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TykeTales - DiaperWear

A comic featuring Knil and Ken.
The boys were getting changed but it seems Ken has a infantile problem.
In the rush to grow up this morning, he messed up his clothes.
Diaper-print training-pants is super adorable <3

-For those who are new or confused-
Ken's ability to regress comes with the extra ability of transforming his clothing.
In his rush to get ready to leave for the day, he slightly messed up the process.


Drawn by :icondcrisisbeta: scripted by me.

my patreon,
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That's what happens when you cut corners. I agree with the baby prints, probably why I love the paw patrol training pants so much

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

agreed :P

And double agree on the diaper-wear

LittlePlayfulChild's avatar

Then Knil got pantsed :P

LittlePlayfulChild's avatar

Well, at Knil's last comment, Ken could do it to be even, and maybe try to feel less embarrassed. :P

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

True, but I think Ken has other things on his mind atm, like why his underwear still look like a baby's diaper, and what he will do about it.

nate36395's avatar

Mom will be amused with this new addition to his undies drawer. Clothes are expensive after all!, she won't let him just get rid of them. lol

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar


He is not wearing them ever again! She can not find out!

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This is one of the cutest things ive seen all week. So are the "A B C's" on the back of his big boy undies or his regressed undies?

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

He originally was wearing a diaper when he woke up; the design carried over to his underwear when he aged up.

Cyberstorm64's avatar

A prime example as why you should never hurry.

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but he like adorable in that diapy
Poor Ken! Rushing is never good! 🥺
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

and he paid the price for it.

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
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Cute undies =3
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