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TykeTales - KindergartenComforts

Journal Entry, Chronicler.
I find it rather fascinating; these kindergarten-comforts.
Simple objects and actions that should hold no value to our band of misfits and would-be adventurers.
But upon regression, now subject to their childish desires due to their, as they put it, 'baby-brains',
the pint-sized group find immense comfort and relaxation from their infantile attachments.
Often dozing off or finding peace from holding onto a simple stuffing-filled plushie.

None of the kids would ever admit to enjoying these comforts whilst mascaraing as big 10-year-olds.
Most of them would blush at the mere mention of this idea; instantly denying such slanderous lies.
Yet, when Ken burns away, left a diaper-clad toddler, he will feel unease until he has his blanket'.
Dragging the star-covered purple piece of fabric behind him as he waddles towards his mum.

I'd dare say it's adorable...
The way they lose all pretence of maturity and succumb to their base desires; indulging themselves.
Watching as Knil talks to Boop about his latest adventures while laying on his bed in his drynites.
Observing Kira as she pours Fuzzball another cup of tea before discussing her latest training.
Then there is Damien. His thumb often finding its way into his mouth as he is reading.

Then there is that perfect moment.
Tired and exhausted from a day of training and playing; they all regress as they arrive at Damien's.
Barely able to keep their eyes open, unafraid of what the others would say; they all take a nap.
Retrieving their various comforts before collapsing in the soft blanket-covered play-area.
Sleeping peacefully; appearing as nothing more than the tiny-tykes they truly are.

It is a welcome contrast; a needed break from the usual challenges and horrors they face.


This image was commissioned by :iconnate36395: with the story done for free.
It is an absolutely adorable image of the TykeTales cast members; Kira, Ken, Knil, and Damien.
All of them showing of their comfort items (or actions in Damien's case) as they take a nap.
Lots of details about this image I'd love to go into, but... I'd end up making this too long.
For now, know that more content is on the way, and hopefully you enjoy the story.

Thank you for commissioning Dcrisisbeta as well as using my characters :iconnate36395:


Drawn by :icondcrisisbeta:, scripted/designed by me.

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Wonderful artwork, and great story to go with it

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The simple things that can make someone happy, when your bigger those things are not so simple anymore. But when your 5 years old, your beloved stuffed toy, or comfy blanket, even a stray thumb can help wash away the worries of the world. Its these simple innocent moments that we all wish we could have again.

This turned out Amazing Dcrisisbeta Thank you so much for the amazing art. The story was a lot of fun Kenny, thank you so much for it, and thank you for letting me use your characters. Nothing more fun than showing off what they really are at heart =P

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

Really glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for commissioning :)

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Sure wish I could have just regressed when needing to relax or de-stress while having to be a big kid all day. I feel like most adults could use a return to childhood every now and then. ^^

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

yeah... It would help relieve many of my stresses to just be able to regress and nap on a rather bleh day :P

AHarryKidd's avatar

Considering my far higher than average stress level, I could use that more than most.

SenritsuJumpsuit's avatar

so peaceful and un anchored by others view on them to the point of not wearing pants prime time to punt them

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

started so peaceful... lol :p

I guess these days, some of the coping mechanisms depicted here are seen as common or even (at least somewhat) normal at that age unlike when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s.

Plus it is also undeniably cute/adorable.
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

Would have no idea; can't say I had the full experience myself with it nor of things back then either :p

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So cute i wanna take theme home

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Super cute.

Love it a ton I do.

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So absolutely adorable.
And brilliantly written as well, Kenny.
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