come up with; one that had caused this problem.
Knowing that he would need help with being diapered had felt like confirmation of his state.
A baby that needed his mother to come and get him ready for bed like a good little boy.

Whatever maturity he had retained throughout the day had been lost in favor of fighting this.
It left his tired mother with a choice; treat him like his actual age? Or act as if he were five?

"Knil..." Kiran hesitated.
 She could try comforting him and remind him of his true nature, but was he too far gone?
 She could be stern and threaten punishment if he did not listen to her, but was that right?
"I know you're not a baby. But wouldn't it be really yucky to wake up in a soaked bed?"
 She bit her lip, questioning if her choice of patronizing words would upset him.

Instead of the usual shout of displeasure for his mother's use of 'yucky', Knil simply looked away.
Pouting instead of blushing as he knew that his mother was right; it was Kiran needed to know.
Her son wasn't in the right mind to fight against her or reject any extra mothering from her.
So, without even asking for his consent, Kiran lifted her son before laying him back down.

Some faint remnant of maturity had Knil covering his face; not wishing to witness the change.
With years of practice, Kiran swiftly removed his underwear. Knil remained silent during this.
The tyke remained brave as he felt his bottom being lifted and gently placed onto padding.
Feeling the wings wrap around his body before being tapped into place along his waist.

Taking hold of her son's hands, Kiran pulled Knil into a sitting position.
The exhausted boy took instant notice of the slight differences created by wearing the diaper.
Every twist of his body and minor movement was accompanied by a constant painful crinkle.
The added weight was impossible to ignore as it clung to his body and weighed him down.
It's thickness pushing his legs apart; he'd be forced to waddle if he were to stand up.

His hand brushed against his face; he wiped away a single tear that he hadn't known was there.
He was exhausted. In desperate need of sleep. But he felt ready to tantrum rather than tired.
Deep down, he knew that he should sleep; a mature idea lost in a sea of childish desires.

Thankfully, he had his mother: Kiran had already planned ahead; ready to try a rather old trick.

First came comfort in the form of a hug.
Knil found himself being pulled into a tight embrace; successfully distracted from the sorrow.
"Shhh. You're okay," Kiran spoke softly to her son; he felt her more than he had heard her.
 He felt warm. Comforted by the familiar smells and feelings; it brought back memories.
 Knil's head slowly rested against his mother as she begun to massage his back.

Second was the bait and switch.
Kiran gently lifted Knil up into the air. With a firm grip, she moved towards the end of the bed.
Slowly, she placed his head onto the pillow; Knil had failed to notice the shift in locations.
Before he had time to realize, he found his favorite plush, Boop, placed in his arms.
He latched on to the toy. His mind felt fuzzy; what had he been crying about?

Last, some gentle soothing.
Kiran crouched down. She ran her fingers through his head before bringing her hand downwards.
Knil felt a soft pressure on his forehead. He felt as the hand began moving down to his nose.
Then it came back and went back down again. This process repeated for hours on end.
Or at least it had felt like hours; time seemed meaningless as the world faded.

Warm, comfy, and cared for.
These were the only feelings the regressed tyke had known as he finally found himself asleep.
Kiran could only smile down at her son; satisfied that she had brought him some peace.
She hadn't done something like this in years; not since he was actually a little kid.
She finished up with a light kiss on his forehead before turning to leave.

Tonight was a bittersweet reminder than neither one of them truly knew what they were doing.
But they would figure it out together. This was their life now, and it did have its moments.
Back in the bedroom, Knil shifted in his sheets, smiling as he dreamed of adventure.


Drawn by :icondcrisisbeta:, scripted/designed by me.

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Awww, cute story ^^

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An amazing scene!

Love how everyone is a bit in new(or rather forgotten) territory here.

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I liked this one. Can't wait to see more, especially more with Knil and Kira

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Thanks, and I'll see what I come up with or what kind of requests get made.

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Glad to have you here again!

Poor Knil, he just gets overwhelmed with all the changes in his life, and his small body doesn't help him keep his cool. His mother is a true godsend. 🥰
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

Such is the life of a child regressed.

And indeed; he is lucky to have her.

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Such cuteness.

You did well. Kiran is a wonderful mother.

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That was excellently written. Bravo, and hats off to you. That was sooo incredibly well.

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