Tyke Tales - Mother's Day

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Let's us focus on the Koji household during this bright and sunny day!
The establishing shot to picture is the head of the family, Hikari Koji, resting in her bedroom.
Nestled between her sheets, she was still recovering from a rather-long work week,
wishing to rest just a moment longer... besides, she'd soon get a visit.
After all, today was Mother's Day.

As if on queue, she heard her door slowly open, accompanied by small footsteps.
Her visitor was being thoughtful, checking to see if she was awake.

"I'm awake," Hikari assured her son, already amused at his adorable actions.
 Her visitor came to a sudden stop, before mumbling as he attempted to climb onto her bed.
 Being so small, the little 4-year-old found it quite difficult, but refused to ask for help.
"Happy Mother's Day!" Came his high-pitched voice as he finally made it up.
 Smiling, ready to face the day, Hikari sat herself up.

She was met with the sight of her overall-clad little boy, Ken.
He had come to greet her in the same manner that Calibur had in the many past-years,
going as far as regressing himself down to his younger age to truly mimic the scene.
What truly got her though, was the slight nervous twitch to his cheerful smile.
Ken found this act to be humiliating, but he'd happily do it for her.
That alone had made this a great gift.

Giggling slightly, Hikari refused to make it easy on him, quickly pulling Ken into a hug.
Her hotheaded son instinctively fought against it at first, fighting the urge to yell.
But once she had him against her chest, Ken managed to calm down and play
the role of lovable little kid, giggling as he hugged her back.

Showing some mercy, the maternal mother released her hold, sitting Ken in her lap.
Brushing her messy hair out of the way, she looked down, enjoying the moment.
Even Ken found it nice, though he would be reluctant to admit it.

"So, where's your big brother?" Hikari teased while genuinely curious.
 Ken blushed as his mother's nickname for Calibur, biting his tongue and playing along.
"Making you breakfast," Ken mumbled with a pout, still humiliated by her comment.
 Mrs. Koji briefly worried, not about Ken, but for the well-being of her other son.
"Maybe I should check on him?" she wondered aloud.

Ken rolled his eyes at his mothers worry.
"It's fine," Ken assured, dropping the childish act, "I cooked it, he's just bringing it to you."
 Looking back down, watching her son cross his arms in an attempt to seem in control,
 she decided to trust him that her actual-youngest wouldn't burn the house down.
"Well, if that's that case..."

                      Ken's eyes grew wide as he felt a quick poke to his side.
                Before he could stop what was coming, he was already laughing.

"Hahaha! Mum... haha, stop!" Ken tried to command between fits of laughter.
 Mama Koji had gone on the assault, breaking his mature persona with a few nicely placed
 pokes to his sides, leaving Ken in a state of childish-glee as she continued to tickle him.
 Most days, he'd throw a fit that befit his current appearance, but not today!
 Still, best be careful... he's still accident-prone in this form.

"Happy Mother's Day!" came the voice of her other child.
 Releasing her hold on Ken, allowing him to crawl away to safety, she turned to Calibur.
 He was dressed in his usual yellow jacket and shorts, safely carrying a plate of food.
 Though he was now 8, he was still as blissfully-cheerful as ever.
"Thank you," Hikari accepted the the meal from him.

With his hands now free, Calibur went to take a spot on the bed... only to spot Ken.
His currently-little brother had taken his usual sitting place, and though Calibur
would never dream of simply picking him up, he did at least poke at him.
Giggling, Ken moved over, making room for his 'little' brother.

Hikari could only smile at her sons.
They were adorable sitting side by side like that, having seemingly swapped ages...
Though that wasn't true. Calibur was no longer the tiny-tot he once was, and Ken?
He was a proper teenager now, rarely ever regressing by accident anymore.
That's what made this gift so special to her.

Just for today, she could just pretend like they'd never grow up.
Decided to write a cute scene featuring the Koji family for Mother's Day <3


Story written and designed by me.

my patreon,
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nate36395's avatar
Mom just got a very precious gift, getting to have a little kid again for a day.
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
I wonder if she will ever grow out of wanting that :P
nate36395's avatar
I'm sure she will want it more and more as Calibur gets older.
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
I wonder how long Ken can put up with it :P
RachafX's avatar
RachafXHobbyist Digital Artist

I can't see the picture :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
There is no picture?
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jacohelpNew Deviant

I thought ken didn’t age lol

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
why's that?
jacohelp's avatar
jacohelpNew Deviant

I thought it was said in a previous post or thing

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
I think like a really long time ago when I was still working with project re-spawn.
Since then though, I've pinned most ideas related to it in favor of working on this Tyke Tales version of the characters.

I'll be doing a book tale for Ken soon which will explain his situation in more detail.
OniChan2014's avatar

Cute story. I love the dynamic between all the characters. “Little” Ken is always adorable.

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
Agreed <3
"Little" Ken is just a delight to work with :P
SenritsuJumpsuit's avatar

It appears they have the bred of Karen(mom) who demands a smooch even when their 40 hee hee

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
I don't think she will demand that stuff, she is just a mother who is starting to deal with her children growing up, enjoying every moment she can get.
SenritsuJumpsuit's avatar

Fully understand my mother still calls me honey even-though am nearly an adult its like a little bit of roleplay moms are cute

Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
Indeed <3
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Lupus1Professional General Artist
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DJ360XHobbyist Writer
Olay I see, this takes place four years later
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
Figured it would be a nice little twist to give the story some extra impact :P
DJ360X's avatar
DJ360XHobbyist Writer
It's nice to implement change every now and then
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
Well it won't be a normal thing to see a glimpse of the future, this was just one of those moments I could get away with it :P
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Dawww. How adorable.

Seems like Ken learns to control his powers eventually.

I just had a thought, thinking about the last comic with him in it. As he grows, I guess he'll have to find new clothes to imprint, so that he actually won't have to worry about compromising his situation, now would he...
Kenny-TykeTales's avatar
Kenny-TykeTalesHobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah, he will have to get a lot of regular outfits in the future to imprint on.
I wonder what teen Ken's outfit design will be?
demamoang's avatar
Of course, the hand wraps. They are his trademark. (Hopefully he removes them regularly to clean himself in the shower)

Might depend on what fad he follows at the time. He does seem to like his image, and he is a bit of a showoff. I'll bet if he goes to a school with a uniform, that it would be imprinted.

He'd probably need some clothes that would need to be washed every night, so that way, he can imprint certain wardrobe. He might also want to imprint some clothes from when he's little as well. Less awkwardness, if he returns to normal in a different set of clothes. It would be awkward otherwise.
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