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TykeTales - CrossdressingCrisis

Another prompt that sounded fun.
Not sure if I will do a follow up, but it is definitely open to doing so.

Quick Synopsis:

An old silly idea gives the twins something to do; a joke they plan to take advantage of.


The two twins sat nervously in the sister's bedroom.
Knil, the young adventurer currently stuck in the body of a 5-year-old, had felt oddly out of place.
Kira, them excitable kid currently regressed back to being only five, was sharing in this feeling.
Though it was Kira's room, Knil was always welcomed; neither one of them felt comfortable.
They had come in with a purpose; intent on satisfying their shared curiosities; a silly idea.

"This is dumb!" Knil declared; his cheeks blushing and his arms thrown to the sides in protest.
"Yeah! It doesn't matter!" Kira agreed; her cheeks coated crimson similar to her brother's.
 Yet, both twins just sat there, staring at one another; their curiosity was too strong.
 An innocent comment earlier in the day had left them with this burning desire.

"Let's just get this over with," Knil took charge; his annoyed tone barely masking his willingness.
"Then we can forget about this," Kira added; her tone was all over. Was she secretly excited?
 Both regressed tykes got to their feet before mentally preparing for what was to come.

They silently agreed on their next action.
The twins moved in unison; turning to face away from one another before pulling their shirts off.
Kira was able to simply slip out of her pink sleeveless shirt with the usual grace of a little kid.
Knil had to take a moment to undo the zip of his green hooded-jacket before being free.
They gently placed the removed clothing to the side before continuing to undress.

A pair of green shorts slid down Knil's legs; black and pink was Kira's as she copied her brother.
Placing them atop the respective clothing piles, the twins hesitated, unsure of the next step.
"Underwear too?" Kira called over her shoulder; blushing at the idea of turning around.
"I guess. Socks first?" Knil suggested; he did not expect his heart to beat so fast.

Neither one of them waited for an answer; the socks came off and they were left barefooted.
Taking a deep breath, it was time for the underwear. Knil slowly slid his underwear down.
Both blonds were now naked except for Kira's wristbands and Knil's fingerless-gloves.

An odd situation: the shy siblings standing naked in the sister's bedroom; both feeling nervous.
But let me offer some clarification. Neither one of them were nervous about being in the nude.
The twins had seen the other naked many times; only increasing with the addition of diapers.
So what was it? What had both siblings suddenly unsure? Well, it was a simple yet silly idea.
Dress-up like each other: play the part of the opposite twin; testing if anyone will notice.

Now it was time to get dressed.
Turning, the two walked passed each other; poking their tongues and giggling about the situation.
They hadn't done something like this in years. How had they not thought to try this trick again?
Fooling the other kids of the town had always been a fun activity when they first moved here.
And now that they were both back to being five? It was an impossible idea to pass up on.

Standing over Kira's clothing pile, Knil took hold of her panties; he did feel a little embarrassed.
He knew it was girl's underwear; a concept lost on his younger self when he had first done this.
Questioning himself, he turned to talk to Kira, only to see her her wearing his training-pants.
He covered his mouth to prevent a giggle from escaping; his sister was clearly annoyed.

Kira hadn't thought about it. Now she was wearing training pants; barely a step-up from pull-ups!
She was unused to the thickness of the undies that now sat snugly on her slightly chubby waist.
Aware that Kira hated any sort of baby-treatment, Knil consider himself lucky with his option.
Feeling more confident, Knil pulled the panties up; it felt nice to be back in actual undies.

Kira picked up her brother's discard socks.
Unlike her own, they were a simple white and smelt like they hadn't been washed in months!
"Are the socks really necessary?" Kira asked; her face scrunched up in disgust at the smell.
"They complete the look!" Knil answered; his amusement of her plight was quite evident.
 With a grumble, Kira got back to work; awkwardly crouching before pulling them on.

It had been poor thinking on her part; forgetting to account for Knil's far more infantile clothing.
Dirty socks and annoyingly thick pair of training-pants designed for tykes who had accidents.
The usually unfazed girl found herself constantly pulling at the annoying pair of trainers.
"These better be clean!" Kira found herself saying; unable to hide her true feelings.

Knil just turned and glared; she had often laughed at the silly expression when she was still taller.
"Not sure why you're asking me," Knil stated; smiling before asking, "Why? Did you wet them?"
"No! Of course not!" Kira defended herself; blushing at the idea of doing something so gross.

Chuckling, Knil turned his attention back to the clothing.
He picked up Kira's shirt, sliding his head through the opening and pulling his arms through too.
He adjusted the neck piece till it sat comfortably in place of the bandanna he usually wore.
Next came the shorts. They were simple; he pulled them up until the sat on his waist.
With that final piece, he was done; having fully swapped outfits with his sister.

Stepping into the middle of the room, Kira moved to meet his gaze; they both felt rather silly.
Kira kept pulling at her shorts and adjusting the jacket in an attempt to feel comfortable.
Knil found himself doing the same; the clothes fit him but did not feel like his own.
"What now?" Knil asked. They hadn't really thought much about this idea.

Kira looked at Knil; something looked wrong...
"I know!" Kira exclaimed; excitedly taking hold of Knil's hand and dragging him over to the bed.
"What are you doing?" Knil question as he was directed to sit; doing so with little hesitation.
"Well, you've gotta look the part of a girl," Kira explained as she pulled out a hairbrush.
 Knil was ready to complain that things had gone too far, but it had been too late.

The young boy could only sit and wait for his sister to be done as she slowly brushed his hair.
There was some painful yanks from the little girl; she was unused to doing this while little.
But it wasn't long before Kira pulled Knil to his feet and guided him towards the mirror.
Knil was let out a gasp as his sister stared back at him. He really did look the part.

But standing next to him was a slightly off version of himself. It was his turn to have some fun.
Kira suddenly found herself being assaulted; her brother was ruffling her hair into a mess.
"You've gotta look the part of a boy," Knil parroted; obviously enjoying the situation.
 In the end, both twins were left staring; they both truly looked the part.

                                                          - - - - -

The twins had relocated to the loungeroom.
Knil sat on the couch; he couldn't help but constantly giggle at the absurdity of the situation.
Kira was pacing back and forth; she had enjoyed copying her brother's usual actions.
If not for the gloves and wristbands, their would be no way to figure them out.
And of course, that left them with one question that needed answering.
"So, what do we do now?"


Drawn by :icondcrisisbeta:, scripted/designed by me.

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lol that was fun, i enjoyed it.

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I loved this. This was such a fun idea. I hope this continues and we can see them try and trick their friends.

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Thanks :)

I was thinking about continuing it, but I'm still unsure just right now.

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nice and cute little story👍
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This was a funny read

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Love the style, details and emotions! Fun to read, too!

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Amazing, I legit smiled/grinned and chuckled a bit, throughout the entire thing. Love it! ❤️
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