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TykeTales - Shrinkage #1

Journal Entry, Knil.
I awakened to being small; shrunken rather than regressed.
I recall fighting against my bedsheets while wrapped within a crinkly onesie restricting my movement.
Once I was free from the darkness, I just sat there, blushing as I saw the odd outfit I was wearing.
I had gone to bed in a simple diaper and underwear combo (it makes me feel more mature)
But through the night, I had shrunken in size; left barely bigger than a plastic baby.
Trapped within my nightwear that acted as a makeshift outfit of humiliation.

Every attempt to move was met with crinkles.
Ripping the tapes proved to be impossible. My miniature hands were incapable of the strength required.
I couldn't pull it down either; my training pants kept it firmly in place and prevented removing it.
For the time being, I was trapped within a diaper-onesie; the wings acting like overall-straps.
Thankfully, I had remained dry through the night; sparring me from a soggy situation.

I had many questions.
Why was I bigger than my usual shrunken size? How did the coin activate while still safely stored?
And how was I going to get out of this ridiculous outfit without asking for mum's assistance?
The answer to that last one? I wasn't...

Sighing, I attempted to stand.
The giant padding was pushing my legs apart; I was forced to fully waddle and occasionally crawl.
The journey ahead would be challenging. I'd need to climb down from my bed via the steps.
I'd need to traverse my room at this slow pace before facing the challenge of my door.
And if no one was nearby? I'd be force to search the house to find Kira or mum.

It would be an adventure unlike any other; one that would end my shrinking adventures forever.


Hope you like the image as well as the story.
Art wise, it was a silly idea that just wound up happening; I really love how it turned out <3
Story wise, I'm glad to still be able to write; it's been a bit since attempting this style.
Overall, it is good ol silly fun. A mix of cuteness, shrinkage, and adventure.

For clarification:
This isn't the last time Knil will be shown to have shrunk; just the last time timeline wise.


Drawn by :icondcrisisbeta:, scripted/designed by me.

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Was this a timeline jump?

OzzieAstaroth's avatar

*giggles* That's certainly an odd way to wake up. X3

OzzieAstaroth's avatar

I love the diaper onesie. Gotta use that sometime. X3

AHarryKidd's avatar

I feel like in real life, you are either a blonde currently, or you were as a kid. That would explain why most of your characters are blonde, as well as your fixation on fictional blonde characters, like Kenny from south park, or link from Zelda.

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

Not meant to be a fixation. In fact, I've changed Ken's hair color in the latest colored image to be a bit more red. The blond happened purely because it was an easy color to work with, and yes, like most aussie kids, I had blond hair.

That said, Damien has white hair. Oliver silver/grey. Ken now slightly burnt blond/orange. Ruby had blue/black. and many others. But sometimes a cute blond haired boy is just a fun target to mess with :P

AHarryKidd's avatar

Hmm... Okay, if you say so.

bigpauly1's avatar

cant wait for it to continue

pokemonfanj's avatar
Why do I feel like you've at least posted the story before I don't why but I just feel like I've red it somewhere before
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

Perhaps you are psychic and can see into the future? :O

pokemonfanj's avatar
If so guess it's a good trade off for my kinda bad memory
TheSpiritualWalker's avatar

Cute and funny.

Nice story too.

SenritsuJumpsuit's avatar

Is this the next character in the Captain Underpants lineup

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

Hmm, perhaps, but he would need a clever name first.

Man... Knil's misadventures have content to write rivers of ink... The poor lad goes from day to day full of embarrassing situations! Hope he can recover his size!
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

The true trait of an adventurer; enough tales to tell for a lifetime.

Unfoldingspace8's avatar

Cute and funny image.

And an intriguing entry, but also kinda cute and funny, nonetheless.

It's great to see you (at least trying to) get back into things. :D

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