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Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I swear I'm working on stuff >.<
Over the last couple of months, I've been slowly working on my book which has led to some interesting choices and changes. As much as I loved my cast, many of my characters had little to no personality or goals. I decided to reduce my main cast a little to better round them out as characters.

My new main 4 characters is mostly familiar faces; Kira being the new addition; replacing Ruby.
- Kira - I've always focused on her, so aging her up and giving her regression was just a natural choice.
- Ken - No changes needed for the tinder-tot. But I did give him Oliver's outfit as it suits Ken more.
- Damien - New outfit. Gave him some of Oliver's former traits. And Oliver's rivalry with Ken.
- Knil - He remains the same, except instead of being born small, he became small.

All four kiddos have the usual regression trait attached to their abilities.
In Knil's case, due to reason's I'll save for the book, he remains stuck in a semi-regressed form.
He is still technically ten, maintaining most of his mental functions, but his body is younger.
This was done to give Knil more to explore as a character and fit in with the AR themes.
Plus, now that Kira is aged up to be his twin, they both struggle with the change.
He was the older brother (by 10 mins) and now she can just pick him up.

Hopefully you enjoy the extremely well drawn image of the characters and their dual ages.
Though Calibur is not in this chart, he is still Ken's adorable little brother.


Images featured were done by :icondcrisisbeta: Story was designed and written by me..

my patreon,

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Wait.....aren't knil and kira twins? Shes sooooooooo much taller than him when they're both 10
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

Did you read the description at all?

Now I'm curious about the plausible storyline that will get him to regain control over that partial regressed form.

Hopefully before puberty. Hormones would be unstable. XD

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

If he even gets control.

There is a lot of possible storylines to follow, but first up for the book, is actually introduce the tykes :P

Nice. I'm eager to read it.

Even if I feel really bad for Knil. Also a little uncomfortable.

But a writer needs to bring out a variety of emotions. Which means you are doing a good job.

Nitram166's avatar

I love how Knil just remains the size of the 4 yr olds :P

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

though this time, he WAS as tall as his sister, just now he has to adjust to his smaller size.

OniChan2014's avatar

Cool. So if Knil is short because he is partially regressed, how tall was he beforehand? Was he roughly the same height as everyone else?

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

Well he was Kira's twin, so I'd say he was her height originally.

TheSpiritualWalker's avatar

Love this a ton

Super cute.

yalniffinlay's avatar

Love the idea of Knil and and Kira being twins

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

Yeah. I did toy around with it in the past. Guess it was time I finally tried to work with it.

yalniffinlay's avatar

IN my opinion having them be twins makes her being involved more easy to do, as long as you have fun with it.

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar

Yeah. I'll have to test out how it all works and see what I can come up with comic wise.

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